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Campervan Hire Melbourne

Great Ocean Road, Victoria


Over 4 million people call Melbourne home, yet it doesn’t feel like a concrete jungle. From the capital of Victoria, your driving destination options are unlimited - making it an ideal location from which to rent a campervan. Whether you stick to the southern regions and explore Canberra or Adelaide from there, or meander along the east coast on your way to Queensland, the options are limitless. With 23 available fleets, Motorhome Republic has exactly what you need to explore the fascinatingly diverse terrain of Australia. Whether you’re looking to take an extended holiday or just a weekend getaway, you can choose from our array of roomy motorhomes, cozy campervans, or a caravan perfect for your budget. Experience trips from Melbourne for an unforgettable Australian holiday.

Campervan hire for a memorable Melbourne trip

An ideal drive in your motorhome hire is along the Great Ocean Road. This 664 kilometre stretch of road takes you along a gorgeous coastline with incredible sights along the way. Since you’re in charge of transportation, you can stop as often as you like to check out fascinating attractions ranging from the 12 Apostles (stacks of limestone which eroded in a unique way), to walks along the rainforest canopy. Of course, no holiday to Australia would be complete without seeing koalas and kangaroos - both of which are plentiful in the Victoria region. Though it’s fun to explore off the beaten path, taking this tried and true route provides everything you could want, plus added peace of mind.


For a luxurious escape, leave Melbourne and head southeast to the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy wine tours, steamy pools, and superb golf courses. A great place to kick off your holiday, or to end it with a touch of sophistication, this is a stop that should not be left off of your campervan hire itinerary.


Mt Kosciuszko, located northeast of Melbourne in the Kosciuszko National Park is famed for having Australia’s highest peak, and is totally worth the 500 kilometre journey. In the wintertime, experience top-notch skiing and snowboarding, or go cycling, fishing, or trekking during the summer months.


You can take a trip down the Murray River, which meanders through the state of Victoria. For one of the most picturesque settings in the region, head 3 hours north to Echuca Moama. The twin towns are located on either side of the river, and have the largest fleet of Paddlesteamers in the world. This historic region has a comfortable climate all-year-round and is a charming place to visit.


Anyone who visits Australia from abroad expects to see Australian wildlife such as wombats, platypuses and koalas. In fact, even urban-dwelling Australians enjoy having a chance to interact with these amazing creatures, and there’s no better place to do it than at the Healesville Sanctuary. This zoo specialises in animals native to Australia. The great news? You only need to drive your campervan rental 65 kilometres from Melbourne for your up-close encounter with these wild creatures.


When should you hire your Melbourne motorhome?

Melbourne is unique in that it cycles through the four seasons daily. You may wake up to a sunny day, but don’t forget your umbrella in case of surprise showers!


Throughout the year, the weather is fairly mild, meaning that it’s always a great time to visit. If you are looking to visit in the summer, remember that Australian summer is December to February, and the winter is June to August. On average, the highest temperature in the summer is about 25 degrees Celsius, whereas the highs in the winter are at about 14 degrees Celsius. The city of Melbourne rarely receives any snow, making the winter a superb time for a holiday, provided you pack your warm clothes.


Motorhome Republic helps you make the best choice when it comes to finding the perfect rental deal online. Melbourne is a great starting point to explore Victoria from, and you can easily drive up into South Australia or New South Wales. Motorhomes are one of the best ways to travel the Great Ocean Road, and it reaches the top of many people’s list of “Must Sees”.


Tips and tricks for campervan travel through Melbourne

  • Parking your motorhome is limited in Melbourne; in many instances it is simpler to park for the night on the outskirts of the city.

  • There are a few toll roads in the region, so it would be wise to check online what the cheapest route would be before getting hit with a bill! You can find more information at The City Link or East Link websites.

  • If you have little ones on board, don’t forget to hire car seats or booster seats.

  • Want even more discounts? Book your camper early for the best prices possible on your motorhome.

  • Winter-time rentals in Melbourne have even lower costs on the same cozy campers. Don’t forget your heater though!

On the Road around Melbourne & Victoria

Australia’s Outback is in a class of its own when it comes to driving through it. Read up on how you can prepare and what you need to know for this isolate, unbelievable part of the world.
If you’re considering a vacation in Victoria, the ideal way to combine the flexible freedom of a road trip with the comfort and luxury of your own place to stay is picking up a motorhome hire from Melbourne - but before you set out on your trek through southeast Australia, there are a few pieces of information that you’ll want to get your hands on. If you haven’t figured out where you want to go and what you want to see, the Plan Your Trip tab above has all the information you need to craft a top notch itinerary. However, if you have that side of things pretty much sorted and are hunting for more practical information for your trip, this is the place for you. From accommodation options, to dump stations, rest stops and places to fuel up, this On the Road segment will allow you to skip the hassle of laboriously researching all the nitty gritty Melbourne campervan hire road trip details yourself.

Motorhome Campsites We Recommend

One of the big benefits of opting to book a motorhome rental in Melbourne for your Victoria holiday is the fact that accommodation is substantially cheaper. No matter where in the state you're headed in your motorhome rental, take a look below to discover one or more places to park up for the night over the course of your journey.

Lake Bolac Caravan Park: Set about two and a half hours west of Melbourne, Lake Bolac Caravan Park offers relatively easy access to the ruggedly spectacular wilderness of Grampians National Park. 

Kennet River Holiday Park: The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic campervan hire road trip routes in the world, and should definitely be a top contender for your itinerary. Kennet River Holiday Park is right on the Great Ocean Road, about half an hour down the coast from Lorne, perfect for those wanting to rest up before taking in some of Australia’s greatest sights.

