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New York RV Rental

Welcome to New York City – your first stop on your New York state motorhome vacation.


Hiring a motorhome in New York

Bustling New York has approximately 8.5 million inhabitants, and is considered a cultural, financial and political hub of the world. This city is also the perfect place to start your northeast America RV vacation. You have 12 fleets to choose from with Motorhome Republic, ensuring you find the vehicle most suited to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a short-term camper for a quick visit, or a spacious family motorhome for several weeks of touring, you will find it with Motorhome Republic. 


What to do with your New York motorhome

The Acadia National Park, in the state of Maine, is an 8-hour drive north of New York and about 4 hours from Boston. It’s a 47,000-acre park bordered by coastline, brimming with lakes and hiking tracks, and decorated with mountains. 


Another northern trip (6 hours from New York) is to the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, a drive that’s a vacation in itself for its breathtaking views. It will take you past the Sabbaday Falls, the Rocky Gorge, and the Lower Falls. Note that this 34.5-mile stretch of road doesn’t have gas stations, restaurants or cell reception, so stock up before driving here.


In the north of New York State, roughly 5 hours from New York City, you will find the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, next to the USA-Canada border. This spot is historically very important as the birthplace of women’s rights in the USA, and has plenty of fascinating landmarks and historic homes to explore. 


For history buffs interested in America’s revolutionary war, you can follow the war trail in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. There were battles at Washington Crossing, Princeton, and Valley Forge, and each site is marked with parks, museums, and battlefields. 


We can highly recommend a visit to Berkeley Springs, as there is something there for everyone in your traveling group. The natural hot springs boast 74-degree water, the shops and galleries are packed with antiques and collectibles, the Cacapon River is ideal for kayakers, and the path alongside the Potomac is popular with hikers and bikers. Berkeley Springs is in West Virginia, approximately 4.5 hours from New York City. 


Plus, don’t forget to check out the many events, attractions and icons in New York City before you leave!


Best times of year to rent a motorhome in New York

Despite the fact that New York is quite cold from November to March, visitors still flock to the city for the massive Christmas tree, New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and the general atmosphere of the city during the holiday period. This makes accommodation pricey, but if you dress warmly it’s not too cold to bear. 


Spring and fall are generally the best times to visit, with mild temperatures around 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and plenty of events. Rain isn’t uncommon in spring. 


Summer from June to August is quite busy and can get humid, but is yet another fantastic time to visit New York City.  


New York RV Rental - Explore the American North East

New York is an excellent starting point for a motorhome road trip. With a major international airport bringing people in and interstate highways leading out onto the open road, it is easy to spend a few days in the city that never sleeps, then pick up a rental and hit the road. Just make sure you are not too tired to drive!

New York, New York

Frank Sinatra sang of New York as a city of opportunity… a city that doesn’t sleep, where he’d find himself at the top of the heap. Most visiting the Big Apple don’t have quite the same aspirations, but they will likely leave with the same impression. A tourism metropolis that’s full of life and things to do, eat and experience. Blessed with a range of cultures, New York offers snippets of life from all over the globe.

The most populous city in the US, New York is made up of five boroughs which each form a separate county: Bustling Manhattan, up-and-coming Brooklyn, diverse and community-minded Queens, urban playground The Bronx and suburban Staten Island combine to form “The City”.

City that Never Sleeps - But You Will

There’s no way of avoiding it - central New York (Manhattan) has some of the world’s most expensive accommodation. Even a backpacker lodge or hostel is likely to cost up to $50 a night, and don’t be surprised to pay more than $200 for an average hotel. Deals are hard to find but they do exist, so search for bargains in the off-season in January and February. Try Airbnb for alternative options or just opt for a motorhome hire!

If money is no object, definitely book a room at one of New York’s iconic hotels - the Waldorf Astoria and the Plaza. Central Manhattan and around Central Park are the most convenient places to stay, but venture further afield for reduced rates and more casual accommodations, such as bed and breakfasts or short-term apartments. Head out to the surrounding suburbs for a place to park your RV for the night.

