Five 4WD Adventures in Australia

Five 4WD Adventures in Australia
on Jul 31, 2018

Get off the beaten track with a 4WD adventure in Australia

From the shining cities of the east coast to the small beach towns, the red expanse of the Outback to the wild rainforest, you can visit the varied landscapes and attractions of Australia on paved roads - after all, it’s one of the most motorhome-friendly countries on earth. However, if you have the equipment, the right vehicle and the intrepid spirit required to take the unsealed and remote paths less travelled, you will discover even more of this amazing country. Book a 4WD camper with Motorhome Republic and prepare to explore.

Cape York

Rising above Cairns is Cape York, an untouched wilderness. This rugged, remote part of Australia has the Great Dividing Range as its spine, lush rainforest slopes spilling down to woodlands, mangrove forests and bright, shining beaches. The sheer variety of landscapes in the Cape is a major drawcard for the wild at heart.

The bumpy roads of Cape York can take you all the way to “The Tip” if you know where to go - and if the season is right for road conditions. For safety reasons, many rental companies will have some restrictions on where you can take the vehicle in Cape York and when, so it’s best to call the Motorhome Republic reservations team and talk to someone about your plans before you book! A 4WD motorhome rental from Cairns will get you there.

Kakadu National Park

Trees reflect on the swamp waters of Kakadu National Park in Australia

A 4WD camper is a great way to see this incredible and vast park, providing handy transport that can take you to the destinations inaccessible to 2WD vehicles, and accommodation along the way. Pick up a 4WD motorhome rental from Darwin, and you’re just a few hours away.

There’s not only natural attractions to be found at Kakadu, although the landscapes are spectacular. It is also a sacred and important place to the aboriginal peoples, with many opportunities to witness and experience the link they have with the land that has supported them for centuries. There are some fantastic examples of rock art to be seen, and native guides offer insightful tours of many types. Swim in waterfalls, gaze upon amazing wildlife and wake up each morning in some remote and gorgeous spots.

Kimberley Region

A cliff reflects into the waters of the Kimberley Region in Western Australia

The Kimberley is a craggy, remote part of WA, where inland gorges and mountain ranges meet stunning, indented coastlines. It is a vast place, and there is so much to do and see for adventurous spirits that you could take weeks exploring in a 4WD motorhome rental from Broome. It is called one of the world’s final wild frontiers, and when you catch a glimpse of a waterfall dropping straight into a beautiful ocean inlet with nary a spot of civilisation in sight, you will understand why.

The Gibb River Road is an iconic 4WD route in this region. Some rental companies require that you get specific permission to drive this route, so check the terms and conditions - but if you can, it’s a fantastic way to discover The Kimberley. The Windjana Gorge is also a must-see destination and has a small campsite where you can park up for the night.


A tree-filled mountain track overlooking a lake in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania has a lot of unsealed roads that will take you places so stunningly scenic you’ll wonder if you’ve fallen asleep and started dreaming. Yes, we’ve titled this section with an entire state, but it’s compact enough that you could explore many of its nooks and crannies with just a 4WD motorhome rental from Hobart and a few weeks up your sleeve.

A 4WD vehicle will get you further into many of the state’s incredible national parks, up mountains, through rivers and to some remote and beautiful beaches. Popular tracks include those at St Alban’s Bay, Fortescue Bay, Bluestone Bay (with magnificent views over Freycinet National Park), Sandy Cape and Brushy Lagoon. Always check the terms and conditions before booking to ensure the vehicle you choose can be driven where you want to take it.

The Simpson Desert and South Australia

A lone tree stands in the arid Simpson Desert in South Australia

For an unforgettable Outback experience, try a foray into the Simpson Desert. You could get there quickly with a 4WD motorhome rental from Alice Springs, but we recommend picking up your wheels in Adelaide and enjoying the many fantastic sights of South Australia along the way, including Lake Torrens and Lake Eyre. You can even drive on several beaches of the Fleurieu Peninsula near Adelaide.

Simpson Desert itself is remote, and a 4WD self-drive journey is no joke - it requires planning and safety measures, and should only be done in the cooler months. If you are well-prepared, you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime and come home with memories of red-tinged dunes, hidden lakes, mobs of wild emus, endless scrubby plains, and the amazing natural springs at Dalhousie. Always check your plans with the rental company, and purchase a Desert Parks Pass.

These 4WD destinations are just a few of the options for an intrepid Aussie journey. Book your camper in Australia and start planning!