Grampians Paradise Caravan Park: Those hunting for a beautifully rustic place to park up in sight of the Grampians would be hard pressed to do better than Grampians Paradise Caravan Park. Offering a selection of powered and unpowered motorhome rental sites, a stay here is sure to soothe the soul.

Skenes Creek Beachfront Park: If you’re interested in a less crowded kind of beach life than you’d find somewhere like Bondi or Surfers Paradise, this could be just the spot for you. Located directly adjacent to a beach 6km from Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek Beachfront Park provides the best kind of low-key beach experience for your motorhome rental roadtrip.

Bellarine Bayside Holiday Parks: Melbourne sits at the north of beautiful Port Phillip Bay, but across from the city toward the southwestern end of the bay Campervan Roadtrip visitors can discover a much more laid back lifestyle at one of three Bellarine Bayside Holiday Parks - Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards. 

Halls Gap Caravan Park: Encompassed by Grampians National Park, the Halls Gap Caravan Park places you right in the midst of one of Australia’s most spectacular wild areas. With immediate access to some of the most famous Grampians walks, including Wonderland, the Pinnacle and The Grand Canyon, this is a dream location for avid hikers.

Torquay Holiday Park: Located right at the head of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, Torquay Holiday Park puts you at the heart of a trendy beach community. Whether you’re planning to hang out here or drive onward along the coast to Allansford in your Melbourne campervan hire, this makes for a fantastic place to spend at least part of your holiday.

Barwon Heads Caravan Park: Less than half an hour drive from Geelong in an RV rental, Barwon Heads Caravan Park lies at the juncture of river and sea, and every site is just a short stroll away from the water. Enjoy the serenity of the Barwon Heads area, or use this as a launching point for further adventures - the choice is yours.

Cowes Caravan Park: Phillip Island is brimming with things to see and do and is especially good for those holidaying with the whole family. Cowes Caravan Park will provide easy access to attractions like a go-karting circuit, a chocolate factory, mazes and optical illusions, and even Phillip Island’s little penguins. 

Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park: This is the largest campground on the Surf Coast, and with 140 different powered camping sites it shouldn’t be hard to find a spot - provided you book early. One of the benefits of the campervan hire park’s size is the excellent facilities, including free BBQs, a complete camp kitchen and recreation room. 

Echuca Holiday Park: There’s more to Victoria than just its coastline of course. The Murray region is a huge draw for many visitors: foodies will appreciate the vineyards and numerous farmers’ markets while families enjoy riverside picnics and watersports. Echua Holiday Park gives you access to all this and more while on your campervan rental roadtrip.

Merool on the Murray: Not only does this Holiday Park Resort offer fantastic views of the Murray River, many of the sites are directly on the riverfront giving you easy access to Australia’s most famous river. Not to mention that the award winning Morrisons River View Restaurant and Winery is only a few minutes’ walk away…

Bright Holiday Park: Set only 15 minutes from Mount Buffalo National Park, Bright Holiday Park puts you in the perfect spot to explore the alpine region of Victoria. In winter, this is a fantastic place for skiers, while in summer hikers and mountain bikers are spoiled for choice.

Venus Bay Caravan Park: Whether you’re a surfer, an angler or merely enjoy relaxing on the beach, staying in Venus Bay with your campervan hire will allow you to holiday your way, giving you access to five excellent beaches. Venus Bay Caravan Park is also located near Point Smythe Reserve, so checking out the scenery on a bush walk should certainly be on the agenda.

Cumberland River Holiday Park: With a much more wild vibe than your average campground, Cumberland River Holiday Park offers natural beauty in spades, with a lush green valley running straight on to a sandy beach.You can even have your own campfire - a rarity at most parks these days.

Campervan Dump Stations

It may not be the part of a motorhome rental holiday that you immortalise in vacation snaps, but dumping your black and grey water waste safely and hygienically is an integral part of any campervan road trip. You may be able to find a dump station at the campground or holiday park where you are staying, but if this isn’t a viable option for whatever reason then the list for dump sites in and around Melbourne below may be helpful. It’s worth noting that unless otherwise noted, the dump stations below are likely to charge a fee. 

265 Elizabeth Street, Coburg: This station, set toward the northern end of Melbourne, is free for registered guests at the Melbourne Big 4 Holiday Park, but other campervan rental users can also pay a fee to use the facility.

98 Bungower Road, Mornington: Those passing through can pay a fee to use this station, while it’s free for registered guests at the Mornington Gardens Holiday Village.

105 Point Nepean Road, Dromana: Guests at Kangerong Holiday Park can use this campervan hire dump station for free, while others will have to pay a fee for its use.

138 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud: Bay Breeze Caravan Park registered guests are able to use this dump station without charge, though other users are required to pay a fee.

78 Bellarine Highway, Queenscliff: If you’re staying at the BIG4 Beacon Resort, you can use this motorhome rental dump station for free, otherwise a fee of $43.90 applies.

1 Sproat Street, Portarlington: Registered guests at the Portarlington Seaside Resort can use the dump station for free, but a fee will apply for others.

360 Ballarat Road, Batesford: Those who are staying at El Dorado Tourist Park can make use of this Melbourne RV hire dump station for free, otherwise a fee applies.

121 Thompson Avenue, Cowes: This Phillip Island site requires a fee for its use.

164 Church Street, Cowes: If you’re staying at Cowes Caravan Park with a Melbourne campervan hire (see details above) you can use this dump station free of charge - otherwise you’ll need to pay.

24 Beach Crescent, Newhaven: Registered guests at Phillip Island Caravan Park are able to use this station without paying, while others are required to pay a fee.

