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Yosemite RV Rental

Of all America’s national parks, there are a few that stand above the rest. Exceptional biodiversity, magnificent vistas, excellent recreational opportunities… these are just a few of the attributes that set apart the nation’s greatest parks. No matter what standard you use though, it’s undeniable that Yosemite National Park has earned its place among the very best. 


This is a land of soaring granite peaks, rich river valleys and tranquil alpine meadows, a land that is alive with animals both small and very large, offering a vast array of activities to its human visitors. One of the best ways to experience Yosemite is with an RV rental. Booking a San Francisco RV rental will get you to Yosemite the quickest, placing you within an easy half-day’s journey to Yosemite, but there are a number of other options available if you have more ambitious travel plans. 


Leaving from Reno will allow you to approach from the north and drive along the shores of the beautiful Lake Tahoe, experiencing scenic Northern California before you even arrive in Yosemite. Many, especially international visitors, will choose a Los Angeles RV rental and head north after exploring this renowned world city. To balance natural beauty with man-made splendour, there’s no better city to begin your journey than Las Vegas: the entertainment capital of the world is a fantastic place to launch any vacation. No matter where you pick it up from though, an RV rental will set you up for a comfortable and convenient camping experience. 


Exploring with a Yosemite RV rental

This incredible park is a paradise for every nature lover, RV vacationers included, but of course to get the most out of Yosemite National Park you have to step away from the easy comfort of your RV rental and head out into the glorious natural environment of this exceptional park.


If there’s one thing that you have to do before you leave Yosemite, it is undoubtedly ascending to Glacier Point. This is one of the highest spots in a park characterised by enormous peaks, providing an unparalleled view across the Yosemite Valley - you’ll even have a first rate view of Half Dome, one of the park’s most iconic landmarks. Fortunately for those who aren’t keen hikers, it’s entirely possible to drive your Yosemite RV rental to Glacier Point or even take a bus tour if you so desire. Tackling Glacier Point on foot is certainly an option too, for those keen to give their hiking boots an airing, but it is a relatively strenuous ascent and will require a decent level of fitness.


For a much more gentle walk, suitable for the whole family, try the trail to Yosemite Falls. Trading imposing peaks for the scent of incense cedars and sugar pines, this walk isn’t just about the waterfall at the end, as breathtaking as that is. It’s about luxuriating in a natural environment perfectly designed to soothe and set your mind at ease. Which is why, although you can drive to Yosemite Falls, choosing not take the 2 mile loop walk is nigh unthinkable. 


Yosemite RV rental camping spots

Getting a Yosemite campground reservation for the busy season (May through September) isn’t impossible, but you do have to be very vigilant. Due to the park’s extreme popularity, campsites tend to book out within minutes (sometimes even seconds) of becoming available. The best way to secure yourself an enviable campground spot for your Yosemite RV rental vacation is to make sure that you set your clock accurately and begin the reservation process the instant that sites become available. To make sure that you have the best chance possible of nabbing a reservation, be sure to check out the National Park Service page dealing with Yosemite campground reservations. For those campgrounds which are available on a first come, first served basis, you will want to arrive early in the day. Camp 4, Tamarack Flat and Yosemite Creek campgrounds don’t allow RVs, but they are permitted at all other major Yosemite campgrounds. Another thing to be aware of when planning a Yosemite RV holiday is the fact that RVs will be in high demand from April or May through September. To avoid disappointment, make sure to book well ahead of time. 


This may sound like a bit of effort, but the truth is that any time you invest in organising a vacation to Yosemite National Park will return rich dividends in truly unforgettable sights and experiences.