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Rent a motorhome in Broome and explore Australia’s best kept secrets

Broome is a city brimming with colour and character. Sitting all by itself in the northwest corner of Australia, this WA gem does a pretty good job of attracting visitors the world over, despite the distance to other cities in Australia. It also makes for the start of a great campervan roadtrip. Head south to Perth along the incredible west coast, or drive further into the tropics toward Darwin.

Prefer to start in a different city? Try campervan rental in Sydney, MelbourneCairns, Tasmania, or Brisbane.

Broome campervan hire, compare the top brands

As a tourist town, Broome has many choices for campervan hire. At Motorhome Rebublic we make it easy by bringing all of the options together in one place so you can compare deals. Our network covers the world with 450+ depots in 28 countries. All you have to do is enter your travel details and take your pick from a tailored list of Broome motorhome rentals. Narrow your search to find the RV/camper to best suit your holiday. 

A Broome campervan adventure is a restful way of spending a holiday and there’s no better way to explore the region at your own pace. When it comes to vehicle size, you’ll likely see two kinds of motorhomes on the roads – basic campervans that come without a shower and toilet and the larger, more self-contained motorhomes. Both are easy to drive and have their advantages. If you have a big family, don’t worry – you can still rent an RV-style motorhome with beds for everyone.


Tropical Broome a beach nirvana – things to see and do

Cable Beach is the postcard attraction in Broome. You can ride camels at sunset and surf under vivid skies. The beach cafe, Zanders, provides a welcome watering hole with reasonably-priced drinks and food.

If you’re lucky, conditions will be right to see the staircase to the moon. The natural phenomenon occurs when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide, creating the optical illusion of a staircase reaching for the moon. The best times to see this are between March and October. 

The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge is a great opportunity to get up close to crocs in a safe way. Enter through the jaws of a saltwater croc and experience a feeding of these magnificent beasts. The staff are knowledgeable, passionate about the protection and care of all sorts of animals and it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. 


Food and drink, the nightlife and restaurants of Broome

12 Mile Cafe is set in the shady mango plantations. Organic and vegetarian, this eatery makes everyone happy, even mother earth. Try the pikelets and smoothies. 

Diver’s Tavern is one of Broome’s most popular venues for locals and tourists. It has a charming bistro and an outdoor beach bar to watch the sunsets. Matsos Broome Brewery is the only one of its kind in Broome. Their craft beer is full of flavour and is a hit at the local watering holes. 


Broome camping accommodation and motorhome sites

Roebuck Bay Caravan Park is right on the beach with plenty of shade. It’s the closest holiday park to Broome township and handy to shops. 

Tarangau Caravan Park is located within walking distance to restaurants and cafes, and there’s plenty of space for your towel on the 22km of sun-kissed white sand of Cable Beach.

Broome Vacation Village Caravan Park is a safe spot for the whole family, with outdoor pools and free BBQ facilities.  

Stay at Cable Beach Caravan Park and ask for a site along the back fence to see the camels go past each morning and evening.


Beaches and sunshine – go on a road trip

Broome is the Southern gateway to the Kimberley. Wildlife is easy to spot around waterholes, creeks and many gorges. Many families of boab trees are dotted across the region. Gorge country is found along Gibb River Rd: a rugged ‘bush track’ that connects the remote Kimberley cattle stations to Derby and Kununurra. Travel north along the Kalumburu Road towards the Mitchel Falls or up to the Bungle Bungles. If you head up to Derby, drop into the School of the Air if it is open. If funds allow, take a flight trip to the horizontal falls. 

Horizontal Falls are one of the most amazing natural features of the Kimberley region. The tidal waterfalls are unlike any other, with the water passing horizontally. Fly from Broome along the coast all the way to Cape Leveque for the most beautiful views. You’ll land on the water at Talbot Bay and spend the day ducking in and out of the falls on a fast boat. 

Located halfway between Port Hedland and Broome, Eighty Mile Beach forms a 220km-long coastline where the Great Sandy Desert meets the Indian Ocean.  

Heading to the ‘Top End’ means taking the road from Broome to Darwin. It runs through one of the last true Outback experiences - this is a place like no other. Often you won’t see another soul on the road. It’s a land where communities can be cut off by flooding for months during ‘the wet’. It passes vast cattle stations, remote wildlife sanctuaries and stunning gorges. 


Tips for driving a motorhome in Broome

  • It pays to do route research before you set off - certain points of interest may require a 4WD vehicle for entry. If you want to explore sand dunes or go off the beaten path, rent a 4WD.

  • Book your motorhome and campsites early to avoid getting caught out.

  • Download our free motorhome app to help you on your way.

  • Check out our Australia driving guide for specific road rules.