Rest Areas

One of the most important things when travelling on a motorhome rental holiday is staying rested - after all, arriving at your destination safe and sound is the most important thing; if you have to take a little longer to get there it’s all part of the experience. Besides, pulling in at rest stops is a lot more enjoyable when you’re travelling in a motorhome, as you can relax in comfort and even have a nap or a meal while you’re resting and recharging. Take a look at this handy site for a list of rest stops along some of Victoria’s most well loved campervan rental road trip routes. 

Petrol Stations

Fuel is an important consideration for anyone booking a campervan hire in Melbourne, as petrol will end up accounting for a significant portion of your vacation budget. Fortunately, planning ahead can help you to save a significant amount, as you’ll be able fuel up strategically rather than desperately pulling into whichever petrol station is nearby when you’re running low. If you’re heading out into the country, try to fill up before you leave Melbourne -  petrol is often cheaper in larger centres due to high competition. Although fuel prices vary from day to day, making a list useless, it is possible to search for petrol stations and their fuel prices online or through mobile apps. MotorMouth is one of the most popular sites of this kind in Australia - you can even use the app find petrol stations on the go, while someone else is driving the motorhome. Before you drive away from the motorhome rental depot, be sure to double check with your supplier what kind of fuel your particular campervan takes (usually diesel for the larger models, but not always) as filling up with the wrong kind of fuel can have disastrous results. 
Always remember that you’ll need to return your campervan hire to the Melbourne depot with a full tank of fuel, unless your rental agreement explicitly states otherwise. This won’t be a problem when returning a campervan hire to Melbourne Airport, as there are a number of different petrol stations in close proximity to the airport. BP Connect - The Tulla is the closest, though prices can tend to be a bit higher here. You may have more luck on nearby Mickleham Road or Melrose Drive. And although there are many amazing destinations within easy reach of Melbourne, those who are wanting to embark on a classic Australian long haul road trip should take care to ensure they have enough fuel to reach their destination. In the more remote reaches of Australia, petrol stations can be few and far between, so always make sure you fill up your motorhome hire when you can to avoid the awkward (and potentially quite serious) scenario of running out of fuel.


One of the major expenses on any kind of holiday is food, especially if you’re doing a lot of dining out. Fortunately for your wallet, most larger motorhomes have kitchen facilities including a stove top, microwave and fridge, allowing you to prepare cheap and delicious meals without ever leaving the comfort of your motorhome rental. Of course, you’ll still need to source ingredients for those meals. Dropping in to a supermarket after picking up an RV rental from Melbourne Airport will set you up for a holiday that’s both easy on the bank account and satisfying for your tastebuds. If you’re taking the back streets into the city, KFL Supermarket on Barkly Street in Footscray is south of the airport and a little to the west of the CBD - it also specialises in asian foods, so if you’re keen to cook up some asian fusion on your motorhome holiday, th

Melbourne city, Australia

Capital of the state Victoria and Australia’s designated cultural hub, Melbourne has reinvented itself, becoming a touchstone for all things artistic and creative. Vastly different to its major tourism rival Sydney, this diverse and cosmopolitan city is more popular than ever before.

Extending along the Yarra River, Melbourne is located on the south-eastern coastline of Australia. The face of the ‘Garden City’ was changed irrevocably by the gold rush of 1851, and it’s refused to look back. The warm climate, friendly people, modern infrastructure and stunning scenery are reasons enough for a visit – but Melbourne has that little bit extra. Perfect for a Melbourne campervan hire and road-trip adventure.

Melbourne accommodation – so many options

Whether it’s big-name hotels, boutique accommodation or backpacker hostels, Melbourne can cater to your needs. CBD, South Yarra and Carlton are well-known hotel hotspots, with backpacker options in the CBD and St Kilda – other popular suburbs include South Yarra and Richmond. While campgrounds for your motorhome or campervan rental are not prevalent in the city centre, you only have to travel a few kilometres to locate them.

Melbourne Events

Melbourne is a pure sporting nirvana. Let’s start at the MCG. Used for cricket and Aussie rules, it still blows you away, even when completely empty. The city also hosts the Australian Open tennis, the Melbourne Cup horse-race and the F1 Grand Prix. The Storm are one of the big hitters in rugby league, with the Rebels a Super XV rugby side. Never mind the ice hockey, baseball, A-League Victory footballers… you get the drift. For a slightly different tack, the Food & Wine and Writers Festivals are always popular. You can literally drive in your Melbourne campervan hire from one event to the next.

Melbourne Restaurants, Bars, Wineries

Melbourne prides itself on a variety of cuisine of extremely high quality, especially for those of you on a budget. European, South American and Thai eateries are commonplace - and from the city to St Kilda and Yarra, good restaurants are easy to come by.

For those of you who love wine, simply jump in your camper and travel an hour in your Melbourne campervan hire to the Yarra Valley, with around 40 wineries and an amazing selection of fine dining options.

Cultural make-up of Melbourne

Situated in south-eastern Australia, the most prevalent ancestry in Melbourne is English, alongside a large Greek-speaking population. The Victorian gold rush of 1851 completely altered the city’s complexion, with a massive increase in trade and growth. There are now more than four million people living there, swelling on average by 2% a year. Culturally it is positioned slightly differently to Sydney, with a more art-friendly, bohemian feel. Once you have experienced what Melbourne has to offer in the city itself, head out of the city and explore its surrounds in a Melbourne Motorhome hire from Motorhome Republic.

Attractions – the best things to do in Melbourne

The markets of a city aren’t just a way of picking up fantastic bargains and wiling away a few hours - they take you to the heart of its culture, with the aromas, friendly banter and communal atmosphere offering an experience like no other. In Melbourne, it’s a way of life.

