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The joys of a Hamburg campervan

Hamburg is Germany’s gateway to the world. With 1.8 million people in the central city, Hamburg has always been an international metropolis, welcoming motorhome travellers from all over. It is also the second busiest port in Europe.

It’s been said that Hamburg has more canals and bridges than Amsterdam and Venice put together. And it’s an unsung gem of Germany – Hamburg is truly beautiful. It’s postcard perfect in summer with regal buildings lining the lake in the centre of the city, however winter can be quite gloomy.

Once you are done exploring the city, you could make your way to Berlin or Bremen. The Netherlands and Sweden can also be reached quite easily.

A little something for everyone

There is so much to do in Hamburg it can be completely overwhelming. Europe is made for pedestrians and cyclists, so don your lycra and take to the paths. Mönckebergstraße is one of Hamburg’s main shopping streets and is the old heart of the city. Boutiques, departments stores and smaller retail businesses line the street. St. Jacobi and St. Petri are also just off Mönckebergstraße and are two of the main churches in Hamburg. They have beautiful spires and photo-worthy architecture. If you follow the road to the end, you’ll come to the Rathaus –Hamburg’s stunning architectural city hall. Sprawling across an entire city block it boasts the gilt of one of Germany’s wealthiest cities.

Venture out to find a campground

There is not a huge range of places to stay in Hamburg with your RV. The spots in the city itself are small and are all about convenience. If you’re looking for a camping holiday to get outdoors, head further out of the city and make day trips back to Hamburg.

Camping Land an der Elbe Hamburg is on the banks of the river Elbe. It’s a family business that’s been going since the 1960s and has picturesque landscapes, perfectly suited for walking, biking or fishing. It’s only 30 minutes from Hamburg.

Camping Grossensee near Hamburg is a conveniently-located campsite just outside Hamburg. It takes only 30 minutes to get away from it all in this leafy and charming little spot, with access to one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. They have a large lawn for sunbathing, beach volleyball and a lakeside restaurant.

Stover Beach camper park is on the banks of the Elbe River. Again it’s only a 30-minute drive to Hamburg and has a great view of the river.

Knaus Camping Park Hamburg is another very well-maintained spot to sleep for the night. With 140 camping spots and well-equipped shop, it has everything you need for an easy vacation.

Events in Hamburg

The Reeperbahn is Hamburg’s red light district and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Party where the Beatles did in the 60s or lose yourself in the strip clubs and erotic museums. Condomeries is a bizarrely popular shop selling weird sex toys. Remember Rembrandt at the Kunsthalle – one of Germany’s most impressive art collections. Other highlights include masterpieces by Andy Warhol, Caspar David Friedrich, and Edvard Munch. To add to your art list why not walk stocking footed on a suspended glass floor almost 19 metres up in Deichtorhallen. And be sure to visit the miniature world exhibit.

It’s not all hamburgers in Hamburg

Be pampered and indulged at Cölln’s, an old-fashioned dining experience in one of Hamburg’s most famous establishments. A seafood dinner at restaurant Rive offers commanding views of the port and a delicious insight into the varied seafood dishes of the area.

The Hamburg Fischmarkt is a must for every foodie. Hamburg cooking is known for seafood dishes and they don’t come fresher than this. Between 5am and 9 am on Sundays you’ll also find the best fruit, vegetables and spices from nearby farms. Café Paris has a French name and serves a full English breakfast, yet it’s an institution in Hamburg. They do the best breakfasts in town and everyone knows where it is, just ask.

Fleetschlossen is quirky but a great place for lunch. Try their humble sandwiches – they’re rather impressive. After a day of ice-skating, or ferry hopping, Sprinkenhof will warm you up with their traditional dishes.

If you’re on a budget, try Joker before heading out in Reeperbahn. The food is as excellent as the pricing. For the best Schnitzel in Hamburg, head to Nido’s. It’s absurdly large and a perfect way to help soak up beer.

In the Middle Ages, Hamburg had hundreds of breweries. It was here that hops were discovered to be an essential ingredient.  Although there are many breweries, the most well-known is the Hosten Brewery.

A Sunday drive

Luebeck is a gorgeous city with many old buildings and churches. It’s only 50 minutes from Hamburg and the old town is essentially on an island in the middle of the city – perfect for a motorhome day trip. You pass through a beautiful old tower that was once part of the city gate. Just wander the streets, looking at the old houses, gardens and tiny cobblestoned streets.

If you’re into castles Schwerin makes for another adventure. The exquisite grounds are right on the water. There’s not a lot to do in the town other than visit the castle, but occasionally they hold fairs in the street. In Lüneburg you can relax by taking a beautiful stroll through the old part of town by the river. There’s plenty of interesting architecture and the town sits on top of an enormous underground pillar of salt. The Salt museum is not to be missed.

A summer city

It rains a lot in Hamburg, so travellers should always be prepared. Hamburg is best in summer when it is pleasantly warm and breezy, with temperatures ranging in the mid 20s. Winters can be very cold – temperatures can drop below zero. It can still be beautiful at this time with ice skating on the frozen lakes and rivers in the city centre. However, camping could be bone-chilling.

Where to rent a camper

Compass Campers have agency partners all over Germany and are a reliable source for all types of motorhome, RV and camper vehicles. They have an experienced team who can answer any of your queries, and also help with Hamburg travel itineraries, to set you on your way for a fantastic German holiday. Whether it’s a small or large vehicle your seeking, Compass will deliver.