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Tour de France motorhome rental

The biggest annual event in the land of cycling is undoubtedly the mighty Tour de France. This multi-stage race is iconic on the sports scene, and has been bringing the world’s best cyclists together since its first incarnation in 1903 - with two brief hiatuses for the world wars. Taking place primarily in France, the race covers around 3,500 kilometres or 2,200 miles over 21 day-long stages. An epic journey!


Find your own wheels

A campervan hire is an excellent way to follow the Tour de France. A motorhome offers complete freedom to see the parts you want to see, skip the ones you don’t, and set your own schedule while supporting your favourite cyclist. 


Accommodation and transported rolled into one handy package, a motorhome, RV or campervan is a great way to get around even during the Tour de France when many travel and hospitality services are booked out. Pick ups in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and other cities around the country make it easy to hit the road and get caught up in the action of the iconic Tour de France.


France by motorhome

“The Hexagon,” as mainland France is sometimes called, makes a fantastic setting for road trip adventures, with or without the added incentive of the Tour. It is a land of sparkling cities, rolling countryside, long sandy beaches, gorgeous mountains and some of the world’s most charming towns and villages - all topped off with fantastic wine, cheese, bread and more. 


Camping grounds (called campings) and holiday resorts are scattered throughout the country, but what really makes France a motorhomer’s dream are the Aires de Service which can be found next to many major highways. They offer free or low cost camping for self-contained campervans, motorhomes and RVs, and range from big to small, simple to well-equipped. Most will offer at least a dump station and water to fill tanks, while some have washrooms (these ones may incur a small fee). Look for these just outside many towns, or invest in an Aires guide book which lists them.

Race route

The route for the Tour de France changes each year, and alternates between clockwise and anticlockwise circuits of the country - occasionally crossing borders to take in a bit of Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany or Belgium


Some years have required cyclists to fly to the start of particular stages, others have not - each route is different and unique which keeps the experience fresh for riders and spectators both. Highlights of the various incarnations include visits to the French Riviera on the Mediterranean, jaunts around the Brittany region, rides through wine country and alpine adventures in Haute-Savoie. Since 1975, the race has always finished in the same place - the Champs Élysées in central Paris.


No matter what the current year’s route looks like, Motorhome Republic can find you a vehicle with which to follow the Tour de France. Take a look at our selection of France motorhome rentals and pick out the perfect ride - a 4-wheeled ride, that is.