With the largest tram network in the world, Melbourne is great fun to travel around. Photo opportunities include Flinders Street Station (below), St Paul’s Cathedral and the street art. From Federation Square to Bourke Street and Flinders Lane, colourful sketches and designs decorate specially approved outdoor locations.

Melbourne Zoo is one of the best places to visit. It’s extremely family-friendly and located only minutes from city centre, while the Aquarium is home to more than 10,000 creatures and is even more central, near the Southbank.

Melbourne motorhome hire travellers the world over have taken the Great Ocean Road – but it will never become tiresome. Constructed between 1919 and 1932 in memory of World War I soldiers, it’s a 12-hour journey of immense beauty. Kicking off in Melbourne, you can take two routes around Port Philip Bay before hitting the mind-blowing coastline. Interesting places include surfing haven Bells Beach, Cape Otway lighthouse and the Twelve Apostles. But they merely scratch the surface of this epic adventure.

Melbourne Transport

Known as Tullamarine, Melbourne Airport is 23km from the city centre. For getting around, the city itself has a sophisticated public transport system, incorporating the world’s largest tram network, a bus service consisting of more than 300 routes and both metro and inter-city rail lines. A campervan hire is a great way to explore Melbournes inner and outer suburbs!

Melbourne Weather - A warm forecast

Melbourne can enjoy incredibly warm summer days, with a moderate oceanic climate. Average temperatures in summer are around 26 degrees in January and February, dropping to 13.5 degrees in the heart of winter. But when it’s hot, it’s scorching! So make sure your Melbourne campervan rental air-conditioning is to your liking.

Plan Your Trip in and around Melbourne, Victoria

Plan Your Trip in and around Melbourne, VictoriaThe Victorian capital of Melbourne is the home of culture, arts, exquisite old buildings and a year-round calendar of events. Located on the coast of Australia, it’s the perfect place to stop off on a motorhome tour of the country, or as the starting point on an epic adventure Down Under. We’ve got all the itinerary inspiration you need for your campervan hire in Melbourne, as well as information on the city’s best events and attractions to add to your to-do list. Plus, find an array of tips on everything from seasonal travel to campgrounds, too. Be sure to take a look at the On The Road section (just below) for a little more on local motorhome campsites, dumpstations, and rest areas, that will help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

Motorhomes offer the ultimate in travel freedom, letting you make all the decisions about whether to take the beaten track or the road less travelled, to stay or go, and to keep driving or stop at the gorgeous spot in the middle of nowhere. However, not all of us are happy with completely ‘winging it’, which is where campervan itineraries come in. Check out our awesome itinerary suggestions below for inspiration for your motorhome hire in Melbourne, just to make sure you don’t miss any of Australia’s best attractions along the way.







The drive from Melbourne to Brisbane is a route filled with Australia’s most iconic cities, sights and shores. Stopping off at Canberra, Sydney and the Gold Coast along the way, you’ll spend the entire trip trying to keep your eyes on the road as the coastal views tempt them elsewhere. A Melbourne campervan hire can make it all happen in a way that lets you choose when to stop and for how long. 
The only question you’ll have after checking out this Sydney to Adelaide itinerary is ‘when can I start?’. Passing through Melbourne at around the half-way point, this route offers a main course of major Aussie towns with endless sides of enticing Down Under Wonders along the way. 
Looking for a quick escape in your Melbourne campervan hire? Look no further. This Adelaide to Melbourne road trip is one that will get you away from that work desk and onto a road that promises stunning views, epic history and chilled-out small towns. Naturally, you could also do the whole thing backwards with an RV rental in Melbourne. 
What takes 7-10 days, covers 1,000 kilometres, and reminds you that Australia truly is one of the best places in the world? This Sydney to Melbourne Motorhome Roadtrip is all of that and more, as it takes you along the Pacific Coast on a quick trip that will both excite your sense of adventure and appease your need for a little time off from the real world. 
You could easily argue that Australia’s Great Ocean Road is the best road trip in the country. Or, you could pick up a motorhome rental in Melbourne and prove it for yourself. This dynamic city is the starting point for this famous route, which covers just 243 kilometres but creates everlasting memories for whoever drives it. 
There’s something about driving along a coastline that takes a road trip to the next level; the smell of the salty air, the cry of seabirds and the views as the sun changes the water every shade of blue (and grey) there is. And wouldn’t you know it, a road trip out of Melbourne has made our top five list of the best of them! 
If driving from Sydney to Darwin with a detour through Melbourne and the Red Centre in a campervan hire isn’t an epic road trip, we don’t know what is. These Once in a Lifetime Motorhome Trips will have you planning which one to do first and picking out your favourite RV before you’re even finished reading the article. 
Got to get away, but don’t have much time and don’t know where to go? This article is for you. Take a look at that public holiday calendar and plan one of these awesome little escapes for your long weekend. There are at least three fantastic options for a campervan rental in Melbourne, such as the Great Ocean Road or the Mornington Peninsula.


Even though motorhome hire road trips in Australia are already some of the best on the planet, you can take them to another level by attending the events on offer in Melbourne. It doesn’t even matter what time of year you’re in the city, as Melbourne’s events calendar is packed with back-to-back festivals, sporting matches, performances and more. Your best bet is to book in advance, as many of these world-renowned events can sell out quickly, and it would be a shame to miss out! 
The Australian Open

This international tennis tournament is one of the biggest in the world. Dating back to 1905, many of the planet’s best players in history have served, volleyed, aced and won on Melbourne’s courts at the Rod Laver Arena. As it’s held in January in the heat of summer, the Australian Open is the first of four Grand Slam events of the year and is often an indicator of who to beat. 
The Melbourne Cup

It’s the race that stops the nation - the day where thousands dress up in their very best to attend this horse racing extravaganza, place their bets and enjoy a champagne or two in the sunshine. Held on the first Tuesday of November each year, this is the most prestigious cup race in the country and one not to be missed if you’re in the area. 
Events at the MCG

The MCG - the Melbourne Cricket Grounds - is one of the city’s premier sporting venues, and plays host to a number of the country’s biggest matches throughout the year. It’s the site of the annual Boxing Day Test between Australia and a touring international cricket team, as well as countless major AFL matches and other cricket games, too. Head along to one of the boxing day event before or after your Melbourne campervan rental trip.
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Every year, more than 250,000 people flock to Melbourne to taste the very best of what Victoria has to offer in February/March. Held throughout the city’s many cafes and restaurants, as well as in the streets and in venue centres, this celebration of all things foodie offers masterclasses, tastings, long lunches and more. Plus, there are events throughout the state, so if you hire a campervan in Melbourne you’ll be able to get around them all! 
White Night

One of Melbourne’s newer festivals is White Night, but you wouldn’t know how recent it is from its cult following. Held in February each year for one night only, this is an all-night party where the city’s attractions are lit up with creative lighting displays, from gardens to buildings and laneways to public spaces. The city completely transforms for this event, and it’s ideal for families with kids, too. You may struggle to find a spot to park up your campervan hire in the city, so we recommend experiencing this event before or after your trip.
Melbourne Festival

The Melbourne Festival is a 17-day celebration of all things creative, with both free and ticketed events held throughout the city in dance, circus acts, theatre, music, and visual arts. Held in October each year, this festival is one of the most important cultural events on Melbourne’s calendar - and one of the most fun, too. 
Melbourne Shows

Like any great artistic city, there are countless broadway-style shows on throughout the year. You’ve got all the greats such as the Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain, as well as a host of lesser-known performances that could very well be greats before long. 
We Will Rock You

More than 16 million people have already enjoyed this Queen-inspired broadway musical, and it’s heading to Melbourne from August 2016 to rock the socks off audiences in Victoria’s capital. Set in a dystopian future in 2350, live music has been banned, but this one group is rebelling against the lunacy. 
Melbourne Jazz Festival

Join the world’s leading jazz musicians and innovators in Melbourne for 10 days in June to celebrate the very best of this thriving genre. Performers travel from all over the world to entertain young and old alike at venues throughout the city. 
Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix

Phillip Island, just off the Mornington Peninsula, is known as the home of Australian motorsport, and it’s where you’ll witness the Australian leg of the Grand Prix on a 4.4-kilometre circuit. It’s one of the most stunning tracks on the Grand Prix tour and you can get there with a camper van hire in Melbourne. 
Queenscliff Music Festival

Held every year over the final weekend of November, the Queenscliff Music Festival on the Bellarine Peninsula is a massive event filled with top acts from around Australia and the globe. Now in its 20th year, the festival is just 1.5 hours from Melbourne city. 
Australian International Airshow

The Australian International Aerospace & Defense Exposition - or simply, the airshow - is held over one week in late February and early March in Geelong. Take a look at the latest innovations in aircraft and flight technology, meet the exhibitors, and watch incredible displays of daring and skill in the skies.


In between staring out the windows and windscreen of your campervan on long scenic drives, and experiencing the best events Melbourne and Victoria have to offer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in a few of the local attractions and activities. The region is a smorgasbord of sights, from natural spaces in national parks to delicious wine-tasting afternoons in the Yarra Valley. Fill up your Melbourne motorhome itinerary with a few of these awesome attractions to really get the most out of your holiday. 
National Parks

There are more than 500 national parks spread all across Australia, and between them, they cover as much as 28 million hectares of land - which is roughly 4 per cent of the entire country. It’s safe to say that no matter which direction you head in, you’ll likely come across at least a couple of these awesome natural resources. There are several close to Melbourne city that you can easily get to in a motorhome, such as the Dandenong Ranges, which are less than an hour from the CBD. The Alpine National Park isn’t far away either, and the Kosciuszko, Murray-Sunset and Wyperfeld National Parks are all a day’s drive away or less. 
The Great Ocean Road

There are few road trips in Australia as famous as the Great Ocean Road. It packs a punch for its small size at less than 250 kilometres, and manages to fit in a number of attractions along the way. You’ll see the collection of limestone stacks known as the 12 Apostles, and you’ll cruise past Bells Beach, where the Rip Curl Pro surfing series is held every Easter. Geelong’s Festival of Sails is another attraction on this route, where you can watch a regatta sailing event out on the water in January. 
Yarra Valley Wineries

The Yarra Valley is just one hour from Melbourne, and it’s overflowing with dozens of exquisite wineries. Do a tour, try various tastings, stop off at cellar doors, and spend lazy afternoons soaking up the lush surroundings while sipping on your favourite vino. Some of Australia’s best wines come from this region, such as Yering Station, Dominique Portet and Coldstream Hills. 
Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Markets are a long-standing attraction at the heart of Melbourne city. With dozens of stores selling everything from food and drinks to clothing and souvenirs, this is one of the city’s must-see places before you leave. 

Other Helpful Melbourne Links

And of course, as it’s Melbourne, you can easily spend days simply wandering through the town checking out the cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and general vibe of the city. There’s no better way to discover a place than to first explore the streets by foot, then jump in a campervan and head out onto the roads of Victoria!



