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Campervan Hire Tasmania

Welcome to Hobart and the island of Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state. We have compiled all the information you'll need for your campervan hire experience in Tasmania, be sure to scour the guide below as well as those in alternate tabs above for essential information on travelling in Tasmania in your campervan hire.

Hiring a motorhome in Tasmania

Motorhome Republic gives you the option of 9 different motorhome rental fleets to choose from in Hobart to begin your Tasmania Campervan Rental roadrip. There are options for families, for couples on a budget, for groups looking to travel in luxury, and everything in between. You could drive around Tasmania in full in the space of 4-5 days, or you could hire an RV for 10-14 days or more and get to enjoy this beautiful island at a much more relaxing pace and really see what it has to offer. 


Road trips with your Tasmania motorhome hire

The best way to see the Australian isle in your campervan hire Tasmania is generally to do a large, slow loop around the island, making stops at each attraction along the way. 

The Tamar Valley is the highlight of the Tasmanian wine scene. The region is about 2.5 hours from Hobart, and offers more than 30 cellar door experiences spread across 170 kilometres of scenic vineyards. While the area is known for its Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris, it’s the sparkling wines that are the most famous. 

Even though it would be hard to miss, your visit should definitely include some time spent at the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The 1,584,000 hectare region was added to the World Heritage List in 1982 as it satisfies three cultural and four natural criteria for making the list – which means it hits more criteria for any other World Heritage location on the planet. It covers about a fifth of Tasmania in total, and contains stunning attractions such as Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair, and the Franklin River.

Another incredible attraction is Mole Creek, about 250 kilometres or 3 hours from Hobart. The caves here offer a year-round must-see, with incredible stalagmites and stalactites, glow worms and even the Tasmanian Cave spider for the brave. 

Latrobe is a small city 3 hours north of Hobart and is considered the platypus capital of the world. You can view these iconic Australian creatures in their natural habitat at the Warrawee Forest Reserve, then spend some time tasting fine Belgian chocolates at the House of Anvers. 


Best times to hire a motorhome in Tasmania

Being so far south, Hobart and Tasmania are the coolest areas in Australia. However, Hobart is the country’s second-driest capital after Adelaide, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll have to deal with rain during your motorhome holiday. 

Summer is arguably the best time to visit. From December to February the weather is warmer (around 21 degrees Celsius on average), and there are more festivals and events. 

Winter temperatures generally fall to below 10 degrees Celsius, although this season can offer the best whale watching opportunities of the year, and you might even catch sight of the Aurora Australis. 

Spring is particularly pretty with tulip festivals and fresh greenery throughout the island, and autumn is the perfect time to enjoy regional produce, so there really is no bad time of year to visit! 

Tasmania is Australia’s wild and wonderful southern island, where travellers can discover an abundance of breath-taking outdoor spaces, delicious foods and wines, and a diverse history in just a small pocket of the country.

Due to its isolation and size (roughly the same area as a smaller US state), hiring a motorhome or campervan in Tasmania (or whatever you prefer to call it!), is one of the best ways to experience what Tasmania has to offer. The two main centres are Hobart (the capital) on the southeast coast, and Launceston, in the north. You can rent a campervan in Tasmania from either of these locations.


Visiting Tasmania - What You Need To Know

Best times of year to visit Tasmania

Unlike some parts of Australia, Tasmania offers four very distinct seasons, each with its own pros and cons. Depending on what you’re looking for on your campervan tour of ‘Tassie’, it pays to pay attention to the time of year you plan to visit.

Summer in Tasmania runs from December to January and February, and is the most popular time to visit - for good reason. The days are warm and mild at roughly 20 - 24 degrees Celsius on average, and there are multiple festivals and events in Hobart and Launceston. Note that this time of year is when the locals have the most time off with Christmas and New Year’s, as well as the long summer holidays for schools, so it can get very busy. Book far in advance to secure RV rentals and camping locations.

March, April and May make up the autumn season in Tasmania, which will see average temperatures drop into the teens. While it’s still fairly warm through March, the season does change quickly towards winter through May. This time of year can be a great place to visit, as even though it’s cooler, the crowds tend to have gone home by this point, and the true autumn colours come into full bloom all over the island. Autumn is when much of the fresh produce is at its best, and it’s also the perfect time for hiking holidays, as the cooler weather makes for more comfortable long walks.

Winter starts in June and runs through July and August. These are certainly the coolest months in Tasmania with temperatures in the single digits on average and snow on the ground in higher areas. This does make for a great ski season on Ben Lomond, or for romantic getaways to lodges with warm firesides, but it’s not typically ideal for hiking and days on the beach.

