The Most Motorhome-Friendly Countries On Earth

The Most Motorhome-Friendly Countries On Earth
on Mar 23, 2018

Be welcomed with open arms in these beautiful destinations

The motorhome lifestyle is a way of travel that provides dreamers and roamers with major freedom, extra magic moments, amazing stories and fun beyond any other. Here at Motorhome Republic, we do our best to help keen wanderlusters find the most fulfilling campervan adventures out there.

Some parts of the world embrace motorhomes just as much as we do, making it easy and enjoyable for road trippers to experience their unique delights. We thought we would show our appreciation for those like-minded nations with a little shout-out - and help out our fellow nomadic tourists with some tips on the best places to plan their next motorhome adventure.

One: Norway

An intrepid traveller stands out on a jutted rock overlooking the spectacular and iconic scenery of mountainous Norway

Norway is a dream destination for those who want to explore in a home on wheels. Not only does it have some of the world’s most spectacular scenery (hello, entire coastline of fjords), but it has a little thing enshrined in its law called “allemannsretten”. Known in English as the right to access or right to roam, it means that anyone has the right to free camp on uncultivated land for up to two nights.

Allemannsretten and a self-contained campervan is a recipe for adventure - just be sure to leave no trace of your stay. Anyone who loves the great outdoors will find their utopia in beautiful Norway’s stunning landscapes, so if that’s you, then give it pride of place on your motorhome bucket list.

Two: Canada

An emerald blue lake surrounded by lush greenery and the snow capped Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada

The options for RV campsites in Canada are many and varied, from simple spots to fancy RV resorts. The network of national and provincial park campsites are spread throughout the country and allow travellers to stay in some of the most spectacular settings you can think of - imagine waking up to gaze over the iconic blue waters of Lake Louise, with the mountains reflected as if in a mirror. It’s the stuff postcards are made of.

Canadians are well known for being friendly, polite and welcoming, the perfect environment for a successful and immersive road trip. Enjoy not only natural treasures but human ones too as you make your way around the vastness that is the second most sizeable country on earth!

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Three: France

The sun washes warm light over a vibrant lavender field in Drome, France

The highways of France are lined not only with amazing, affordable wine and cheese, but also the perfect solution for weary road trippers: Aires. These handy little rest stops are free or very low-cost camping spots for motorhomes (camping-cars), most offering a dump station and a water tap at the very least. Often found near the main routes just outside towns, these range widely in appearance and amenities but are perfect for those without a strict itinerary who want an inexpensive holiday.

Beyond the aires, France has many campsites. It is also positively packed with amazing things to see - from the incredible historic buildings of the big cities and the glitz of the Riviera region to the charming countryside and surprisingly laidback small coastal towns of the southwest. France has mountains, lakes, forests and beaches galore, and when it comes to holidays by camping-car, the wine and cheese are just the tasty pièce de résistance.

Four: New Zealand

An adventurous hiker stands atop Roy’s Peak, admiring the beautiful scenery near Wanaka, New Zealand

If you want to really feel like you’ve become acquainted with a country, a motorhome road trip around New Zealand is the way to go. The country is small enough that you can see a decent chunk of it in a few weeks, and the vast majority of people are friendly and welcoming to tourists - especially those with open minds and adventurous spirits! The scenery is world-renowned, and the small towns will envelop and immerse you in relaxed community vibes until you don’t want to leave.

New Zealand allows limited freedom camping for self-contained vehicles, and the country also has a network of campsites operated by the Department of Conservation which are very low cost, ranging from free to NZD$16 per adult depending on facilities and location. These are usually in beautiful places, near lakes and beaches, and are a fantastic way to see and experience New Zealand’s scenic gems.

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Five: Iceland

The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall surrounded by the lush and vibrant landscape of Iceland

Iceland is famously spectacular, an otherworldly island of waterfalls, desolate beaches, steaming lagoons, soaring mountains and verdant valleys. The visual pleasures are a large part of what makes the country so motorhome friendly - the drive from place to place is as much an important part of the holiday as the destinations, and in a campervan you can pull over, make a cup of tea or lunch and enjoy the vistas.

There are plenty of campsites dotted around Iceland, in fact more than 150 of them, making it easy and affordable to find somewhere to stay. Many have handy facilities for campers, and most do not require bookings so you can maintain flexibility in your journey.

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Six: United States

A colourful sky meets the red rocks of the Delicate Arch in Utah, near Moab, United States

The good old US of A is a classic place for a road trip, with highways stretching for many thousands of miles across diverse states and landscapes. There are so many iconic sights to see, from the Golden Gate Bridge and lights of Las Vegas in the west to the Empire State Building and beaches of Florida in the east, and myriad unknown and endearing small towns, scenic spots and friendly people along the way. Route 66 is perhaps the most famous route for road trippers, but the possibilities are endless.

There are also plenty of camping opportunities across the United States, the best of which can often be found in the national parks and state parks. KOA (Kampgrounds of America) are a popular resource for nomadic travellers and campers, with an expansive nationwide network of sites which guarantee quality and cleanliness. A good tip for those visiting cities: many Walmart parking lots allow overnight stays for RVs.

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Seven: Australia

Waves crash the shores of the Great Ocean Road as they roll past the Twelve Apostles and the sun sets on the horizon

The wide open spaces of Australia offer an incredible array of experiences, from harbour cities that buzz with global culture to red desert that stretches unbroken as far as the eye can see. The good news for motorhome travellers is that there is free camping available if you know where to look. Laws differ between states, and it’s best to use known or designated free camping spots - which is easy with resources like the Free Camping Australia website or the Camps Australia Wide app. There are also many holiday parks around the country which offer a higher level of facilities and comfort for campers.

Accommodation aside, Australia is hugely welcoming to motorhomers - the majority of the laidback locals are happy to chat with travellers. There’s nothing quite like the memory of a beer and a yarn with hardy farmers in the watering hole of a tiny Outback town!

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So, we say thank you to these countries for making the dreams of the many thousands of intrepid travellers out there come true! If you’d like to give motorhoming a go, a trip to one of these nations is the ideal way to start - once you’ve found the perfect vehicle on Motorhome Republic, of course.