The hottest tickets in town

There are always minor events happening - Broadway show seasons, sports at the stadiums or Madison Square Gardens, live music in a back-street bar and an almost permanent merry-go-round of concerts. However, the major annual events are unique experiences which you can plan your trip around.

A favourite is the annual Tribeca Film Festival, at various venues around lower Manhattan. Continuing the artsy vein is SummerStage - a relatively unknown, but wonderful concert series of 100 free shows held in 17 parks across the city’s five boroughs, while the NY Fringe Festival is an alternative highlight. Holiday classics include the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and New Year’s Eve in Times Square. A good one for visitors is the Museum Mile Festival, which sees nine of the best museums open their doors for free.

Bite the Big Apple

There is no one way to describe the food scene, other than all-encompassing! Any taste and budget can be accommodated. Some famous, must-try New York meals include pizza by the slice, bagels and lox, hot dogs from a street cart, deli sandwiches and the cheesecake. Forget any idea of dieting and aim for at least one of each during your stay!

High-end restaurants are, unsurprisingly, very common. Delicious examples include Eleven Madison Park, Momofuku Ko, Riverpark and Per Se. For a real treat, find a place with a degustation menu and try multiple small plates. At the other end of the scale, street food is a New York favourite. Trade your RV for a food truck and get amongst the culinary scene.

Islands of Culture

Manhattan, at the centre of New York, is an island bordered by the Hudson River, East River and Harlem River. The Bronx is on the mainland to the north, Brooklyn and Queens to the east on Long Island, and Staten Island to the south. The city is made up of islands and waterways! It was, and still is, an important port and harbour, a major factor in the city’s huge growth and development. As a gateway to the country, it has seen thriving immigrant communities and much diversity. Culture is everywhere - from classical art to street hip-hop culture, you can experience it all.

Want to Be a Part of It?

Catch a Broadway show! You shouldn’t miss out on this theatre experience while in New York City. Buy tickets on the day of a show for the best prices at TKTS online, and if you are not too fussy about which show to see you can get a great deal. Musicals, comedies and dramas all show on Broadway - and for cheaper productions, try an off-broadway show.

Go shopping! This city is arguably the fashion capital of the US, and every neighbourhood is full of department stores, chain stores, boutiques and specialty shops. For great outlet shopping, visit Century 21 which offers designer labels at discount prices in downtown Manhattan.

Sightseeing is easy to do in the city as there are so many famous buildings and places. Top of the list are the Freedom Tower which replaced the fallen Twin Towers, the Statue of Liberty in the harbour, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building... the list goes on. It would be a shame to leave without seeing the best of the sights.

Central Park deserves more than a brief mention - it is a fabulous playground full of all sorts of things to see and do. Relaxing on the grass and watching the world go by is a great option, but you can also take a bike tour, see the model sailboats on the Conservatory Water, visit the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, walk the Bow Bridge or go to the zoo.

Getting Around

The subway is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of moving large numbers around the city. It operates 24/7 and the fare is a flat $2.50. A MetroCard is necessary for subway and bus services.

The famous yellow taxi cabs are a regular sight, specifically Manhattan, while in the other boroughs the Green Boro Cabs are more common.

What to Expect from the Weather

Classified as humid continental, the New York weather forecast is pretty typical of the northern United States, tempered by its coastal position. The summer season from June to September is very hot, winter is quite cold with occasional snow. Spring is a great time to visit, thanks to a mild climate and low humidity.

Find the Right RV rental in New York

From huge Class A RV's to small and compact campervans for couples, competition is fierce in the rental industry.  Suppliers include most of the major RV rental companies such as El Monte RV, Cruise America and Road Bear RV along with Escape Rentals, Wild Campers, Britz and many more in New York.


Tips for a Successful New York Road Trip

Keep these in mind to smooth the process of booking and driving your RV.

  • Manhattan Island and much of the surrounding area is off limits to RV's.  You wouldn't want to drive there anyway, so we recommend when visiting the Big Apple, to leave your RV at your RV park in the suburbs and catch the subway or public transport into the city.

