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Why book with us?

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The USA by RV – the ultimate road trip adventure

United States motorhome rental journey

There is undoubtedly a sense of romance to the American road trip. Hiring an RV, campervan motorhome in the USA and hitting the open highways and byways is something of a rite of passage and on the bucket lists of millions. Well, Motorhome Republic can make that dream come true.
You may have your sights on New Orleans and Miami in the south for your campervan roadtrip, or perhaps Los Angeles and San Francisco out west. But what about Montana and North Dakota up top, while New York and Boston also take you towards Canada. An RV Rental Las Vegas is also a great choice! It’s certainly not an easy decision!  

United in a State of awe

Imagine taking refuge in a remote spot in the middle of nowhere, with nothing for miles and the sun your only friend. Waking at dawn and breathing in the freshest of air, excitement and anticipation ahead of you. Welcome to your USA RV road trip. Perhaps the Pacific Coast Highway of California or the Cape Cod route in Massachusetts is what you’re looking for? Or the Red Rock Country of Arizona? Whatever direction you choose, America is a nation built for an RV or campervan hire holiday. Being one of the largest states in America, a California RV Rental gives you the ability to explore a number of scenic areas. Let your hair down and discover one of the greatest cities on earth Los Angeles, or take an adventure and experience the spectacular natural scenery of Yosemite National Park. With favourable weather and so much to offer, California is a great option for your US roadtrip experience.

RV rental made easy

There is such a vast array of RV, motorhome & campervan hire options, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are some handy guidelines for your RV rental:
  • Class A Motorhome/RV: The bigger choice, a lot of Americans spend extended periods in their Class A integrated motorhome. This is a prime example of RV luxury and, sometimes high cost. 
  • Class B Motorhome/RV: More semi-integrated, these versions are smaller. Class B is a term mainly used in North America and relates to a raised roof, with a van chassis. Generally self-contained with showers and a toilet.
  • Class C Motorhome/RV: More of a van/truck chassis, often with slide-outs to create more space. Great value for money. 

Road rules of America

It’s important to remember that each state often has its own set of laws, so always look out for variations. You drive on the right-hand side of the road and the traffic light sequence is red, green, yellow, then back to red again. Hitch-hiking or picking them up is illegal in certain states, while you can often take a right at a red stop light, unless signage indicates otherwise. Four-way stop signs are also a minefield. The first person to stop has right of way, but not everyone plays fair. Just be patient and don’t speed. It’s also worth investing in a GPS or navigation system. Check with Motorhome Republic if this is part of the hire package – you don’t want to get lost in America. 

You’ve picked the right motorhome team

There are so many options for RV rental in the USA, with hundreds of sites and brands. Fortunately Motorhome Republic can take away that hassle, providing you with a selection of companies in America, from the smaller, more locally-based offerings to the international names you already know. The choice is entirely up to you, so don’t delay and get booking. 
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United States

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January12 days
April10 days
July10 days
October11 days
Average 2 berth rental price

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Best Time RV

Superb, 95%
10+ reviews
Star Drive RV US (Domestic)

Superb, 93%
50+ reviews
Jucy Campervan Rentals USA

Superb, 90%
10+ reviews

Superb, 89%
10+ reviews
Road Bear RV

Superb, 89%
50+ reviews

Why book with us?

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