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7 RV Resorts for Your Romantic Getaway

Never thought of RVs as an option for a romantic getaway? Then you have a lot to learn - these RV destinations are sure to ignite that special spark of romance.

When it comes to romantic getaways, most people tend to opt for the same choices time after time. Hotels are the go-to favourite, and if you’re really thinking outside the box you might try a secluded cabin in the woods. But romance should be heady, new and exciting! Try something different and watch the sparks fly.  See below for a few ideas to get you started on your next romantic weekend getaway with your United States RV rental.

1. Petoskey Cabin & RV Resort, Michigan

Set amidst cedar, pine and maple trees on the edge of a lake in Michigan’s gorgeous northwest, this is a place rich with natural beauty. Every inch of the park’s landscape has been treated with immense care and attention, and just minutes away lie beautiful beaches and scenic cycle trails.

2. Pagosa Springs RV Park, Colorado

You’ll have to book early if you want a place at Pagosa Springs - RV spots are very limited, but well worth it if you are proactive enough to get one! Guests are treated not only a complimentary bottle of wine, but also free gourmet ice cream - plus if you venture out for their outdoor movie night, they supply the popcorn! That’s without even mentioning the famous mineral spas nearby... You could rent your RV either from Denver or Albuqueque to get there.

3. Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort, Oregon

Set right on the Pacific Ocean, this offers the perfect opportunity for long sunset walks along the beach, enchanting views of the nearby Yaquina Head Lighthouse and watching the moon cast its silver path as it sets out to sea. Portland is a good pick up location for your rental if you intend on staying there.

4. Ocean Mesa, California

Only 20 minutes from Santa Barbara lies the idyllic haven of Ocean Mesa. Right in the midst of the majestic Los Padres National Forest, it’s still only a short walk from surf and sand. For added indulgence, why not treat yourself and your partner to a Hot Stone Massage, the ultimate luxury that will leave you both relaxed and invigorated. Los Angeles is also not too far away.

5. Riverview RV Park and Campground, Colorado

Riverview is a popular choice for both weddings and honeymoons thanks to its spectacular natural surroundings - nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, couples can spend their days basking in the beauty of nature, indulging in a little wine tasting or opt for a slightly more adventurous route with horseback riding.

6. Winchester Bay RV Resort, Oregon

This is a much loved resort, and for good reason. Every site has a view straight on to the water - at night, the twinkling lights of the boats in Winchester Bay provide the perfect setting for a romantic harborside evening stroll. 

7. Wine Country RV Resort, California

For oenophiles, it doesn’t get much better than this. Set in Paso Robles, with wineries and breweries scattered liberally all over the surrounding area, the location is almost enough by itself to ensure an indulgent getaway. That’s not to throw shade on the resort itself though; it has a fantastic reputation with many people returning year after year to unwind and spoil themselves at this excellent park. Los Angeles is a popular starting point for an RV roadtrip through the wine country, or for those that would like to venture slightly further, Las Vegas is a great choice.



Have we missed one? Maybe you’ve already discovered the perfect RV resort for a romantic getaway. We’d love to hear about your experience - let us know in the comments where you’d head for an intimate weekend getaway.

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