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Ireland campervan locations

Campervan Hire Ireland: Explore the Emerald Isle

Ireland campervan rental

Wild, beautiful, green and packed full of history, Ireland is a favourite destination amongst holidaymakers the world over and a motorhome hire is the best way to see it. The most charming parts of this fabulous nation are found at the end of country lanes, off the main highways and in the small towns where you can share a pint with the locals in the pub. Picking up your very own home on wheels in Dublin is the start of a true adventure!


There is something for everyone with a campervan or RV rental in Ireland, be it the stunning scenery, fascinating history, fabulous and cosmopolitan cities, charming villages or endless pints of Guinness. So many things to do and see, so start planning your Motorhome Republic adventure today! 


Get on the road from Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and a fantastic place which endears itself to all who visit. With the friendliness of a small village and the vibrancy of a big city, it’s the perfect starting point for your motorhome hire in Ireland. It is also home to the international Dublin Airport, so you can fly straight in and be on your way.


From the central eastern coast, where Dublin is located, anywhere on the Emerald Isle is within a day’s drive. Head south past green hills, sandy coves and cute fishing villages to find Cork and the mountainous south-west where life is slower and more amiable. This is a great destination for those who want a rural getaway!


Directly across from Dublin is the wild west coast. The biggest cities here are Galway and Limerick, but they’re not the only reason people come. The scenery is exhilarating, majestic and beautiful. The coastlines are jagged with cliffs and headlands, the countryside vast and windswept, and the history stretches back centuries. This is a fabulous region for a motorhome or campervan hire in Ireland - be sure to take your time and explore.


To the north is Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom whilst still very much Irish. You will notice the currency becomes pounds and the street signs switch to miles, but the beauty and verdant landscapes remain the same. Belfast is a rejuvenated city, and after many troubled decades is now thriving with a strong dining and nightlife scene. Lough Neagh is another highlight of the north, the biggest lake in the British Isles and offering much in the way of scenery and recreation - a Ireland RV Rental is a great way to experience this beauty.


Campervan rental in Ireland made easy

Motorhome Republic exists to make your planning easier. Rather than scouring the web for the best price and right vehicle, just enter your requirements into our simple search engine. You will be presented with a list of choices from a range of local and international rental suppliers to peruse at your leisure.


Narrow the search even further with filters to find your perfect Ireland Campervan hire package. These allow you to see only one specific class or age of vehicle, a particular number of beds or transmission type, or to simply order the results by price. 


Right RV, bargain choice

If you are looking for a cheap campervan rental in Ireland, you have come to the right place. Not only do we make booking easier, we also keep costs down. Our global network of suppliers gives us the buying power to aim for the best prices on the web. We also work constantly with rental companies to be able to offer special prices, discounts and deals where possible.


Hit the road safely in Ireland

The most important thing to remember for many visitors to Britain and Ireland, is that everyone drives on the left! Beyond that, a motorhome holiday should not present many problems. However, here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for an Ireland campervan hire adventure:

  • Speeds and distances are posted in kilometres. This is different to the United Kingdom, so be careful when crossing the border to Northern Ireland.

  • Once off the main highways, you will likely find that the roads are quite narrow. Some are only one lane, so be co-operative when you meet another vehicle.

  • In rural areas, fill your gas tank when you have the chance as gas stations can be a rare occurrence - and they are not likely to be open 24/7.

  • Plan to make slow progress. Between low speed limits and narrow country lanes, you are not going to get anywhere in a hurry, so embrace it and enjoy. The multi-lane highways will get you places fast, but lack the charm and scenery of the smaller roads.