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Southern charm of Atlanta in an RV

The city’s deep Southern roots are evident everywhere… just think sweet tea and polite folks. However, Atlanta is every bit a modern metropolis, with world-class cuisine, culture and lifestyle. It’s a hub for transportation with the world’s busiest airport and a great motorhome destination.

Atlanta can also be the starting point of a great American road trip. You could make your way North to Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and even Boston with many beautiful and various landscape along the way. Another option is to head South to Florida and tour this beautiful sunny state with cities like Miami, Tampa and Orlando having plenty to offer for the whole family.

Where to stay

  • Red Top Mountain State Park is only an hour from Atlanta and is a quiet campground with good amenities. The park has several trails, most of which are not overly strenuous, and many of places to fish, either from the shore or in a boat.

  • Stone Mountain Park has everything you need for a family getaway including picnic tables and fire rings at each site, laundry facilities, a swimming pool, sand volleyball court, children’s playground, on-site general store, and more. There’s even a lazer show for all ages.

  • Atlanta Marietta RV Resort is the place to stay if you're looking for a vacation that allows you to relax in a peacefully wooded site surrounded by the sounds of nature. It is the closest campground to Atlanta, at only 13 miles away, and is only minutes from shopping.

Bigger is better: Must-do attractions of Atlanta

As one of Atlanta’s newest attractions, the Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest. You can go underwater and see marine life from a whole new perspective. And the most recognised beverage on earth has its own shrine in Atlanta – The World of Coca Cola. View the galleries devoted to advertising campaigns, the bottling process, and Coke in pop culture; or taste samples of the 63 different products.

CNN Center is the HQ of the international news channel and you can watch a newscast here or take a tour of the studio. More than 12,000 works of art, including those by Georgia O'Keeffe, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein, are housed at the High Museum of Art. Even the architecture of the building itself is memorable. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History has an endless score of fascinating exhibits. Kids can discover virtual waterfalls and the insides of a mighty red oak tree at NatureQuest; or you can visit the observatory, planetarium, or IMAX movie theatre. Also, Zoo Atlanta is home to more than 1000 animals, from pandas to its well-known gorillas.

The city earned an important place in the history of civil rights through the work and words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Visitors can pay tribute and learn about the movement at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Hear recordings of his sermons and speeches or discover more about his life by visiting his birthplace. Centennial Olympic Park is a perfect place to let kids play for the afternoon. Created for the 1996 games, it even has pop-up water fountain performances.

Visit the Noguchi Playscape: a merge of shape, colour and texture designed for interaction in Piedmont Park. You can also explore the sports fields.

Eat and be merry in Atlanta

Tomo Naito is Atlanta’s not-so-secret sushi guru. At Tomo he serves up wickedly delicious offerings, including a lobster cake with yuzu aioli. There is also an impressive collection of Japanese whiskey and Shochu drinks.

Taqueria del Sol has a bit of a food truck vibe. Get in line, order, take a seat and salivate. This is a no-brainer for cheap, fast and easy food. Best bets include the Memphis taco with chopped smoked pork, spicy jalapeño coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce or the fried fish taco.

Gunshow with no decor, no servers and no real bar, is an odd dining experience, but it works. The food is easily some of the finest in the city and chefs bring out wooden platters of different dishes. If you like a dish, take it, or just wait for the next chef to wander by.

Bacchanalia is commonly known as the best restaurant in Atlanta. With an emphasis on locally grown, entirely organic preparations, each dish is beautiful. The place is sophisticated and comfortably hip, set in an old warehouse.

Nuevo Laredo is a wildly popular Mexican place, a little out of the way. Best eats include the fresh salsa, rich pollo mole and tacos con carne asada. Don’t be daunted by the crowd, as the line moves quickly and it’s nice to enjoy chips and a margarita on the patio as you wait.
With rave reviews, Antico Pizza is a Neapolitan-style pizza joint that won’t break the bank. The margarita pizza is phenomenal. 

When to visit

Nicknamed ‘Hotlanta’ during the late spring and summer months, temperatures can reach a sticky and humid 37 degrees. Most places in the city are air-conditioned. Just remember to ensure your camper is, too. The best time to visit is in fall and early winter. When many other cities are beginning to get cold and grey, Atlanta typically maintains a steady level of sunshine and cool breezes.

Hiring an RV: the best choice

Cruise America is North America’s largest RV rental company. It has a massive fleet, with a range of sizes and RV styles to suit your budget and needs. Their experienced team know the RV rental game inside and out, so you are in safe hands.
The location for Cruise America Atlanta is also very convenient, next to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on 7008 Jonesboro Road. An approximate 10-minute drive, double-check when you make your booking as to how you can pick-up your RV. A simple shuttle should be easy to negotiate.


Handy tips for tackling big city Atlanta

  • Visitors can take advantage of the Atlanta CityPass. Costing $69, it provides access to six attractions: Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Inside CNN Atlanta Studio Tour, and a choice between the Fernbank Museum of Natural History or High Museum of Art, and Zoo Atlanta or the Atlanta History Center.

  • Torch those chips. At a pinch, the fat in potato, tortilla or even corn chips transforms the snacks into excellent tinder to start a fire.

  • Major holidays generally require a three-night stay at camping grounds during the standard season.