Your specific RV rental in Melbourne will depend on your budget, the number of people in your travelling party, the level of comfort you’re after and your destination. Take a look at all the types of motorhomes you could drive away with when you hire one in Australia. 
No matter where in the world you’re coming from, you’ll probably have a bit of time to spare on the flight to Australia. Spend it learning the local lingo so you can understand the Aussies when you land! 
There’s more to taking a motorhome tour of Australia than just jumping in and driving away. Have a quick read through these tips to get all the basic information you need for camping in Australia. 
Need to convince yourself of booking a camper hire in Melbourne? Read on. Almost 10,000 people took motorhome holidays in the Lucky Country through Motorhome Republic last year, and this may help explain why. 
Motorhome camping? There’s an app for that! Take a look at the 10 that will help make your Australian road trip a breeze. 
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Forget bowls and bingo games, the Grey Nomads lifestyle could be the perfect retirement plan for you. 
The National Whale Trail is part of an initiative to create whale viewing platforms all along the coast to educate visitors and offer them an unbeatable view of migratory whales. Recently, 11 new platforms got underway from Tasmania to Queensland. 

A quick guide to Melbourne

The dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is brimming with world-class restaurants and bars, arts and theatre, outdoor activities, and fantastic shopping opportunities. To help you hit all the hot spots on your Melbourne motorhome holiday, we’ve put together a list of the Victorian capital’s top attractions.


Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

One of only four giant observation wheels in the world, catch a glimpse of the horizon when you take the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel up into the wide Australian sky.
Fully enclosed and air-conditioned for those hot summer days, the Melbourne Star’s pods have floor-to-ceiling windows wrapped around them so no matter where you stand or sit, your heart will skip a beat when you see that glorious view over the city and the harbour. Equipped to comfortably seat up to 20 people, this observation wheel is suitable for large groups, and with so much room in each cabin you’re able to walk around and fully experience the sights from every angle, night or day.
A definite highlight of the thriving city of Melbourne, the Observation Wheel is not one to miss. Park your motorhome rental at Pearl River Road West Car Park or Waterfront Way East Car Park for a daily rate of $10, and take the wheel into the sky.

Where: 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands, Victoria, 3008, Australia
Open: 7 days, 11:00am - 6:15pm

Jack Rabbit Vineyard

It’s hard not to fall in love with Jack Rabbit Vineyard. The stunning atmosphere, beautiful function spaces, and stunning views over the ocean will capture your heart, but it’s the exquisite wines that will entice you back. Jack Rabbit Vineyard winemaker, Nyall Condon, is passionate about creating wines with little interference, letting the grapes be the shining star of the flavoursome bottles. His approach seems to work, with clean, fresh tasting wines renowned throughout the region. Dine in style and enjoy some of the delicious dishes served by excellent chefs at the restaurant, or book the function space for weddings and other celebrations. Jack Rabbit Vineyard is located 100km from Victoria’s capital, so pick up your motorhome rental in Melbourne and hit the road.
Where: 85 McAdams Lane, Bellarine, Victoria, 3221, Australia
Opening hours: Open 7 Days


Flying Brick Cider Co

You’re spoiled for choice when you visit Flying Brick Cider Co. With three different ciders in their repertoire - Original, Draught and Pear - and a delicious menu to accompany them, you may find yourself venturing back for another visit. Flying Brick Cider Co opened in 2014, its iconic yellow and black building designed to resemble the bird it was named after: the yellow-tailed black cockatoo, or ‘flying brick’. Not only is the building in fantastic contrast to the lush green lawn that surrounds it, but it makes the restaurant incredibly easy to spot. The Cider House serves refreshing cider and an incredible range of meals, and has the facilities to host up to 400 people for weddings and other events. It’s definitely a spot worth heading to in your Melbourne motorhome rental. From the city’s CBD, it’s a 90 kilometre trip around Port Phillip Bay, and will take you about 1.5 hours to drive.
Where: 1251 - 1269 Bellarine Highway, Wallington, Victoria, 3222, Australia
Phone: +61 3 5250 6577


Curlewis Golf Club

Tee off at the Curlewis Golf Club, and spend your holiday working your way around this incredible par 72 golf course. The course opened in 1970, and since then has had several owners and renovations. Today the Curlewis Golf Club is owned by Lyndsay and David Sharp, who have taken the course to a new level, guiding the club to gain in popularity and recognition. The 6,150 metre sand-based course has 18-holes, with minimal trees to create that stunning wide-open feel. End your day on the course by having a fabulous dinner at the restaurant, or book out the function rooms for weddings and other events. Drive your Melbourne motorhome rental just 40 minutes southeast to reach Curlewis Golf Club.
Where: 1345 Portarlington Road, Curlewis, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 (03) 5251 1111


Leura Park Estate Winery

Leura Park Estate is the perfect place to stop by for a meal and a taste of stunning wines. From Sparkling pinot chardonnay, to delicious shiraz, Leura Park Estate sure know how to please. All the grapes are grown on the 150 acre property on the edge of Port Phillip Bay, and are predominately hand-picked, ensuring all the grapes are of the highest quality. The wine in the collection boasts a ‘delightful French-style subtlety’ thanks to winemaker Darren Burke, and by booking a guided tasting you can learn a little about what goes into making the perfect bottle. Whether you book in for lunch, or just pop in for a coffee, there are plenty of opportunities to taste the flavours of Leura Park Estate Winery. Pick up your motorhome rental at Avalon Airport and journey just 40 minutes southeast to wine and dine in style.
Where: 1400 Portarlington Road, Curlewis, Victoria, 3222, Australia
Opening hours:Thursday - Sunday, 10:30am - 5:00pm.


