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Croatia campervan locations

Croatia motorhome rental, the trip of a lifetime

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Bordered by Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary, Croatia is blessed with many coastal towns and cities - all of which are best experienced in a campervan hire! It has gradually become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and is perfectly built for motorhome rental. With 2000km of gorgeous shoreline and a thousand-plus islands to choose from, it’s no surprise that tourism is now a hugely profitable industry.    
From Dubrovnik in the deep south to Split further up the coast and the capital Zagreb, a variety of landscapes, rivers, limestone mountains and pebble beaches have created the perfect spot for a bit of camping. Whether you’re travelling in a smaller 2-berth motorhome or a larger camper for an extended family or group, Motorhome Republic will get you there in style. There are a number of motorhome rental companies trying to secure your business, so let us make it easy for you. Simply input your travel details and we will deliver a selection of options, ranging from budget to luxury, from both local and international campervan hire brands. Any questions, just get in touch with our fully trained and experienced RV rental multi-lingual service team.


Driving tips and tricks

  • It can get blisteringly hot, so check out the Croatia weather forecast and pack plenty of water and supplies if you’re travelling a good distance in your RV rental.

  • Coastal roads can be tricky to negotiate – just take your time – and expect exceptionally high cliffs!

  • Two-lane mountain roads are common and you can get stuck behind logging trucks in your campervan hire. Go out there with a patient mindset!

Pick up your Croatia camper at the airport

The beauty of Motorhome Republic is there are two airports where you can collect your Croatia vehicle hire. You can choose from Pula Airport on the north-east coast or Rijeka Airport, located further inland. Whether it’s a direct pick-up at the airport or a shuttle option, this will be clearly indicated on your booking page. With rentals in nearly 30 countries across the world, you can rest assured you are in the safest of hands. 

Things to do in Croatia

No matter where you choose to travel in Croatia, there is always something to take your breath away. A jewel of the Mediterranean, the deep south of Dubrovnik and Southern Dalmatia is a great starting point. The marble streets of the old town are paved with history and you are within touching distance of both mountains and island adventures – all you need is a campervan rental!
Further north is the more well-known Southern Dalmatia city of Split, where Solta and Brac are enticing destinations across the sea. From fishing villages and beaches to quaint, quiet corners and cocktail bars, these small towns have a big soul.
Zagreb is the capital and most tourist-friendly. Again, it’s a great base for trips elsewhere and has a beating cultural heart. Austro-Hungarian architecture overlooks numerous cafes and hotspots – or perhaps skiing or hiking would appeal at Mt Medvednica. Variety is the spice of life here. 
Kvarner Islands on the north coast are encircled by the Adriatic Sea, with blissful cuisine and soaring mountains. Diving is especially popular, thanks to a mild climate, while Habsburg-era buildings are a divine taste of history. National Parks abound with unique wildlife and bird life. 

Music festival heaven in Croatia

The versatility of having a hotel on wheels is perfect for those who love music and art festivals, which Croatia is famous for. Big favourites include Outlook Festival in Pula and Hideout Festival in Novalja. You can even get transfers directly from the airports and tickets are always in high demand – so book early. Other fantastic live events include Soundwave near fishing town Tisno and the FOR Festival on Hvar Town, Hvar Island. RV and motorhome rental tourists are often a welcome addition to these festivals.

Motorhome accommodation in Croatia

Camping has always been exceptionally popular here, and Croatia is renowned for some of the finest campsites in Europe. Millions visit each year, so a solid camping accommodation infrastructure is essential to cope with demand. From mini-campsites to the larger holiday parks, you can enjoy a Croatia vacation in summer and winter – but do check the seasonal opening times for any sites. Look out for any coastal spots as these are likely to have spectacular views, but may cost a little more.