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Campervan Hire Australia - Explore Down Under

Campervan hire in Australia

On the global stage, Australia is something of a beautiful mystery. Its isolation from the rest of the western world means it’s not easily reachable, but we’ve all heard tales of its natural wonders, sunny cities, spectacular beaches, impressive Outback and weird wildlife. In reality, it has all of this and plenty more, so find a camper rental and take a trip to the bottom of the world.
An Australian campervan hire road trip is the best way to get up close and personal to this enigmatic country. Combining accommodation and transport, it allows you to set your own schedule and give in to the wanderlust that will certainly take hold. With a camper pick-up from any major Australian city, the options are endless and enticing. Head north to the subtropical heat, meander along a coastline of pristine beaches, or turn inland to experience the grandeur and warm-hued landscapes of the Red Centre.

Compare Motorhome Rental options in Australia

Motorhome Republic brings all the best and cheapest Australia campervan hire deals together in one place. Compare the wide range of campers from a huge selection of local and international rental companies and book the best motorhome, campervan or RV for your Australia road trip. Tens of thousands of travellers each year trust Motorhome Republic to book their campervan rentals worldwide.

Where to Start: Set Your Rental Itinerary in Australia


Sydney is Australia’s biggest city and primary international gateway, a likely spot to begin your motorhome road trip. It is a spectacular world city where cosmopolitan urban areas brush up against white-sand surf beaches and the beautiful Blue Mountains range. You could easily spend a week just in the city - but even more adventures await outside it. And it’s perfect for a family holiday.
Drive through a string of friendly beach communities in either direction and you will eventually arrive at Brisbane to the north or Melbourne to the south. The coastline of New South Wales offers everything from surf beaches and state parks to sheltered swimming coves and small-town cafes. Check if your camper hire has roof racks or enough space if you plan to pick up a cheap surfboard!
A short drive from Sydney is Canberra, the carefully laid out capital of the country. It is home to some fantastic national museums and art galleries. The surrounding Australian Capital Territory has nature reserves and forests aplenty - perfect for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits.


In the Sunshine State of Queensland, Brisbane is a great place to get your campervan hire in Australia off on the right foot. It’s notoriously laid back, with a fun and positive atmosphere, and is close to the wonderland of high rises, surf beaches and theme parks of the Gold Coast. 
In Queensland, the weather ranges from arid in the centre, to subtropical and all-out tropical near the ocean. Those travelling with a RV rental in winter will appreciate the year-round warmth! The Whitsunday Islands lie off the coast, along with the famous Great Barrier Reef, and Cairns is as far as most people go to the north. Inland lies the mighty Outback, dotted with friendly, small communities of people who carve a living out of this somewhat hostile but spectacular landscape.


Australia’s stately southern city, diverse Melbourne is the cultural capital with fantastic art, history, dining, museums, parks and architecture. It also has a sports-mad population and many Australian Football League games take place there.
To the south-west of Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road, a famous coastal route which is the perfect place for a campervan rental day trip. The Twelve Apostles rock formation and Great Otway National Park are highlights of a route that is beautiful from start to finish. Continue following the coast to Adelaide in South Australia.
In the wintertime, Victoria (of which Melbourne is the capital) has the most ski fields of any state. So if snow sports are your intention, this is a great place to pick up your motorhome and head to the mountains.


Alone on the western coast of Australia, Perth is a relaxed and sprawling city with stunning beaches. Thanks to its international airport it is the most convenient base from which to explore this largely untouched and sparsely inhabited side of the country.
To the south of Perth, the Rainbow Coast makes for a scenic motorhome rental itinerary. Here you will find the Great Southern wine region, a dramatic coastline, stretches of incredible white sand and multiple forests and national parks. To the north, Highway 1 heads to Broome in a route which hugs the Indian Ocean. 
Directly east from Perth is the section of Australia’s central landscapes called the Golden Outback. With unending skies and a fascinating gold rush history, it is an excellent place for an Australian campervan hire adventure.