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Tasmania as the abundant plantlife starts to flourish with the new warmth in September, October and November. Spring is the wettest time of year, so be sure to pack raincoat s and umbrellas as well as clothes for warmer days, as temperatures can be varied through these months. It’s unlikely that you’ll be swimming in spring, but the warmer days before summer are a great time for touring in your campervan hire!

How much time do you need to explore Tasmania?

Tasmania may look small on a map, but its variety of cities, beaches, wineries, nature parks and everything else means that there’s a lot to see on this varied island.

If you’re only planning to visit Hobart, you could spend a long weekend or a fortnight in the city - and the same goes for Launceston. To really see Tasmania and all it has to offer, you will need two weeks at an absolute minimum, or a month for a quick look at most of the gems on the island. For a luxurious non-hurried trip, give yourselves six weeks to take a good look around.


Tasmania driving tips

The main thing to keep in mind about driving in Tasmania is that the distance on the map (or the time that Google suggests) often appears smaller than it really is. Once out of the cities, the roads are narrow and windy, so you will need to allow for more time than you usually would to get from A to B.

As on the mainland in Australia, you will be driving on the left side of the road. Most Motorhome Rental Australia vehicles will come with stickers and warnings about keeping left, but it may help to have your passengers remind you just in case as well.

Speed limits in urban areas are typically 50km/h, while open roads are 100km/h unless signposted otherwise. Limits are strictly enforced, so don’t be tempted to rush to your destination and risk a fine or worse.

For those visiting from overseas, your current international licence is all you need to drive on Tasmanian roads. If your international licence in not in English, you will need an official translation or an International Driving Permit.

Finally, driver fatigue is a very real safety hazard in Tasmania - keep this in mind in your Tasmania Campervan Hire. As it will usually take longer than you might think to get around, and as the road often require a lot of concentration, driving becomes dangerous for you and other road users as soon as you feel tired. In this case, take plenty of rest breaks and swap drivers if you can.


Public holidays in Tasmania

Tasmania observes the same national holidays as the rest of Australia, although some of the exact days may vary.

  • New Year’s Day - January 1

  • Australia Day - January 26

  • Eight Hours Day (Labour Day) - Second Monday in March

  • Good Friday - varies

  • Easter Monday - varies

  • ANZAC Day - April 25

  • Queen’s Birthday - Second Monday in June

  • Christmas Day - December 25

  • Boxing Day - December 26


Camping in Tasmania

Like mainland Australia, Tasmania is a perfect place for renting an RV to explore the island.

Many of the national parks in Tasmania are camping friendly, so be sure to check out which ones allow for motorhomes and what facilities each one has on offer on the Parks & Wildlife Service website here.

There are also many public and private campgrounds in Tasmania, with more than 50 caravan parks dotted around the state. Both the prices and facilities will vary greatly, as some offer basic amenities such as power and bathrooms, while others will include small stores and BBQ options. Some campgrounds and areas even offer free camping, so you may be able to keep your travel costs to a minimum by sticking to these areas.


Safety tips

  • Avoid driving  after dark if possible to avoid wildlife on the roads

  • Give  yourselves ample time to get from A to B

  • Carry extra  fuel if you’re travelling outside of the cities

  • Drive to the  conditions at all times, slowing down for rain, snow and ice

From local Tasmania Campers to big chains like Maui, Hobart has a rental company to suit everyone. Motorhome Republic’s website brings these all together in one place, making it easy to find the right vehicle at the right price, without spending hours on different websites or on the phone. Just enter your search parameters and compare the results to find your perfect rental.


Hobart Campervan Rental Tips

Embark on a stress-free road trip by keeping these in mind before and during your campervan rental in Tasmania.

  • Aussies drive on the left! Important road rules include wearing your seatbelt at all times, sticking to the speed limit and abiding by all give way and stop signs.

  • Tasmania looks small compared to mainland Australia, but it is in fact the size of the Republic of Ireland. Give yourself plenty of time to see the things you want to see.

  • For more peace of mind during your holiday, opt for full insurance and excess cover.

  • To make sure you can get the vehicle you want, book well in advance, especially for peak times which in Tasmania are December to February.

