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Nevada RV Rental

Picking up a Nevada motorhome rental leaves you poised to discover some of the most remarkable places on Earth, both natural and man-made. In spite of the fact that most of Nevada is covered by desert, it’s strategically placed to offer RV travelers a vast array of options. Whether you set out east for the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, stick around for a while to try your luck in Vegas, drive southwest to discover the beaches and boulevards of Los Angeles or use Reno as a launching point to explore northern California, a Nevada RV rental can open your eyes to the great wonders of the western United States


Entertainment capital of the world

If you’re picking up your Nevada RV rental Las Vegas, don’t miss the opportunity to spend a bit of time in this world of luxurious spectacle before you head away. Vegas has had an undeniably colorful history, from mobsters to mega-casinos (with a bit of atom bomb tourism along the way), and the scale of the entertainment offerings in this city has expanded exponentially over the years. While the city’s casinos are the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Las Vegas, there’s far more to this place than slot machines and poker tables. 


The casinos themselves have transcended mere gaming venues to become extravagantly themed mini-metropolises, set up to host some of the most impressively elaborate shows on earth. Cirque du Soleil is a perennial favorite in Las Vegas with its death defying acrobatics, fantastical visuals and unabashed theatricality. Some of the world’s greatest magicians also call Vegas home, including the legendary David Copperfield and Criss Angel, giving you the chance to experience illusions so convincing that you’ll be discussing how they did it for hours and days afterwards. 


There’s plenty of free entertainment to be found here as well, from the world’s largest permanent circus at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino to an elaborate nightly water, light and puppetry show at Wynn Resort. 


Exploring the Grand Canyon with a Nevada RV rental

Hiring a campervan rental is one of the best ways to experience the outsized wonder of the Grand Canyon. Setting out from Las Vegas, you’ll drive east past the Hoover Dam (a massive structure which is certainly worth stopping to admire) before arriving at the canyon itself, all without having to fight the crowds and cram into a packed tour bus. No matter what season you choose to take your Nevada RV rental trip, the Grand Canyon won’t disappoint. The canyon’s snow dusted outcrops are truly a sight to behold in winter, while summer offers reliably clear weather and great visibility. Spring and autumn bring smaller crowds and a more temperate climate, meaning that this is truly an ideal year round destination. 


One of the best times of day to catch the full glory of the Grand Canyon is at dusk and dawn - parking up overnight at one of several RV campgrounds adjacent to the canyon will make an early start much more tolerable and allow you to witness one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the world.


California bound

Whether you pick up your RV rental in Las Vegas or Reno, you’re never far from the California border. Heading west from Las Vegas will bring you to Los Angeles in a matter of just a few hours. L.A. may be known to the world primarily as the home of Hollywood, but this city has much more in store for visitors than just a look at the home of modern movie making. Culture vultures will find themselves right at home with a profusion of art galleries, museums, concerts and shows to attend, while sun lovers will want to head directly to spots like Santa Monica and Venice Beach to soak up the rays and see the unashamedly bizarre L.A. beach culture firsthand. 

If Los Angeles isn’t your final destination, then you have even more amazing sights waiting for you. Driving up the coast with a rental RV in California is one of the greatest road trip experiences you could ever have. Big Sur, an area of coastline between San Luis Obispo and Monterey, is particularly gorgeous.


If you plan to hire your Nevada motorhome rental from Reno on the other hand, the mountains, lakes and forests of northern California are right on your doorstep. Lake Tahoe, Sacramento and San Francisco are all within easy striking distance of Reno, providing you with the opportunity to see a very different side of California.