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Travellers Autobarn Australia

From humble beginnings as the new car rental company on the Sydney scene in 1993, Travellers Autobarn AU has grown into a trusted, nationwide business and expanded to include a fantastic range of campervans and motorhomes. As a home-grown local company, they know everything there is to know about travelling in Australia. Get on the road and rest assured that you are in safe hands with your Travellers Autobarn rental.


The Autobarn Australia advantage

There are plenty of reasons to choose Travellers Autobarn for your campervan rental in Australia. 

  • Countrywide campervan hire locations form an extensive network and open up the possibilities for your road trippin’ plans. 

  • The minimum age for hiring a campervan with them is 18, as opposed to 21 or even 25 with some other companies. 

  • You get 24/7 roadside assistance for your motorhome.

  • Rentals come equipped with bedding and kitchen equipment, so you don’t need to pack excess luggage.

  • Added extras include maps, camping guides and 10% discounts on selected caravan parks around Australia.


Travellers Autobarn Australia has been awarded the TNT Golden Backpack Award for best national transport company three times since 2007. Australians trust them to make their adventures possible - and you can too!


The campervans

The range of Travellers Autobarn Australia motorhome rentals begins with the very basic Budgie Van, the vehicle for travellers on a budget. The outside is bright and cheerful, while on the inside there is a dinette with sink which turns into a bed for the night. A step up is the Chubby Campervan which has a few more facilities including an icebox.


The Hitop and Kuga, both 2-3 berth, have a little more space with fridges and microwaves for easier cooking, and the Hi 5 is similar with a little more bunk space so the whole family can jump in easily. 


Looking for a really cheap holiday? Travellers Autobarn AU rents older-model hitop vehicles as budget campers. Get in quick for one of these at a bargain rate - as long as you don’t mind your motorhome a little worn around the edges!


Pick me up

You can pick up a Travellers Autobarn Australia campervan rental from one of six cities. On the east coast are Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Southern explorers can get their wheels in Melbourne, and in the hot, sunny north the depot is found in Darwin. Heading west? Collect your vehicle from laid-back Perth on the sparsely populated Indian Ocean coast. For those keen on heading to Australia's southern most isle, Travellers Autobarn rental doesn't have rentals available on the island of Tasmania. Those that are determined to venture south to Tassie (as the locals know it) can jump on a Spirit of Tasmania ferry.