Motorhome Republic Bucket list road trips - The Atlantic Road, Norway

Motorhome Republic Bucket list road trips - The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road, Norway – Short but so sweet

When you think of Norway, skiing, whale meat and reindeer probably spring to mind. But there’s a special holiday perfect for motorhome travellers. As part of the 36km National Tourist Road, the Atlantic Road is an 8km stretch, incorporating twists and turns alongside architecture and coastlines truly unique to the region – and the world. A serpentine highway like no other.

Ideal for the hardy, outdoor-type of traveller, fishing and diving are major attractions. Deep-sea and fjord options are available, as you battle for cod or halibut – small town Stromsholmen offer trips with an expert support team. However, if you want to venture out on your lonesome with rod in hand, two bridges have been specifically designed for such endeavours, without being a traffic risk. Just make sure you’re on the right side of the highway.

For those of you of an underwater disposition, diving centres offer a paradise of crystal-clear water and a huge diversity of marine life. From shipwrecks to flora and fauna, the likes of corals, sponges, starfish and crustaceans await your presence.

But it’s being on the ocean’s edge as the foam spray envelops you, or the bluest of blue hues which radiate from the sky that magically alert the senses. It’s a journey of contrasts. Voted Norway’s ‘Construction of the Century’, the road may only be 8274m long, but is ideally built for the thousands of visitors it carries each year. Spanned by eight bridges and several landfills, there are also fjords and picture-book mountains to fill up your memory card.

Camping options are relatively limited, so seek out Lyso Camping og Rorbu utleie – just 20km north off the beaten Atlantic Road track. Check online for more information.

Put simply, this is a driving journey that runs through an archipelago in Edie and Averoy in More og Ramsdal, Norway, built on several islands and skerries. However, if you just take a glance at a few of the images of this remarkable highway, you will understand why so many journey so far north. Scandinavia is not often a location on bucket lists – but the Atlantic Road adventure makes it a no-brainer for us.

In case you would like to navigate this beautiful road by motorhome, you could rent from Oslo, Stavanger or Grimstad and make your way North from there.  

Written By: Alex Bell

A journalist and editor for nearly two decades, I am originally from London but proudly call New Zealand home. Having travelled the South Island in a campervan, I know exactly how liberating motorhomes and campers can be. It’s a great opportunity to be part of Motorhome Republic, as we look to educate and encourage people to hit the road in what is, essentially, a portable hotel! I will be creating interesting industry articles, travel itineraries, road-trip ideas, movies and so much more. Come along for the ride!