Gerald's Bar

If you love eclectic little establishments with a lot of personality, Gerald’s Bar in the heart of Melbourne is a must-do on your Australian road trip.
Established in 2006, this cozy bar with its array of interesting posters, tidbits and display items, has won many accolades over the years, including the 2010 Gourmet Traveller Australian Bar Of the Year award. With a wine list of over 200 tipples, and an exquisite range of seasonal dishes, you can expect a fantastic dining experience at Gerald’s Bar.
Pick up your Melbourne motorhome rental and head just 25 minutes into the Carlton North district to wine and dine at this fantastic location.

Where: 386 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, Melbourne, 3054, Australia
Open: 7 days, 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Kuraby Markets

Wandering through colourful stalls of fresh produce is always a lovely day out, but
The Kuraby Farmers and Food Markets take this standard weekend experience to the next level.
Humming with travellers and locals alike every Saturday, there isn’t a lot that this south Brisbane market doesn’t have to offer. Fresh fruit and vegetables stalls line the rows, with hand crafted wares, boutique jewellery, and beautifully made clothing scattered throughout. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air, as the homemade breads and pastries make your mouth water.
The Kuraby Markets are easily accessible, and have free parking for your Melbourne motorhome rental. Pick up some of the essentials, or treat yourself to breakfast or lunch on your way out of town.

Where: 1342 Beenleigh Road, Kuraby, Queensland, 4112, Australia
Market hours: Saturdays 6:00am - 12noon

Little Cupcakes

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully decorated mini-cake, and Little Cupcakes in Melbourne strive to ensure their creations are the best of the best.  
Offering a range of delectable desserts almost too beautiful to eat, Little Cupcakes caters to all customers. Enjoy the option of gluten-free and vegan cupcakes, as well as brownies and cookies for something a little different. Celebrate a milestone with an incredible cake or simply sample a tiny treat.
Little Cupcakes has four different locations around Melbourne, so no matter where you end up in your motorhome rental, there’s a shop just a short drive away.

Where: Discover all Little Cupcakes’ locations here.
Phone: +61 03 9602 3884

The Grain Store

Swing through the barn doors in the bustling CBD of Melbourne for a unique and delicious meal at The Grain Store.
Delectable dishes made with the freshest of ingredients await your tastebuds at this unique urban restaurant. The worldly menu created by German head chef Ingo Meissner’s offers a stunning range of breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. A beautiful interior, with near-rustic wooden elements combined with sleek modern features give the dining experience a little something extra.
Just a 25-minute drive in your motorhome rental from Melbourne Airport, you’ll be wining and dining at this incredible restaurant in no time.

Where: 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am - 4:00pm


Taxi Kitchen

Taxi Kitchen was born of a passion for sustainable, locally sourced produce and ingredients. Now one of the top restaurants in Melbourne, locals and visitors alike flock to this incredible eatery in the heart of the city. The light-filled restaurant with high ceilings, creative interior design, and long tables lull visitors into a relaxed and comfortable state. Add in delicious combinations of local Australian goods with a touch of Asian flavours created by Chef Tony Twitchett, and you have yourself a night to remember. As well as an excellent menu, cocktails and beer are all part of the experience, and with a Victorian-only wine list, you’re really getting a taste of the region. Pick up your Melbourne motorhome rental from the airport, and travel just 40-minutes for a dinner like no other.

Where: Flinders St & Swanston Street, Melbourne Victoria, 3000, Australia
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 12noon until late



Want to spend a fantastic day out on the water in one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities? With Boat4Hire, you can rent a speedboat and zoom around the Melbourne harbour. Perfect for fishing trips, scenic exploring around the coastline, or just to feel the wind in your hair, Boat4Hire offers half or full day bookings all year round. A multitude of boats are available, offering options for varying skill levels (some require that you have a licence). With comprehensive training, the provision of maps, and fuel included in the price, you’ll be zipping around the water like a pro in no time. Drive your Melbourne motorhome rental to one of three handy locations to hire your boat: Elsternwick, Waterfront City Marina, or Geelong.

Where: 84 Newquay Promenade, Docklands Victoria, 3008, Australia
Opening hours: 24/7 speed boat rental, with after hours pickup and drop off available.


Clarion Suites Gateway

On the banks of Yarra River, in the heart of Melbourne lies the beautiful Clarion Suites Gateway. With over 100 apartment-style suites, this hotel makes for the ideal city-escape, providing all the facilities you could possibly need for a weekend getaway. Check in to a modern, spacious room, and enjoy the perks of 24-hour room service, full kitchen facilities in the suites, onsite laundry, swimming pool, WiFi, and private bathrooms. The Clarion Suites Gateway is just a step away from spectacular city shopping and delicious dining options, and just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the city’s best attractions. Stay a few nights before picking up your Melbourne motorhome rental and hitting the road.

Where: 1 William St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9296 8888



With a focus on community and a passion to repurpose unused land in a creative but simple way, the Rudimentary cafe brings to life a little corner of Melbourne’s Footscray suburb. The building is a collection of shipping containers and guests’ first indication of the cafe’s philosophy: simple things can be used to create something unique, creative, and sustainable. Herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees are all grown around the cafe, allowing you to sip your coffee and taste their spectacular, freshly made seasonal menu in the shade of the garden. A stone’s throw away from Melbourne's CBD, pick up your motorhome rental and then head to Rudimentary to enjoy the food and hospitality.

Where: 16-20 Leeds Street, Footscray, Victoria, 3011, Australia
Opening hours:Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am - 3:30pm


Craft Markets Australia

It started out as the spark of a dream around the dinner table, and now has grown into one of Australia's most diverse and thriving markets. Craft Markets Australia await your visit every weekend in multiple locations throughout Melbourne. The eclectic markets draw thousands to the handmade, handcrafted, or locally grown items on offer. Head to one of the locations in your Melbourne motorhome rental to find yourself some spectacularly made accessories and jewellery, fresh produce and homemade dishes, arts and crafts, and so much more.

