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Washington campervan rental – trust Motorhome Republic

Washington DC, that’s District of Columbia, is a marvel. It’s not just an astounding collection of museums and monuments, it is a living history lesson, with thousands of tourists renting a motorhome every year to get a taste. It is also a modern and vibrant city, with plenty to do and see for everyone. Pick up an RV and have the freedom to explore.


Get the Right RV at the Best Price

By using Motorhome Republic to book your campervan in Washington, you have access to all available campers from many RV rental companies. Maybe you need a luxury RV to house the family, or you’re after something simpler for a romantic roadtrip. Put a few details into the website search engines and you’ll be able to view the specifications of each model. Then compare models side-by-side and factor in other essentials, such as price. Motorhome Republic’s website features plenty of honest feedback, from real customers, so you can book with confidence – check out the Reviews section.

RV Parks in Washington DC, somewhere to stay

Like most big cities, RV Parks aren’t going to be found in the downtown area, and neither do you want to be manoeuvring your big rig through urban traffic. Cherry Hill Park RV Camp has the answer. It is located in Maryland, but is well set up for tourists. Washington DC city buses pull up at the camp every hour, and take visitors to a nearby metro stop, which gives you access to all the city.

Food, Drink and Nightlife

The essential Washington food experience is to visit Ben’s Chili Bowl for a ‘half smoke’. This is a meaty, smoky version of a hot dog, served with plenty of mustard and chili sauce. Ben’s has been there on U Street since 1958.

There is a longstanding movement for sustainable and organic food in Washington. Nora Pouillon’s ‘Restaurant Nora’ was the first in America to be certified organic, way back in 1999. This fine eatery continues its commitment to fresh and seasonal food.

What to See and Do in Washington DC

The obvious place to start is at the National Mall, a two-mile, tree-lined boulevard that runs from the US Capitol to the Washington Monument. This is the home of the Smithsonian Institute, the world’s largest museum and research complex. There are 19 museums that make up the Institute, 13 of which are on or near the mall. Start at the African American History and Culture Museum, call into the Air and Space Museum, and end up in the Portrait gallery. They are all free and open every day, except Christmas.

If you are interested in the civil rights movement, start at the Lincoln Memorial, a place of contemplation, also on the National Mall. The 19ft-tall statue of Abraham Lincoln is set in a Greek temple-like building, surrounded by 36 pillars, one for each State of the Union at the time of Lincoln’s death. It was here too, that Martin Luther King delivered his, “I have a dream” speech. All Washington Memorials are open 24 hours a day and are spectacular lit up at night.

Hit the Road, Washington road trips

Washington DC is serviced by three different airports. Washington National Airport (DCA) is the closest to the city and accessible on the Metro. Dulles International (IAD) is around 40 minutes travelling time. Baltimore – Washington (BWI) is south of Baltimore and convenient for Maryland suburbs. An epic road trip is to consider a one-way rental from Chicago to Washington, which could include Niagara Falls or the unspoilt Amish country in Ohio. On arrival in Washington, you will have good flight connections to your next destination.

Driving Tips for Washington DC

The city streets are designed on a grid system centred at the US Capitol. Put simply, the streets running North and South are numbered, and the streets running East-West are lettered, beginning at the Capitol and extending in both directions. I’m sure it’s easy once you have cracked the code, but it may pay to take some time to study the system before tackling it in the often congested city traffic.