  • Get insured! A fender-bender can really ruin your buzz if you don’t have total cover.

  • Don’t pack too much into your itinerary! Give yourself time to visit the small towns, the national parks and the inviting cafes you find along the way.

New York RV Rental Brands

Star Drive RV, Road Bear RV and Britz Motorhomes

For some of the most luxurious RVs in New York, head to 42 State Route 36 East, Middletown, where you will find the depot of Star Drive, Road Bear and Britz Motorhomes. It’s about 35 miles from Newark Airport or 60 miles from JFK Airport. There are some transfers available from various airport hotels - not the airports themselves - so be sure to check when you book if your hotel is on the list. The branch is open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays, with drop offs typically scheduled for the mornings and pick ups in the afternoons. Star Drive RV is a premium provider of luxury motorhomes from two- to seven-berth models, which all feature comfortable interiors, plenty of space, and showers and toilets. Road Bear RV has a selection of three C Class motorhomes from a compact 19-foot four-berth RV to a roomy 30-foot seven-berth home on wheels. The fourth option with Road Bear RV is an A Class 29-32 foot motorhome with all the essentials and every comfort available. Britz keeps it simple by sticking to four-berth models of between 21 and 28 feet with all the basics for a comfortable adventure.

El Monte RV, Compass Campers and Sunshine RV

Sunshine RV is El Monte’s no frills brand, with four economy RVs in the fleet. These RVs are suited to five to six people and come in a range of sizes from 24 to 33 feet. El Monte itself adds a selection of motorhomes from class A bus styles of up to a very luxurious 37 feet, comfortable class C cabover styles and slideout cabover styles. Compass Campers offers an affordable alternative with a fleet of Ford and Chevy motorhomes to suit any travelling group from two to eight people, each fully equipped and self contained. The depot for these three brands is at 3401 B Tremley Point Road, Linden, which is only 10 miles from Newark Airport, 30 miles from LaGuardia and 35 miles from JFK. To get there, these suppliers offer a $15 per person, per direction fare from various hotels near the airport and in the downtown area. Drop offs must be made between 8am and 11am on weekdays, pick ups can be made from 1pm to 4pm. Note that a the drive from mid Manhattan can take 45 to 60 minutes.

Escape Campervan Rentals and Wild Campers USA

Wild Campers USA is run by Escape Campervans, which is why you’ll find these two brands have a lot in common. Wild Campers offers affordable vans for travelers on a budget, including a 2-3 berth auto Malibu camper (a Chevy Astro), and a 2-4 berth Mavericks campervan (a Ford E150). The truly special thing about Wild Campers is their exterior graphic designs, as the brand works with talented artists to create bright murals that you’ll love to drive and others won’t help but notice. Escape Campervans offer these same vehicles for hire in New York, plus the two-sleeper Ventura (Dodge Caravan) that’s just as bold and bright as the others. The New York depot for Escape and Wild is by appointment only, which means that you can pick up or drop off your rental vehicle between 8am and 6pm any day of the week, so long as you book it first. The depot is located at 11 Marin Boulevard in Jersey City, and you’ll need to make your own way there as there are no transfers available. This journey is approximately 5.5 miles long and will take around 30 minutes.

Cruise America

Cruise America keeps a fleet of C class motorhomes in standard, large, and compact models. The standard is a 25-foot Ford V8 RV with its own power generator, kitchen and bathroom, and cruise control, suited to five people. The compact RV measures 19 feet, and largely has the exact same features as the standard, only in a smaller size fit for three sleepers. Cruise America’s large RV is 30 feet in length, has a Ford V10 engine, and allows for a maximum of seven people. The company’s depot is found at 1045 Northern Boulevard in Roslyn, which is roughly 45 minutes from Newark Airport or 16 miles from JFK Airport. You receive a transfer from JFK Airport area hotels only if you purchase the Early Bird Departure Special, which means you also get an early pick up time of between 9am and noon (as regular pick ups occur only between 1pm and 4pm). Cruise America is only closed on Sundays and public holidays and does not allow for pick ups on the same day if you are flying in from an international destination.