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Massachusetts RV Rental

The meandering coastline and wooded hills of New England are yours to explore with a Massachusetts RV rental. Whether you choose to mosey your way along the charming northeastern seaside, take an autumnal odyssey to discover the striking colors of fall or use Massachusetts as a launching point for wider east coast exploration, there’s no question that starting off a journey in this Yankee state will set you up for an amazing journey.


Seaside serenity in Massachusetts

Heading south and west from Boston along the New England coastline gives RV travelers the chance to take a delightfully slow paced trip. Wandering through small seaside towns, indulging in far too much delicious seafood and spotting marine wildlife are just a few of the idyllic activities awaiting those who keep the sea on their left as they drive through New England. Although you’ll soon leave Massachusetts behind (and are likely to end up or turn around somewhere in Connecticut), this state provides an excellent launching point for a journey full of sea breezes, quaint little settlements and peaceful contemplation.


If you choose to drive north instead, make sure you stop off in Salem - the city infamous for its 17th century witch trials - and continue at least as far as Old Orchard Beach in Maine. This town has been a tourist destination since the 1630’s and is still popular today, with most visitors heading to Old Orchard Beach’s pier. Among the attractions to be found here are a ferris wheel and one of New England’s last old-timey oceanside amusement parks. 


The brilliance of fall

If you can manage to arrange your motorhome rental for Massachusetts’ fall season, there’s a real treat in store for you. This is a colorful time of year for most of the country but New England’s cool weather ensures that this region’s foliage is particularly spectacular. Boston is a great place to begin a road trip that will reveal some of the most beautiful fall vistas in America. It’s not just gorgeous autumnal views that await you though. Make sure to head along the Coastal Wine Trail to sample some of New England’s finest vintages (just make sure you have a sober driver organized!), drop in at Old Sturbridge Village, the NorthEast’s largest outdoor history museum, for a taste of living history and head up through the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire to discover a land of visually striking contrasts. Whether you have just a one week or several, there’s enough to see and do in this region to keep you intrigued and amazed for quite some time.


Outward bound with a Massachusetts RV rental

A motorhome rental can also set you up for longer road trips that range much further afield. The bilingual city of Montreal is within a single day’s drive, and Canada’s charming Atlantic provinces are within easy reach as well for an RV traveler. The Cabot Trail around the coastal villages of Nova Scotia is a popular (and easy to manage) road trip route, while others may wish to head west through Ottawa to the buzzing metropolis of Toronto. Staying stateside, Boston is just a half a day’s drive from New York, that towering monument to creativity, innovation and omnipresent street food. If you’d prefer to avoid the densely packed avenues of the Big Apple, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC are all less than a full day’s drive away. Possible destinations are myriad when you pick up an RV rental from the city of Boston. 


Motorhome Republic offers RV rentals from both Boston and Boston North, so don’t forget to pick the one that works best for your upcoming trip!