Tasmania's Campervan Rental Options

Go Cheap Motorhomes and Cruisin’ Tasmania Motorhomes

Operating from the same depot just 4 kilometres from Hobart Airport, Go Cheap Motorhomes and Cruisin’ Tasmania Motorhomes offer a quick start to your Tasmania holiday. Cruisin’ makes it easy for couples and groups to pick up a campervan or motorhome with multiple options for two-person sleeper vans as well as four- and six-berth RVs. All their rentals are the latest models, and come with unlimited kilometres, travel maps and comprehensive insurance. Go Cheap have a similar range of models with a variety of two-person hitops and RVs with and without bathrooms, and a number of larger motorhomes suited for four to six adults in a fleet comprised of Mercedes, Ivecos, and Fords. The office is located at 3 Runway Place in Cambridge, and has office hours from 8am to 4.30pm Monday to Sunday most of the year. The depot is closed on Sundays from May to the end of August and on Christmas Day and Good Friday. There are no transfers available so you will need to grab a taxi to get to the depot.

Maui Campervan Hire and Britz Rentals

Maui and Britz are part of the same company of Tasmania campervan hire, both located at 14 Long Street only 500 metres from the Hobart Airport. Take a quick 5 minute walk to get to the depot from the airport, or grab a taxi or bus if you’re make the 17 kilometre trip from Hobart city. Maui Campervan Hire has four models to choose from. There’s the two-person Ultima Campervan with an on-board toilet and shower unit, or the three-person Ultima Plus Campervan for a little extra space. The Beach Motorhome sleeps up to four people, and the Platinum River Campervan sleeps six with stacks of space to spare for storage and living areas. Britz Rentals has a little of everything, from basic hitops and vans to compact RVs, six-berth motorhomes and 4WD trucks with sleeping spaces in their pop tops. The Hobart depot is closed throughout the low season from May to the end of August, but opens again for campervan hire in Tasmania in September from 7.30am to 4pm. The branch is also closed on December 25, and January 1 and 26.

Apollo Campers and Motorhomes

Apollo has three campervans available for hire in Hobart - a basic hitop van, a two-person Euro Tourer with a few kitchen facilities and a bathroom, and the Endeavour Camper, which is a little larger and has room for two adults and two children. In their motorhome category, Apollo has three different options for groups of four, with a Euro Camper, Euro Star and Euro Slider. The most spacious of these is the Fiat Ducato Euro Slider, but the biggest RV in Apollo’s fleet is the six-berth Euro Deluxe, which is fitted with three large double beds. You can find the Apollo depot at 1 Hawkesford Road in Cambridge, which is just over 4 kilometres from the airport and roughly 14 kilometres from Hobart city once you have arrived on the isle of Tasmania. There’s no transfer service, but a taxi will cost approximately $10 for this quick ride to the airport, or $40 or so from the CBD. Note that the branch shuts down completely in the low season from July 1 to the end of August, and is closed on Sundays throughout April and May. Aside from that, the depot is open seven days a week from 8am to 4.30pm.

Tassie Motorshacks

Tassie Motorshacks have got you sorted when it comes to affordable and flexible campervan rentals in Hobart with plenty of budget options. You’ve got the choice of hitops, backpacker vans, two-berth vans with a toilet and shower, and three- and four-berth vans for family trips. Every single one of them comes with side awnings, free travel maps, 24-hour roadside assistance, and unlimited kilometres. The Tassie Motorshacks depot is located at 12 Aqua Place, Seven Mile Beach, around 11 kilometres from the Hobart Airport. Transfers to and from the airport are included, or you can make your own way there. The office is only closed on Christmas Day, but is open 8.30am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 4pm over the weekends throughout the year. If you want to leave Tasmania from Launceston and take the ferry back to the mainland, you can leave your camper at the depot in Launceston for a relocation fee of $200.

Bargain Rentals and Energi Motorhome Hire

Bargain Rentals and Energi Motorhome Hire provide free transfers from the Hobart Airport and city hotels within business hours to their depot at 173 Harrington Street. This office is about 20 kilometres from the airport right in the centre of the city, giving you a chance to take a look at this bustling hub before you head off on your trip around Tasmania. The office opens at 8am and closes at 5pm on weekdays, and runs 9am to 3pm on weekends, but you can arrange after-hours pick ups for later flights for a service fee of $100. Bargain Rentals’ smallest camper is a two-person Mercedes Sprinter, but even that has toilet and shower facilities, plus a fridge, stove and microwave. There are also three- and four-berth campervans available, as well family and deluxe four- and six-berth motorhomes with all the mod cons for a comfortable trip. Energi Motorhomes offers two campervan options, suited for either two or three adults (or two adults and two children in some cases). Note that the rental options for Energi do not have bathroom facilities so you’ll need to stay in campgrounds for the duration of your travels.