Plan your motorhome holiday from Broome

Explore the expanse of northwestern Australiaby hiring a motorhome rental in Broome. With its mixture of luxurious beachside resorts, the Dampier Peninsula to the north, and stretches of desert to the southeast, Broome is a fantastic place to start or finish a campervan road trip. While it’s not the easiest place to get to, its wild charms, balmy weather and rugged personality will steal your heart and win you over within minutes of arrival.


In this guide, you’ll find suggestions for road trip itineraries, information on Broome events and festivals to plan around, and activities in which to partake. Get to know the city and surrounding areas before you go, and begin your Australian RV adventure with peace of mind.


Be sure also to read up on additional important information in our ‘On the Road’ section. We provide details on campgrounds, places to dump waste, and other helpful tips to ensure you maximise every moment of your trip.


The coastline of Broome is legendarily beautiful - make sure you get to spend some time in the water.


Itineraries starting or ending in Broome

Located near the top of Western Australia, Broome is a fantastic place to begin or end an epic motorhome road trip. Whether you’re coming from the south, the north, or even trekking through the Outback, there’s an itinerary to suit.


Darwin to Broome: a Tropical Wilderness Trek (or Broome to Darwin)

While the distance is a whopping 2235km, the road trip from Darwin in the Northern Territory down to Broome in Western Australia (or vice versa) is a fantastic inland route. The multiple stunning natural attractions along the way, such as Mirima National Park and Katherine Gorge, will have you filled with jaw dropping awe and wonder. You’ll experience otherworldly landscapes, native Australian wildlife encounters and incredible cultural insight. Once you hit Darwin, be sure to visit the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory to get a feel for the history of the area. We suggest taking between 10 and 21 days for this road trip, however, you can make it your own. All up, the trip is about 25 hours of driving time.


Perth to Broome: Australia's west coast (or Broome to Perth)

Whether you start or end your road trip in Broome, some of Australia’s most phenomenal sites are scattered along this route. Departing Perth, head along the coast to the RV Friendly Town of Geraldton, before exploring the seaside splendours further north to Exmouth. Nearby is the beautiful Turquoise Beach, with stretches of spotless white sand and, yes you guessed it, stunning turquoise waters. Take your roadie inland to explore the spectacular Karijini National Park, and be sure to stop by the deep chasms of Weano Gorge for a photo or two. End your trip in Broome, where you can experience Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point and Eighty Mile Beach. This trip is varied, adventurous and invigorating.


Don’t miss: The Pinnacles, Coral Bay or Lancelin.



Broome is host to events, sporting escapades and natural spectacles each year. We recommend timing your trip to catch the incredible ‘Staircase to the Moon’ phenomenon.



Japanese for ‘festival of the pearl’, this Asian-influenced festival recognises the pearl industry in Broome’s history. While the history itself is a colourful one, the city now celebrates its multicultural heritage and community by bringing together the generations to inspire and educate, and of course, have a spectacular time. Exhibitions, lantern shows, divine fusion cuisines, performances and so much more fill the calendar for a week in early September every year.


Not a festival per se, but a natural phenomenon which will take your breath away. From March to October each year, the full moon rises over the Roebuck Bay tidal flats, creating the most magical reflection of the moon across the water. For 2-3 evenings each month, you can catch this stunning sight, and enjoy the Staircase to the Moon markets in Town Beach. Read up on the moon rise times here.


Red desert meets white sand at Cable Beach. This 22km stretch of dazzling beach next to pristine turquoise waters is home to the Cable Beach Triathlon each year. All ages and fitness levels are encouraged to get involved in the triathlon, which is held around August/September - it really is fun for the whole family. If running, cycling and swimming doesn’t quite appeal, the spectators’ atmosphere is definitely one to get in on.


Heading to Cable Beach for a camel trek is one of the most popular tourism activities in the area.


Attractions and activities to visit in Broome

Learn about the history and culture of Broome, wine and dine on delicious delicacies, or take a trip in your RV to numerous breathtaking sights in the region. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy in this lively town.



While the city of Broome doesn’t have a huge sporting arena, the town does have four Australian Rules football clubs. You can catch a game or two at the Haynes Oval,spend a day at the races at the Broome Turf Club, or visit the bowling club and golf club for a more laid back sport.


Food & Wine

Check out A Taste of Broome in July for fabulous food among performances and cultural acts, or head to one of the delicious restaurants, cafes and breweries in the city. Sample the flavours of Western Australia when you visit these fantastic locales:


Art & History

Broome has a fascinating history, and a colourful cultural arts community. Discover them for yourself at museums, native Aboriginal art centres, and historical tours throughout the city.


Outdoor Activities

Hit the sea on your Broome holiday to look for whales and catch a fish or two.


Nature & Sightseeing

From historical sites to heart-pumping croc encounters, Broome is brimming with things to see and do.


Gantheaume Point is not only a beautiful stretch of coastline, you can also spot dinosaur footprints and ancient fossil plants here.


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