Low gas prices mean cheap motorhome holidays

Low gas prices mean cheap motorhome holidays

Massive road-trip savings thanks to falling fuel prices

The price of petrol is a small detail which has a big effect on the cost of living, cost of travel... the cost of pretty much everything. Gas prices are lower than they have been in a while, so it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the road in a motorhome rental. If you’ve been delaying that once-in-a-lifetime road trip you’ve always dreamed of, get packing. With cheap petrol worldwide, you can have your pick of routes and destinations. Motorhome Republic can help you find the perfect set of wheels and accommodation rolled into one.


Around the world in a motorhome

With petrol at such bargain rates, take the opportunity to explore a part of the world you’ve always dreamed of visiting. From dual carriageways to winding country lanes, roads all over the globe are the basis of an incredible holiday - especially when paired with the freedom of a motorhome rental. 

Renting a motorhome has plenty to recommend it as a method of travel and global demand for campervans is increasing annually. It takes care of a place to sleep and a way to get around in one swoop, and eliminates the need to pack and unpack as you move around on your road trip. Costs can easily be minimised by free camping where possible, using basic campsites and finding the best deals on Motorhome Republic.


The options are endless

The range of motorhomes available for rental is staggering. From converted people movers to monster Class A motorhomes, there is something for everyone, even when you take into account regional differences. In North America, RVs are the norm and bigger is generally better - most campsites are set up for big rigs. New Zealand and Australia are all about the simple campervans, and Europe brings a mix of all styles. Speak to a rental consultant to find the best one for you and your group.


The world is your oyster

Only your imagination limits where you could go for your motorhome road trip thanks to low gas prices all over the globe. Here are some of our favourite spots for the journey of a lifetime.


New Zealand’s South Island

This country is known for fabulous landscapes and stunning scenery - and in the south is where you will find the best of the best. Pick up a rental in Christchurch and take to the highways to see the braided rivers of the Canterbury Plains, incredible Southern Alps, beautiful lake towns Queenstown and Wanaka, the sunny wine region of Blenheim, golden sands of the  Abel Tasman National Park, the wild west coast and plenty more. And not forgetting the home of Lord of the Rings. 

New Zealand has strict rules about freedom camping, but there are places you can camp at no cost, and a system of Department of Conservation campsites which are very cheap. The roads are well-maintained and easy to drive, even in a larger vehicle.



Beautiful Scotland has a lot to offer for a relatively small country. It is full of mountain scenery, lovely lochs, charming villages, historic buildings and delightful accents - everything you could wish for. Pick up a motorhome in Edinburgh or Glasgow and head north to see the Highlands, Loch Ness, Cairngorms National Park and the Isle of Skye, all interspersed with castles and history galore. Glasgow to Oban on the A83 is a particularly beautiful stretch of road to include in your travels!

Responsible wild camping is legal in Scotland under the guidelines laid out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code - in conjunction with the low cost of petrol, you can enjoy a very inexpensive road trip. 


Canada’s British Columbia

Unless you have a few months to spare, you can’t see all of Canada - but British Columbia is a good place to start. There is so much variety packed into one province, from vast forests and towering mountains to dramatic fjords and beautiful beaches. Drive the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler for magnificent mountain and ocean views, or take the Trans-Canada Highway into the Rockies and visit Kamloops, Revelstoke and the Glacier National Park.

RV parks are usually the way to go in Canada, but there are a number of recreation sites around the province with free campsites - do a little research before you go and explore them!

The possibilities are endless: an RV trip clear across the United States, a 4WD motorhome rental for a self-drive safari in South Africa, a ‘camping-car’ journey from Paris to the French Riviera, or a beachy campervan road trip on Australia’s coast. Whatever your dream road trip, you can find the right motorhome rental at Motorhome Republic - and there’s no better time. 


Written By: Sarah Glover

I love travelling, and a motorhome is such a great way to get around and get up close and personal with a new country or city. My top motorhome memory is driving a small sleepervan through the highlands of Scotland- a stunning nation and one of my favourite spots on earth! I hope to help you plan your next road trip with handy tips and information. Happy motoring!