Tasmania Campers

Tasmania Campers is located at 32 Kennedy Drive in Cambridge, roughly 5 kilometres (or a seven minute drive) from Hobart Airport. You can either make your own way there or pay for a $20 shuttle service from the company by booking in advance. The range of campervans includes a basic two-person sleeper van, a 4WD bushcamper with space for two adults and two kids, and a 2-3 person trail finder hitop. These rentals come with an unlimited number of kilometres per day, no charge for extra drivers, a free starter pack with plenty of information on regional activities and maps, and comprehensive cover. Note that there is a minimum rental period of five days for all hires. The office in Hobart is open seven days a week from 8am to 5pm from October to the end of April, and 9am to 4pm for the rest of the year, only closing on Christmas Day.

Planning Guide for Visiting Tasmania

Tasmania - the wild, wonderful, southern version of Australia. Home of more rugged coastlines, foodie hubs and lush natural scenery than you could ever imagine, this isolated state is the ideal destination for a road trip. With a hire campervan in Tasmania, you’ll be able to make your way around the sights, activities and events all over the island, taking as much time as you need at each one and sticking to your own schedules. You can use the information below to learn everything you need to know about where to go, what to see and what to do. Plus, take a look at the On The Road tab on the right for specific information on local rest areas, campsites and dumpstations that will help you make your way around with ease.


When you organise a campervan hire, Tasmania suddenly becomes your very own oyster. You get to decide where to go, what to see, how long you’ll spend there, and perhaps even if you’d like to return to your favourite spots later. There’s no freedom like a motorhome road trip out of Hobart or Launceston, but where should you go? Take a look at our itinerary suggestion for a camper hire in Tasmania and either stick to it completely or simply use your favourite parts as inspiration.


It’s almost as if Tasmania was designed for road trips. Neither too large nor too small, this island provides a foodie experience, a rugged nature adventure, a smattering of gorgeous beaches, and a bustling city life all in one. A motorhome hire in Tasmania is the ideal way to see it all while travelling at your own pace and resting whenever you need to. Check out this awe inspiring roadtrip in the link above or click here for another version of this trip.


Amp up your motorhome tour of Tasmania with as many events as you can fit in during your visit. There are major festivals and celebrations throughout the year - even in the dead of winter - so you should be able to add one of these exciting attractions to your experience. Naturally, a campervan rental in Tasmania will help you move around the island and attend as many of them as possible!


Falls Festival: The Falls Music & Arts Festival is held in three separate places each year on New Year’s Eve. Tasmania’s festival occurs in Marion Bay less than an hour from Hobart. It’s a celebration of all kinds of live performances, with circus acts, cabaret, dance and music to keep you entertained, and it’s not uncommon for some of Australia’s best acts to take to the stage during the event. 


Targa Tasmania: Targa Tasmania is a heart-stopping five-day rally event held at locations all over Tasmania. With its history in the Sicilian Targa Florio race, this is the world’s largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally. You can follow the event and the drivers (at a much more sedate pace) around the island with a Tasmania motorhome hire. 

Festival of Voices: Taking place over two weeks each winter, the Festival of Voices gives off-season travellers an event to get excited about. Focusing solely on the power of singing, you’ll be able to watch choir performances and famous singers alike or attend workshops all over Hobart. 


Dark Mofo: Hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, Dark Mofo is an annual festival dedicated to the darkness - hence why it’s held at the darkest point of the year, with 10 days leading up to the winter equinox on June 21. There will be food, music, art, film, and lots and lots of noise. 


Taste of Tasmania: For seven straight days over New Year’s, the Taste of Tasmania offers a smorgasbord or the incredible food and drink the state is renowned for. As well as daily belly-fulls of tastings, you can expect family entertainment such as rides and performances, as well as buskers, cooking classes and a fireworks display on Hobart’s waterfront at midnight on January 31. Take a break from your campervan hire and experience the culinary delights Tasmania has to offer.


Things to do, must-see attractions, activities - whatever you want to call them Tasmania has a ton. Many of the state’s most popular sites are natural creations that have been around for as long as the island, while there is also a good serving of man-made must-see as well. For those travelling in campervans in Tasmania, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to tick all of these activities, as well as many more of your own choosing, off your list.


Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences: Tasmania is a wild and wonderful place, and there are only so many parts of it that you can see behind the wheel of your motorhome. The rest, you’ll have to discover on your own two feet. Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences has spent years discovering the best walking tracks and their many attractions, then guiding visitors through these areas to get up close and personal with the best of Australia’s southern state. There are quick single-day tours and multi-day tours that will show you much of what Tasmania has to offer. And for those who prefer a comfortable bed and a hot shower at the end of the day, accommodated tours around the island will let you leave your bag behind and simply focus on the walk. Tasmania Wilderness Experiences are located at Base Camp Tasmania, 959 Glenfern Road, Glenfern and are always open.