Hobart & Tasmania

Explore the wilderness of Australia's largest isle with a campervan hire from Hobart. Located in the south of the island state, the small and welcoming city serves as a centre for tourism and travel and is a fascinating place to spend a few days. 
From Hobart, the Midland Highway heads through Launceston and the Tamar Valley wine region to Tasmania’s well-populated northern coast. The Tasman Highway meanders up the eastern coast past Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay with its perfect crescent of sand. However, it is to the west where the real outdoor action is. The vast and wild Southwest National Park and Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park make up most of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and offer an escape from civilisation. Launceston and Devonport are also great alternatives if Hobart isn't your ideal locations for your Tasmania campervan hire roadtrip.

Drive Australia: Motoring Holiday Tips for Travellers

Driving in any foreign country can be difficult. Roads in Australia are generally well-maintained and road rules are strongly enforced, but there are a few things to keep in mind when hitting the Aussie highways.

  • For those hiring cars and campervans in Australia, there are a number of things to remember when you get behind that wheel. 
  • For starters, you must always carry your international driving permit on you, as well as your driver’s licence from your home country. Many travellers from overseas will be used to driving on the right, but in Australia, you must drive on the left hand side of the road. 
  • Australia is a massive country, and for those crossing it via campervan, RV or motorhome rental, it’s important to take regular breaks to avoid driver fatigue. You’ll find rest areas every 80-100 kilometres or so along main highways, so be sure to use them. 
  • Speed limits in cities and suburban areas are typically 50km/h, although this is lower around schools. Highways and open roads are 100km/h in most places or 110km/h in some parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Note that enforcement of these limits is very strict, and there are no excuses for exceeding them. Ignoring the laws of the road can lead to harsh penalties including fines, demerit points or a loss of licence. Stay within the posted speed limits, do not use a mobile phone while driving and do not drive with a blood alcohol percentage of more than 0.05%.
  • All measurements are metric. Distances posted are in kilometres or metres, and speed limits are in kilometres per hour.
  • Parking can be difficult and expensive in CBD areas. Ensure that you are not parked illegally as this also attracts fines.
  • Toll roads are found only in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, near the big cities.

Safety tips

  • Avoid driving after dusk outside of cities when possible to avoid wildlife hazards
  • Stock up on food, water, and fuel for longer trips in remote areas
  • Don’t expect your mobile phone to work everywhere
  • Don’t drive straight away after a long international flight

Driving tips for the Outback

The Outback is a beautiful environment but can be a hostile one, so take precautions before embarking on a central Australia adventure. The highways are generally undivided, with no barrier between traffic directions, and are quite straight with higher speed limits. Caution is strongly advised as it is easy to lose concentration. Keep a lookout for animals on the road as larger ones can cause damages and accidents - dawn and dusk are peak times for animal traffic. Road trains and long, multi-trailer trucks, are another hazard. Allow plenty of extra open road for an overtaking attempt.
Isolation is a factor to consider on an Outback road trip. Civilisation and facilities like service stations can be few and far between, so top up on provisions wherever possible. It is a good idea to carry back-up fuel, food and water supplies and a mobile phone in case of emergency. Campervans provide plenty of room for this!
Stay safe on the roads and enjoy a fantastic campervan hire in Australia from Motorhome Republic.

Know Before You Go - Your Motorhome Rental Australia Roadtrip

Taking an epic road trip around the Land Down Under with a campervan hire in Australia is on the bucket list for many. It’s a place of immense space, friendly locals, exotic wildlife, endless beaches, fascinating history and all the delicious food and wine you could ask for - it’s no wonder so many people are planning trips to this country. 
For those looking at a motorhome hire in Australia to make it all happen, it’s important to keep in mind that it will take a little more planning than simply booking your vehicle. You’ll need to consider when you want to visit, how long you want to stay, how you’ll go driving on Australian roads, and where you’ll park your campervan each night. 
Here is a quick guide with everything you need to know for that awesome Aussie motorhome tour! 

How much time do you need to explore Australia? 

