Pick Up Your Campervan Hire In Sydney

Pick Up Your Campervan Hire In Sydney
on Sep 6, 2017

What you need to know when picking up a motorhome in Sydney


Sydney brings together the beauty of golden beaches and scenic harbour views with the excitement of a modern and thriving city. This New South Wales capital is on the wishlist of many a traveller, and its coastal location and proximity to many of Australia’s top destinations makes it the perfect place to start a motorhome holiday.


It’s not just about the views, however. Sydney is a smorgasbord of attractions, from its endless restaurants and bars to its historic areas by the waterfront and its world-class sights such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.


Take this guide to jumpstart your holiday when you pick up your Sydney motorhome rental.


Sydney is one of the world’s top tourism destinations - and with a Sydney motorhome hire, the whole of Australia is your oyster.


Where to pick up your Sydney motorhome

Sydney Airport

As with most cities, the main airport is a convenient and easy place to pick up your Sydney campervan. There are multiple leading motorhome companies with rental offices close by once you land. This includes JUCY Rentals, Maui Motorhomes, Lucky Rentals, Britz Campervan Hire, and Spaceships.


Taren Point

Taren Point is roughly 30 minutes south of the city’s CBD, so it can be a good spot to pick up your Sydney camper if you’re planning on a getaway down the coast. Both Cruisin’ Motorhomes and Apollo Caravans and RVs are top rental companies in Australia and can be found not far from Taren Point Road.



The M5 is Sydney’s South Western Motorway, and it passes by the western suburb of Kingsgrove. This is where you will find Calypso, Energi and Kangaroo Campervans. The depots are roughly 30 minutes from the central city, and 20 minutes from the Sydney Airport. You can easily spend a few days exploring this New South Wales capital before picking up your motorhome at one of these near-highway locations.


Sydney’s Bondi Beach is the place to be when the sun’s out.


What to do in Sydney before you leave

Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an icon for the city and Australia, and walking across it and back in 30-40 minutes makes for a memorable activity. The walk is itself is free, but for exhibits on the bridge’s construction and uninhibited views from the top, you can pay a small fee and head up the 200 stairs in the south-east pylon (the one closest to the city on the walkers’ side). For the adventurous, you can even book yourself in for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, where your path takes you up and along the arches of this famous bridge for a little adrenalin, extra information from your guide, and a ton of incredible views of the harbour and the city.


Relax at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is just one of many of Sydney’s famous oceanside havens, but it is arguably its most well-known. It is where tens of thousands of locals and tourists visit every year, some of which come for the sand and the surf, while others visit for the events, cafes, restaurants and social atmosphere. As well as the beach itself, Bondi is at one end of a beautiful walking track that follows the bays around the water’s edge for 6 kilometres to Coogee Beach waiting on the other side.


Take the ferry to Manly

Manly is a popular destination just across the harbour from Sydney’s CBD, and taking the Manly ferry for a visit is a real must-do for first-time tourists. It’s as much a way to get from Sydney to Manly as it is a scenic boat experience, as you’ll pass right by the Sydney Opera House and get a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge as you cross. Once you’re in Manly, there are plenty of beaches, shops and an aquarium to discover.


Explore and dine at The Rocks

The Rocks is an area of Sydney’s city centre that wraps itself around the waterfront in a maze of streets filled with markets, chic bars, boutique stores, and relaxed coffee shops. If you’re looking to head out for a drink or a meal but aren’t sure where to go, simply make your way to The Rocks and you won’t have to stroll for long before you find somewhere that looks promising. You can take an official walking tour to learn more about the history of the area, and check out the events taking place during your time in the city.


Handy petrol stations around Sydney

Sydney is a city of drivers, so there are plenty of petrol stations all over the place, with many more dotted along main roads in and out of town if you’re heading away on a road trip. Make sure you fill up your motorhome before you leave the city, and top up the tank right before you drop it back at the depot as well. Here are a few spots that might be helpful.


  • Budget Petrol Botany Road: This petrol station is right by the airport where you might pick up your Sydney motorhome, so it can be a good spot to fill up right before you return it.
  • Coles Express Cowper Wharf Road: If you need to fill up while you’re in the CBD, it doesn’t get much more central than this. Plus, it’s open 24 hours, so you can go at any time.
  • Shell Pacific Highway: For those heading north, this Shell on the left side of the road is the ideal place to fill up before you begin your adventure.
  • Speedway Petroleum Princess Highway: The Princess Highway will take you south out of the city, making it a great spot to fill up if your travel plans take you that way.


The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful coastal road trips on earth - and with a motorhome rental from Sydney, you can experience it all.


Top motorhome road trips from Sydney

Perfectly placed on Australia’s east coast, Sydney is a dreamy location to pick up a motorhome and get driving. Whether you head north or south, you’ll enjoy unparalleled scenery and endless coastal towns and cities.


Sydney to Cairns: East Coast Bliss

There are few road trips that will really ‘do’ Australia like this Sydney to Cairns roadie that could easily take more than a month to cover. You’ll set out from Sydney and travel more than 2,600 kilometres, ticking off major destinations and attractions such as the Gold Coast, Whitsunday Island, and the Hunter Valley along the way.


Sydney to Brisbane: A Coastal Dream

The road from Sydney to Brisbane is practically a highlight reel of the east coast. You can make your way up north over the space of a few days or a few weeks and see some of the best sights in the country. The Blue Mountains, a glow worm cave, and Surfers Paradise are all on the itinerary, among many other hot spots.


Sydney to Adelaide: Down Under Wonders

From major cities to laid-back towns, days on the beach to hikes in the mountains, this road trip puts Australia in a nutshell and serves it up on a platter for your enjoyment. You’ll need a few weeks to take it all in and make the most of each stop as you visit memorable spots such as Canberra, the Naracoorte Caves, and the Kinglake National Park.