Salamanca Market: Head along to Salamanca Place in central Hobart any Saturday of the year (apart from major public holidays) for one of the country’s best marketplaces. You’ll find food, live music, jewellery, fresh produce, plants and flowers and more. There are more than 300 stalls to explore, so bring plenty of cash and leave plenty of time to visit them all before heading back to your Tasmania RV rental.

Cataract Gorge: Launceston’s Cataract Gorge is just a 15-minute walk from the city centre, and is one of the town’s most stunning natural attractions. Set upon the enchanting Esk River, the gorge features everything you need for a relaxing day out, including a cafe and restaurant, suspension bridge, swimming pool, walking tracks and endless viewing spots. 


Port Arthur Historic Site: The Port Arthur Historic Site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and old prison in the southeast of Tasmania. The site played a crucial role in the reforming of the treatment of convicted criminals, and remains today as a place of beauty and fascinating tales that you can visit with your campervan in Tasmania for a guided tour. 

Mt Wellington: Mount Wellington - otherwise known as Kunanyi - looks over Hobart City from its massive 18,000 hectare park just 20 minutes from the CBD. This natural attraction is home to more than 500 native plant species, many of which are endemic to Tasmania. You can walk, bike or take horseback rides in this lush playground, and one of the best attractions here is the chance to drive the 21 kilometres in your Tasmania motorhome hire to the summit, passing through rock formations and rainforest on your way up to panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas. 


Cradle Mountain: The jagged peaks of Cradle Mountain make up one of the most iconic sights in all of Tasmania. It’s the gem of the Cradle Mt-Lake St Clair National Park, and it’s covered in trees, icy streams, and glacial lakes. Home to the six-day Overland Track, the mountain is a huge drawcard for travellers from all over the country and the world. 


Blow Hole and Tasman Arch: Even further proof of the incredible diversity and beauty of Tasmania’s attractions are the Blow Hole and Tasman Arch, which you can find at Eagle Neck just over an hour from Hobart. The arch is a cave-like natural bridge over water, while the blow hole is a powerful example of seawater shooting through rock formations.


Bay of Fires: Stretching along the coastline roughly 2.5 hours from Launceston is the spectacular Bay of Fires. It’s as remote as it is beautiful, with more than 50 kilometres of wild sandy beaches that are ideal for swimming, walking, and escaping the city.

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While You're On The Road in Your Tasmania Campervan Hire

When you decide to try campervan hire in Tasmania, your first thoughts will no doubt be all about the incredible sights you’ll see and experiences you’ll try. It’s only natural to consider these fun and exciting aspects of travel before anything else, but once you’ve more or less figured out all the places you most want to see, you’ll need to turn your attention to some of the practicalities of campervan rental in Tasmania. 

Namely, where you’ll park up at night, where you can stop off when you’re tired, and where you can stock up on food supplies for the trip. Tick this less fun (but just as important) travel-planning task off your list with our information below. 


Motorhome Campsites we recommend

Travelling with an RV is an ideal way to see Tasmania as you’ve got everything you need with you - including your accommodation every night. To make your trip even easier, spend your evenings in campsites where you’ll have access to power, bathrooms and other facilities. 


Hobart Airport Tourist Park

If you’ve just flown in but need a place to stay, the Hobart Airport Tourist Park is only a couple of minutes away. With brand new facilities and Tasmania’s capital at your doorstep, you can’t get off to a better start with campervan hire in Tasmania than right here. 

Address: 2 Flight Street, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6248 4551
Website: tas.big4.com.au

Richmond Caravan Park

Just 30 minutes from Hobart, the Richmond Caravan Park is in a convenient location and offers a range of powered and unpowered camp sites. Stay here and enjoy facilities such as a kitchen, BBQ, tennis court, playground, swimming pool and on-site store or relax in your Tasmania motorhome hire. 

Address: 48 Middle Tea Tree Rd, Richmond TAS 7025, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6260 2192
Website: richmondcaravanpark.com.au 

Barilla Holiday Park

Play mini golf, treat yourself to an ice cream, or refuel with a wood-fired pizza at this family-friendly holiday park just 15 minutes from Hobart city. If your campervan hire in Tasmania is from Cruising Tasmania, Devil Campers, Hertz, Apollo, Maui or Britz, you’ll even enjoy a small discount on your stay. 

Address: 75 Richmond Rd, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6248 5453
Website: barilla.com.au

New Norfolk Caravan Park

With 40 powered sites and a further 25 unpowered areas, the New Norfolk Caravan Park offers travellers a place to rest right next to the Derwent River. The park is just over 30 minutes from Hobart and is an ideal spot to enjoy nature.