How long is a piece of string? There really is no ‘correct’ answer to how much time you should give yourselves with an RV rental in Australia. Keep in mind that the country is close in size to the US, and while much of Australia is desert and farmland, there are still extremely sizeable distances between places. 
For example, there are six states and territories in mainland Australia. If you only visited the capital city of each one for just three days each, you’d already be looking at a three-week whirlwind trip. To ‘do’ the entire country, it would take closer to three months at a minimum.
Remember that you don’t only get one chance to see the Lucky Country. You could easily make several trips with a campervan rental in Australia and explore certain pockets each time you visit. 

Camping in Australia

Australia is one of the world’s premier locations for camping and motorhome & RV parks, so there is no shortage locations for either no matter where you are in the country. 
While there are free camping spots in the country, you will need to be sure that the spot is indeed free before parking there. The rules can change from council to council, and if you’re caught camping in an unauthorised area you can face steep fines. 
It’s highly recommended to instead stay in authorised locations such as campsites run through the national parks, or privately owned holiday parks. 
Holiday parks can cost anything from $5 to $40 per night, and each one will offer different amenities. There are more than 225 national parks dotted around the country, so check out the ones along your route to discover which are available for overnight stays. 
You can search for camping areas - free, national parks, and privately owned - on Camping Australia

Best times of year to visit Australia

Australia’s warm climate throughout the year tends to mean that for the most part, you can’t really go wrong no matter when you visit. It’s important to remember that the country does not operate on one season, as due to its size, the weather can be vastly different between north and south, east and west on any given day. That said, there are a few notable pros and cons of each season when you hire a campervan in Australia. 
Summer in Australia is through December, January and February, and can get quite hot in places. For areas in the north around Darwin, this time of year is synonymous with the rainy season, which brings in the highest rainfall and can be hot and humid. For Western Australia, summer can be uncomfortably warm, while cities on the east coast such as Sydney and Melbourne can enjoy fantastic warm weather without being uncomfortable. For all destinations, summer is a busy travel time as it’s when locals have holiday time over Christmas and New Years, and it’s also when schools have their long summer breaks. You will need to weigh up the pros of the warm summer weather and the festive holiday spirit with the possibility of too many crowds or too much heat for your Australia Motorhome Rental Roadtrip. 
Autumn, from March through to April and May, can be an ideal time to visit. Again, each region of Australia will have a different definition of autumn, as the rainy season will finish up in April or May and move into the dry season in the north, while Western Australia begins to cool down to temperatures you might enjoy in a normal summer. For southern and eastern regions, autumn can offer the perfect balance with fewer crowds and mild temperatures.
Unlike other countries, winter can even be a great time to visit Australia. The season is through June, July and August, and while it can get cool, it is very rarely cold. Southern areas of the country such as Tasmania and Canberra are most likely to drop to freezing levels on occasion, but the mercury will very rarely dip below that. If you’re planning on a trip to northern areas around Darwin, there is no real winter, but instead a dry season that offers gorgeous clear days and mild temperatures, so can be the ideal time to visit. In Western Australia, the average winter temperature in Perth sits at around 20 degrees Celsius, which is still on the warm side, although this area can receive occasional rainfall and storms. While other main cities such as Sydney do see cooler days through winter, they generally never touch the freezing mark. 
Finally, the spring season covers September, October and November, which is again different all over the country. Spring is quite similar to autumn all over Australia only in reverse, with the dry season turning to wet in the north, and the weather slowly warming everywhere else. Spring can be a great time with fewer tourists around as nature starts to put on its annual colourful show. 

Public holidays in Australia

Public holidays in Australia largely depend on the state or territory. Major holidays are generally the same, but the date can vary as you cross state lines. 
  • New Year’s Day - January 1
  • Australia Day - January 26
  • Good Friday - varies
  • Easter Saturday - varies
  • Easter Sunday - varies
  • Easter Monday - varies
  • ANZAC Day - April 25
  • Queen’s Birthday - varies (either June or October in all states except WA)
  • Christmas Day - December 25
  • Boxing Day - December 26
Note that each state and territory also tends to have its own additional regional public holidays throughout the year. You can check each one on the Australian Government website here. 

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