The Markets:

  • Flemington Racecourse Market

  • A Market at Hanging Rock

  • Lardner Park

  • Mornington Racecourse Market

  • Point Nepean Portsea Market

  • Red Hill Community Market

  • Yarra Glen Racecourse Market

  • Sorrento Makers Market

Office location: 10A Satu Way, Mornington Victoria, 3931, Australia
Office hours: Mon - Fri 9.00am to 3.00pm. Closed Wednesdays.


Birches Apartments Melbourne

Birches Apartments Melbourne has a selection of modern, self-contained suites and townhouses to suit a couples’ weekend away, or a family holiday. If you’re a small group, book the Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment, and enjoy the queen sized bed and double sofa bed, or request a twin room with two single beds. More than 4 of you? Check into the Birches Townhouse, and enjoy the comfortable amenities of two bedrooms. The master bedroom has double doors opening onto a beautiful front garden, and the sofa converts into another bed if need be. Make use of the free WiFi, flat screen TVs, fully equipped kitchen and the in-house laundry. Begin your holiday at the Birches Apartments before picking up your Melbourne motorhome rental.

Where: 160 Simpson St, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
Phone: +61 394172344



Celebrating the arts, Fortyfivedownstairs showcases spectacular talent in its Melbourne-based, not-for-profit theatre and gallery. Displaying the work of a wide range of independent incredible artists, musicians and theatrical entertainers, Fortyfivedownstairs is one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed creative hubs. All the artistic spaces in the building are located below street level; head on in and take the stairs down to explore the different areas. A big, bright gallery with wooden floors is located on the first floor down, allowing artists to display their pieces in uninterrupted spaces and giving them the spotlight they deserve. Head another floor down and you’ll find the theatre, a cosy wee room for intimate gatherings and a multitude of versatile performances. Fortyfivedownstairs is definitely worth a visit before heading off to the countryside in your Melbourne motorhome rental.

Where: 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Opening hours:Tuesday to Thursday 11:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm


The Gateway Hotel

Before picking up a Melbourne motorhome rental and hitting the Australian road, you will likely want to spend a couple of days exploring Victoria’s capital. In this case, there’s no better place to stay than The Gateway Hotel. Situated on Princes Highway close to Geelong and the Avalon Airport, you can head here upon landing and get oriented with the city and all of its cosmopolitan treasures. All units of varying size offer air conditioning - essential for those hot Australian days -, free WiFi, tea/coffee making facilities and plenty other amenities for a relaxing stay. Besides comfortable rooms, the hotel offers a popular pub with great food and drink, and entertainment. Get to know the friendly staff and a few of the locals before you head off to explore more of this incredible country.

Where: 218-230 Princes Hwy, Corio VIC 3214, Australia
Opening Hours: Accommodation available year-round, pub hours 9am to 5am every day.


Madame Brussels

You’ll feel like you tumbled down the rabbit hole when you visit the Alice-In-Wonderlandesque cocktail bar, Madame Brussels. Located in the heart of Melbourne, Madame Brussels is a favourite for after-work drinks, rooftop garden do's and hen’s parties. Full of quaint 1950s furniture, juxtaposed with the shining cityscape view from its third-floor location, the terrace is the perfect place to sit and enjoy delicious snacks, fruity cocktails or cold beer. While Madame Brussels is incredibly popular through the hot summer months, the rooftop garden is accommodating all year long, providing guests with blankets in the cooler winter months. Whether you’re planning an event or simply popping by, park your Melbourne motorhome rental on the street and head up to Madame Brussels for an evening you won’t forget. 

Where: Level 3, 57-59 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia
Hours: 7 days, 12 noon - 1:00 am


Adelphi Hotel

In the heart of Melbourne near the Yarra River lies the beautiful and historic Adelphi Hotel. Spend a couple of nights in style and comfort before you drive off to explore Victoria in your Melbourne motorhome rental. Transformed from an old warehouse in 1993, Adelphi Hotel now provides beautiful accommodation through a wide range of suites. Contemporary decor fills each room, with elegant configurations ranging from King Singles to Kings, complete with complimentary in-room entertainment, Espresso coffee machines, and WiFi. Enjoy the hotel’s glass-bottomed rooftop swimming pool which overhangs Flinders Street below, or book out the sleek boardroom for those important business meetings. Adelphi Hotel’s restaurant, Om Nom, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and provides an intimate dining experience. 

Where: 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Phone: +61 (3) 8080 8888   

Om Nom Kitchen

With a slogan like “sometimes fantasy becomes reality”, you know you’re in for a treat at Om Nom restaurant in Melbourne. This dessert-themed luxurious restaurant and bar is stunning in itself (cast your gaze upon the mirrored ceiling as you walk in!), but add in the whimsical yet extravagant menu, and you’re on your way to flavour town. The Om Nom Chocnut Bomb, Apple & Coconut Splice, and the Passionista are just some of the tempting items on the menu, but you’ll want to order the famous degustation to sample a bit of everything. Pair the goods with fruity cocktails and assorted gelato, and you’re in heaven. You’ll locate Om Nom easily enough in your Melbourne motorhome rental, but it’s the leaving you may find difficult. 

Where: 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Hours: Lunch 12 pm - 3:30 pm Monday to Friday
Dinner 6 pm - 10:30 pm Sunday to Thursday
Dinner 6 pm - 11:30 pm Friday and Saturday