Address: The Esplanade, New Norfolk TAS 7140, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6261 1268
Website: newnorfolkcp.com

Hobart Cabins and Cottages

Just 15 minutes from the centre of Hobart, this accommodation site is the perfect place to stay if you want to be in the thick of the action on your Tasmania campervan hire roadtrip. There’s a playground, games room, laundry, and BBQ facilities on site, and free Wi-Fi throughout.

Address: 19-21 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood TAS 7010, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6272 7115
Website: hobartcabinscottages.com.au


Elsewhere in Tasmania

White Beach Tourist Park

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this RV campsite just 10 minutes from the Port Arthur Historic Site. Stay here and enjoy direct access to the beach, as well as all the activities that come with it such as swimming, kayaking fishing. You’ll have the option of a powered or grassy spot for your campervan.

Address:128 White Beach Rd, White Beach TAS 7184, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6250 2142
Website: whitebeachtouristpark.com.au

Low Head Tourist Park

If you’re travelling through the north of Tasmania, spend a night or two at the Low Head Tourist Park in the Tamar Valley just out of George Town. Both the powered and non-powered RV sites offer great views of the Tamar River and come with an array of facilities such as a kitchen, laundry, and BBQ area.

Address: 136 Low Head Rd, Low Head TAS 7253, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6382 1573
Website: www.lowheadtouristpark.com.au

Strahan Holiday Retreat

The Strahan Holiday Retreat is found on the east coast of Tasmania on 11 acres of lush green land. You’ll be surrounded by trees and streams during your stay here, and all campervan hire sites come with free Wi-Fi access.

Address: 8-10 Innes St, Strahan TAS 7468, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6471 7442
Website: strahanholidaypark.com.au

Swansea Holiday Park

The Swansea Holiday Park in Swansea is the perfect place to stop when you explore the nearby Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania’s east coast. It’s only a couple of hours from Hobart and Launceston, and the powered camp sites will have you ready to roll again in the morning. 

Address: 2 Bridge St, Swansea TAS 7190, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6257 8148
Website: swansea-holiday.com.au

Wings Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is the only one of its kind in Tasmania, as it offers accommodation options as well as animal attractions. Located in the north of the island, this option offers both Tasmania’s largest wildlife collection, and camping options on the banks of the Leven River. 

Address: 137 Winduss Rd, Gunns Plains TAS 7315, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6429 1151
Website: wingswildlife.com.au

Port Arthur Holiday Park

The Port Arthur Holiday Park is right next to many of the area’s top attractions such as the Coal Mines Historic Sites and the Remarkable Cave. Your stay includes free Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities and even an outdoor pizza oven.

Address: LOT 1 Garden Point Rd, Port Arthur TAS 7182, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6250 2340
Website: portarthurhp.com.au

Abel Tasman Caravan Park

Stay near Devonport and Cradle Mountain in the north of Tasmania at the Abel Tasman Caravan Park. It’s right next to the beach and kids playground, and there are both powered and unpowered sites available.

Address: 6 Wright St, East Devonport TAS 7310, Australia
Contact No: +61 3 6427 8794
Website: abeltasmancaravanpark.com.au


RV Dump Stations

It might not be what you first think of when you excitedly book your motorhome hire in Tasmania, but RV dump stations will be an essential part of your trip. The majority of campervan sites will have their own facilities where you can empty your grey and black water tanks, but there are plenty more scattered about that you can use for a small fee or for free.


Grubb Street Showgrounds

Located in Beaconsfield, this area offers a 12-hour limit rest area with a dump point ideal for anyone travelling between Launceston and Georgetown.


Bothwell Public Dump Point

This free site is found in the marketplace at the back of the Council Caravan Park in Bothwell not far off the main Highway Lakes Road.


Burnie City Sewerage Treatment Plant

Use this dump station at 15391 Bass Highway right on the coast as you pass through Somerset in your Tasmania campervan rental, which is northwest of Devonport.


Cooee Sale Yards

Head to the Cooee Sale Yards via Turrung Street just 3km north-west of Burnie. Ideal for travellers following the Bass Highway along the coast. 


Burtons Reserve

Located in Cygnet roughly an hour southwest of Hobart, this reserve is a public park area. Find the dump spot next to the toilet block.


Deloraine Dump Point

Deloraine Dump point is less than an hour west of Launceston, approximately half way to Cradle Mountain. Find the dump station next to the racecourse on Racecourse Road. 


Franklin Public Dump Point

Find the Franklin Public Dump Point opposite the Old Franklin Tavern roughly an hour’s drive southwest of Hobart in a campervan rental.


