Tips for booking motorhomes and saving money

Tips for booking motorhomes and saving money

Get the right price: When to book your motorhome hire or RV rental

Booking a motorhome hire is the beginning of an adventure, so make sure you start on the right foot! Here are some tips from Phil Wright, Operations Manager at Motorhome Republic, to help you keep costs down and plan strategically for the best and most affordable holiday in your very own home on wheels.


The Early Bird, book in advance

The most important principle to consider when booking a motorhome hire, campervan hire or RV rental is that the earlier you can book, the better. Well-seasoned drivers are known to book next year’s expedition as soon as they return from the current one, meaning that many bookings are in the book almost a year in advance. This is to ensure that the vehicle they want is available and not priced at a last-minute premium.

For major suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, booking 120 days or more prior to the intended travel date can reward you with nice discounts on rental prices. In North America there is a defined Early Bird season, which means that booking your summer RV rental by the end of December can save you big money. There’s often a second wave of discounts ending in January with slightly less savings, then a final wave for those booking by the end of February with smaller discounts again. It really does pay to be organised, so don’t procrastinate.


Flexible travel plans are perfect for motorhome hire

Phil recommends that you try to be flexible with your travel dates. If you can fit your plans around cheap rates and special deals, you are sure to spend less. As an example, head to the homepage of Motorhome Republic and check out the “Top deals this week”, where you will find a range of great specials from various suppliers. 

Travelling in off-peak and shoulder seasons is a good way to save, as prices increase when vehicles sell out - i.e in summer (and sometimes winter) peak times. Do a little research on your destination and find out when school holidays take place, as those dates will lead to a surge of travellers. Easter is another peak time - so get in well in advance, or avoid those dates altogether for more choice and cheaper prices.


Missed the boat? Last-minute deals and relocations

While it’s not always possible to follow our guidelines and book your RV rental well in advance, don’t completely despair. For the spontaneous traveller there are deals to be found last-minute. You might have to compromise in terms of size and hire a smaller campervan, or find your way to an out-of-the-way depot, but great discounts are available. Rental suppliers don’t want to be left with unused vehicles over the peak period, so be sure to take advantage! 

If you are not fussy about the details, you can also pick up relocation discounts - cheap, one-way rates between set destinations. These are beneficial to your wallet and also the suppliers, who want to move their motorhomes around in preparation for different seasons. 

Call and talk to a knowledgeable consultant at Motorhome Republic to find out what your options are. Whenever you are travelling, in holiday season or off-peak, we will seek out the best deal for you, thanks to an extensive network of suppliers. It couldn’t be easier to hit the road, so what are you waiting for? Book your next RV holiday with Motorhome Republic in the country of your choice! Motorhome Republic operates in many countries including the US, Canada, the UK and South Africa.


Written By: Sarah Glover

I love travelling, and a motorhome is such a great way to get around and get up close and personal with a new country or city. My top motorhome memory is driving a small sleepervan through the highlands of Scotland- a stunning nation and one of my favourite spots on earth! I hope to help you plan your next road trip with handy tips and information. Happy motoring!