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The Top Five Bars in Queenstown

  • 14.5°C, Clear sky
  • Nov 30, 2014 by Alex

Check out Motorhome Republic's best bars in Queenstown

Perfect places for a beer, wine or cocktail!

Stunning Queenstown is at the heart of New Zealand tourism. More travellers are landing at Queenstown Airport every year and whether you pick up your motorhome here or elsewhere, it's the ultimate road trip with so many things to do.

When you do arrive at this beautiful Otago resort town, you will probably want to enjoy a few nights out. And Motorhome Republic is here with the Top Five Bars in Queenstown, to make sure you have the best time.

Begin your Campervan Adventure and experience all of Queenstown's hotspots by booking a New Zealand campervan rental. A round trip from Christchurch passing through Queenstown is our recommendation! Greymouth and Nelson are other cities worth visiting in the South island with many natural wonders at their footsteps.

An expert guide to the nightlife

Digital Content Editor Alex Bell canvassed people in the know and has made an exclusive mini-movie of the Top Five Bars in Queenstown. He interviewed those who work in the heart of the industry, as well as the customers themselves. As you can see, he had a fantastic evening.

But who came out as the most impressive and popular? Well, here is the list below, in no particular order!

Surreal Bar and Restaurant, 7 Rees Street. Always a great atmosphere, the beer, wine and cocktails flow all evening. Incredibly friendly bar staff are on hand, while the DJs are some of the best in the city. The rooftop bar is also a fantastic spot, while the gorgeous fire is very impressive.

The Bunker, Cow Lane. Located behind Surreal and secreted away upstairs, The Bunker is one of Queenstown's iconic venues. Very smooth and stylish, it doubles as a restaurant and is one of the busiest spots in town, especially late on weekends. And try out one of their specialist cocktails.

The Boiler Room, 88 Beach Street. Small, but perfectly formed, it’s often standing room only at this buzzing venue. A seasonal wine menu, cheeseboards, live music and a boisterous atmosphere make Boiler Room party central. Check out the special deals on food and drink.

Barmuda, Searle Lane. The blazing fire and table-tennis table combine to create this unique, stylish bar. Very cool, with a gated, castle-like entrance, you can chill outside or sample the music inside. There's also a lounge area with exceptionally comfy sofas and chairs. You might not be able to leave!

The Find, 53 Shotover Street. Becks and the crew are just fantastic, with the staff some of the friendliest in the city. Pumping with a live DJ, there’s also a second room where you can play some pool and enjoy a different vibe. And don’t forget to try a teapot… a worthy top-five finisher.

What do you think?

Do you agree with Alex's choice of best bars? Which ones deserve a mention? Please add your comments below.

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  • Phil29 July 2014

    Awesome, I love it! Although to be fair I would have liked a wider spread of accents, two from London is a bit of a cheat. lol