Hamilton Dump Point

Heading northwest from Hobart? The Hamilton Dump Point is just over an hour away on Tarleton Street, which is just off the main road as you pass through.


Victoria Memorial Hall

Located in Kempton, the Victoria Memorial Hall is centrally located on National Highway 1 as you head out of or towards Hobart. 


Kingston Public Dump Point

Kingston is only 15 minutes south along the coast from Hobart, so dropping your waste here opposite the entrance to the Wetlands Reserve makes sense if you’re heading back this way in your Tasmania motorhome hire.


Latrobe Dump Point

Drop your waste on Welde Street just off Cotton Street in Latrobe just south of Devonport and an hour from Launceston. 


Cradle Mountain Information Centre

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s biggest attractions, so drop your waste here during your visit at the visitor’s centre. 


Zeehan Public Dump Point

If you’re heading out west by Strahan or the Granville Harbour, the Zeehan Public Dump Point on Mulcahy Street could be an ideal spot to drop waste. 


Wynyard Solid Waste Transfer Station

Wynyard is a town in the northwest of Tasmania up the coast from Devonport. There’s an RV dump station on Goldie Street here at the Waste Transfer plant. 


Rest Areas

As Tasmania is such a mecca for campervan hire tours, the island is conveniently dotted with rest areas where you can stop and stretch those legs, or simply climb in the back for a power nap if you’re feeling tired. Rest areas are well sign posted off main highways, and campsites are also good places to stop.


Perth Park Area

  • Rest rooms

  • Picnic tables

  • Playground

  • Handicap access

  • BBQ


Somerset Park Area

  • BBQ

  • Picnic tables

  • Rest rooms


Franklin River Park Area

  • Picnic tables

  • Rest rooms

  • Scenic point


Hamilton Camping Area

  • Dump station

  • Handicap access

  • BBQ

  • Picnic tables

  • Showers

  • Rest rooms

  • Water


Raspins Beach Park Area

  • Rest rooms

  • Scenic point


Grants Lagoon Camping Area

  • Rest rooms


St Peters Pass Rest Area

  • BBQ

  • Picnic tables

  • Rest rooms

  • Water


Jonah Bay Camping Area

  • BBQ

  • Scenic point

  • Rest rooms


Myrtle Park Camping Area

  • Handicap access

  • BBQ

  • Food available

  • Picnic tables

  • Playground

  • Rest rooms

  • Water


Hellyer Gorge Rest Area

  • Picnic tables

  • Scenic point

  • Rest rooms

  • Water

Petrol stations

Once you’ve got your camper hire in Tasmania, the only major spending you’ll likely be doing is on your petrol costs. Prices in the state fluctuate as much as they do anywhere else in the world, but your best bet is usually to fill up in major towns where the costs are lowest. 

Should you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a tank on low, it may even be an idea to only fill up what you need to get to a cheaper service station to fill up the rest of the way. 

One final note - don’t forget to completely refill your petrol tank before you return your Tasmania campervan hire to the depot. It will usually be part of your agreement when you sign up for your motorhome rental, and failing to do so can lead to a fee (on top of the cost of refilling the tank). Fortunately, most rental facilities will have petrol stations nearby, so it may be an idea to ask your agent for the closest one when you pick up the vehicle. 



Stocking up on food and supplies at major supermarkets will help you save on costs during your travels, as it will allow you to ‘eat at home’ rather than dining out at expensive restaurants. Many Tasmania motorhome hire options come with kitchenettes in which you can cook up a storm, so planning your meals before you hit the road will really help the budget. The Acton Market is the closest to the Hobart Airport, but larger supermarkets with more options can be found both northeast and west on the A3. The main stores to look for are Coles and Woolworths.  

Of course, you should put some money aside to try out Tasmania’s restaurants - the state is known for its exceptional food after all! 

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Campervan hire Tasmania – The perfect start to a road trip

The island of Tasmania is a playground for the intrepid campervan renter. With vast stretches of natural forests and bush, beautiful coastlines, a famous wine region and charming towns, it is a world of its own and a fabulous road trip holiday destination. Hobart, with a busy airport connected to most major cities of mainland Australia, is the start point for most Tasmania adventures.

Hobart, Australia

The small and intimate Hobart is many things. It is the second oldest city in Australia, and the southernmost state capital. It is the largest city in Tasmania, and the centre of commerce, culture and transport for this beautiful island. A city of history and art, and home to 250,000 Hobartians - who are fiercely proud of their little place at the bottom of Down Under.

Urbanity meets the great outdoors, where a short drive from the cosmopolitan CBD will take you into untouched wilderness. Hemmed in by mountains, beaches and the River Derwent, it is full of interesting places, great eateries, laid-back markets and heritage architecture.

