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Alaska RV Rental

For those with a true spirit of adventure, an Alaska RV rental holiday is the ultimate American vacation experience. This far northern state seems as though it was carved out by giants - distances are immense, mountains tower high into the sky and even the wildlife is outsized. While the vast majority of the United States has been molded to the will of humanity, Alaska refuses to be tamed - which is what makes it such an awe-inspiring place to visit. Any road trip through this primeval wilderness is bound to be an epic experience, which is why so many travelers opt for a motorhome rental - allowing them to take in the majesty and spectacle of magnificent Alaska on their own terms.


A land for giants

There’s no better way to experience Alaska than jumping in an RV and setting off along one of the state’s seemingly endless highways. The freedom of being able to explore this gargantuan yet gorgeous landscape as you wish is a truly wonderful gift. In spite of the state’s size, you don’t have to go far from the cities before you’re deep in the heart of Alaskan wilderness. Heading north for just a few hours from Anchorage you’ll discover the world famous Denali National Park and Preserve, a pristine 6 million acre wilderness centered on Denali, the highest mountain in North America. 


If you decide to drive south instead, you’ll find yourself on the Seward Highway traveling the dramatically scenic shores of Turnagain Arm. This might just be the most beautiful stretch of highway in all of America. With 3000 foot mountains on one side and expansive flats of Turnagain Arm stretching to gigantic sloping mountains on the other, it’s hard to imagine a more impressive view. 


And there’s very clearly no need to imagine impressive views in this state - Anchorage is just one place that you can pick up your Alaska campervan rental from but no matter where you start, you’ll soon find yourself amidst some of the greatest sights on earth.


Bastions of a frozen world

It’s not just the landscapes that are worth getting in a rental motorhome and traveling thousands of miles for, however. Its icescapes are equally astounding. If you leave Alaska without getting as close as you safely can to its glaciers (and icebergs, if you’re lucky!), it will be an opportunity missed. Driving northwest from Anchorage along the Glenn Highway will take you along the Matanuska River, ultimately leading to the Matanuska Glacier itself. Whether you plan to hop in a boat, head to a handy viewpoint or step onto the glacier itself, make sure you take the chance see this magnificent natural phenomenon. 

There are many more glaciers in this northern land, though in order to get close to many of them, you’ll have to take a plane or boat ride. 


Colossal creatures

To match its massive mountains and endless plains, Alaska has produced equally impressive creatures - many of which you’re likely to come across in your travels. Heading along Denali Park Road in your RV rental, for instance, you have the chance to see all of Alaska’s ‘Big 5’: moose, wolves, Dall sheep, caribou and grizzly bears. Moose can be found all over Alaska, even in Anchorage itself, while bears are more likely to be spotted in high wilderness passes. If you do choose to go in search of these creatures (or if they find you) just remember to treat them with care and respect - this is their country, and they most certainly are not tame.


Alaska RV Rental Locations

Although Anchorage is Alaska’s most populous city, and a common starting point for many adventures, picking up your Alaska RV rental from anywhere in the state will put you right in the middle of one of the world’s most visually spectacular locations. See below for a list places that you can hire an RV through Motorhome Republic: