7 Campervan Gadgets You Can't Do Without

7 Campervan Gadgets You Can't Do Without

Once you start using these nifty bits of tech, you won’t be able to stop.

Campervan veterans will know that while having accommodation built into your transportation is easily the best way to travel, there are a few top gadgets that turn any campervan rental into a perfectly equipped vacation palace on wheels. Although the exact nature of the campervan gadgets will vary from person to person, the items below will give you a handy head start on crafting your own must have list.

Cast iron pot/pan

Those who have used cast iron cookware swear by it religiously, and will probably try to get you on board the iron train. There’s good reason for this: once seasoned, cast iron is easy to clean, incredibly durable, fire-safe, holds heat well and cooks food evenly. It’s baffling why more people don’t make use of it. The only downside is that it’s heavy, but it’s not like you’re carrying it up a mountain - this is a campervan holiday, remember?

Portable speaker

Utilitarian items are all very well, but just as essential are those gadgets which will enhance your enjoyment of the journey. A portable speaker is a perfect example. The days of hauling your CD collection with you on a road trip have come to an end - these days you’re far more likely to have all the music you need on a phone or iPod. And while your campervan probably has a sound system, a portable speaker is just what you need once you’ve parked up for the day.

Camp chairs

It sounds stupid to even mention these, but honestly they make a world of difference. You don’t want to be stuck inside your camper when you can be soaking up the serenity of the great outdoors. Bringing along a couple of compact, folding camp chairs ensures that you don’t have to resort to cobbling together some crude perch from whatever’s around. They don’t take much space, they’re not too expensive and they boost your comfort level through the roof.

E reader

While you may be the old fashioned sort who believes that if it’s not on paper, it’s not a real book, the fact is that there’s only so much room in a campervan and you need to be smart about what you bring. Sitting down and relaxing with a good novel can be one of the greatest joys of holidaying, but books are surprisingly heavy and take up a lot of space. Bring all the books you like along with you in one slim gadget that weighs just a fraction of your average paperback.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

It’s not very sexy, but one of those little handheld hoovers will save you a load of time and hassle. A broom is fine, or a mop if you like, but everyone knows that there are times when a broom just doesn’t cut it. Having a little vacuum cleaner along for the ride makes keeping your campervan rental tidy an absolute breeze. 

French press (Stainless steel, insulated)

Rely on your morning fix to get you going for the day? A French press is compact, low-tech and ridiculously easy to use. Glass isn’t a great option for your travel press, for obvious reasons. Opt instead for a stainless steel version - it’ll brew just as fine a cup of coffee and it’s virtually indestructible. Getting an insulated model is a nice plus, ensuring that the second and third cup is as hot as the first.

Portable solar charger

There’s a few different models on the market, but the idea remains the same: a device that captures solar energy for use on your USB powered devices. This will keep your phone, e reader, tablet and other small gadgets alive and running even when you’re a long way from traditional power sources. Chargers that work off your vehicle battery are only good as long as you’re on the move - the shift to solar gives you that much more flexibility.


But campervan gadgets are no good to you cluttering up your garage - get out and explore the great unknown with the confidence that you’ll be far better prepared for whatever comes your way. 

Now that you are all packed, you can embark on your next adventure, may it be on the West coast of the USA, through New Zealand's Southern Alps, across Australia's outback or anywhere else that fancies you!

Written By: Kristof Haines

It’s funny how motorhome memories stick with you. I can still recall a motorhome vacation my family took when I was five years old and how awesome I thought I was, tucked away in a loft bed above the cab. From revealing unique destinations to providing tips and tricks, it’s my mission to help others build great motorhome memories too.