Where to stay - Hobart accommodation

The Salamanca Place and Sullivans Cove precincts are sought-after places to stay - both lively and fun with many hotels. The business district also has plenty of beds, although with a touch less character. Further from the centre you will find bed and breakfast-style accommodation and motels. The holiday parks and campgrounds on the outskirts are well-used by the many campers of the rental motorhome and tent variety who pass through. Sandy Bay is another popular spot, although some find it too far from the action – more suited to the laid-back traveller.

Hobart gig guide: From Music Festivals to Museums and Galleries

There are always small things going on around Hobart, from film and art exhibitions in the many museums and galleries, to family fun days. Every week on Friday evenings in the Salamanca Art Centre courtyard is a live music event called Rektango, a great night out if you’re looking for things to do. Significant yearly events on the Hobart scene include the Royal Hobart Regatta, when the rivermouth is taken over by boats of all types; the Taste of Tasmania, highlighting regional food and drinks on the Hobart waterfront over New Year; and the Hobart Summer Festival and the Royal Hobart Show, which is a traditional field days-style agriculture show. The beauty of a camper is being able to pick and choose where you want to go.

Hobart Restaurants: Fresh, Local and Delicious!

The best way to eat in Hobart is fresh and local, with meat and produce from Tasmania. This is possible at all ends of the scale. Pick up some supplies at the Salamanca Markets on a Saturday morning, or go to Garagistes one evening for a gourmet but casual dinner out of their wood-fired oven. Regional specialties which may catch your eye are deep-sea trevally, Tasmanian lobster and scallop pie. Fresh seafood abounds in this maritime city! Maybe grab some for yourself and fry it up on your camper stove!

The island of Tasmania has it all when it comes to beverages. Cool-climate wine and beer are both produced, with the Tamar Valley wine region known for boutique wineries and great whites and merlots. Cascade brewery is the biggest in Hobart and open for tours and tastings – a great way to wile away a few hours. The city is also a hot-spot on the whiskey brewing scene, and the Lark Distillery near Hobart’s waterfront is a must-visit for lovers of the ‘aqua vitae’.

The Land, The Culture, The People

Hobart sits beside the estuary of the River Derwent, backed by the majestic Mount Wellington. It sprawls up the river and along the coast on both sides, as the city continues to grow and expand from its beginnings as a penal colony at the bottom of the earth.

The vibe of Hobart could be described as relaxed and creative. City residents are laid-back and have a strong sense of community, proud of their hardy city far from the big smokes on the mainland. Arts are important to the city, which is home to a pumping music scene hosting both local and international artists - much of this is concentrated at Salamanca Place and the historic Battery Point neighbourhood. The sea is central to Hobart’s culture and history. It was once the only way in and out and is now a source of food, recreation and transport.

Things to do in Hobart

If you are wondering where to visit first, just ask your taste buds. The Cascade Brewery and Lark Distillery tours and tastings are great for an adult afternoon out, and both are quite educational with plenty of insights into the brewing or distilling process. Sweet tooth? Take a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Claremont and see how the chocolate is made while sampling a few of the wares. Gourmania Food Tours offers culinary explorations of Hobart with a knowledgeable guide.

The city’s museums are worth a visit for a glimpse into the fascinating history of Hobart. The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is a good place to start. The Museum of Old and New Art, affectionately known as MONA, is a new addition and features some interesting pieces. For traditionalists, the Maritime Museum of Tasmania is a treasure trove of history.

Climb or drive to the top of Mount Wellington in your campervan for a fantastic view over the city and surrounds. But be aware that even in summer the temperature is generally close to freezing, so think about what to wear beforehand! A company called Mount Wellington Descent offers shuttles up the mountain and a guided descent on mountain bikes to the foothills.

Getting around Hobart

Transport is made easy by the public bus system which includes an airport bus and centres around the main interchange on Elizabeth Street. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, with timetables online or at most bus stops. Renting a car is an easy way to visit Hobart’s outlying attractions, while those in the small city centre are easy to walk between. The Tassielink Transit coach service is a network of buses that cover the major cities and towns of Tasmania, and it is a great way to get around from Hobart. However, a rental motorhome or car cannot be beaten for getting off the main routes and really experiencing the wilderness and scenery of Tasmania.

The forecast - Hobart weather

Hobart is cooler than Australia’s other major cities, a draw-card for those who don’t like sweltering heat. In the summer, the days are warm and long and it is cold in the winter, although the city itself very rarely receives snow. Mount Wellington is heavily capped or lightly dusted with the white stuff almost year-round.

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