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Joshua Tree RV Rental

Joshua Tree National Park is a fascinating and otherworldly place of incredibly ancient trees and striking rock formations. To be precise, it’s really two places - Joshua Tree encompasses both the Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert, each with their own unique ecosystem. Although some would be quick to dismiss Joshua Tree National Park as merely empty desert, closer observation soon reveals a beautifully delicate place, teeming with life that has expertly adapted to the unforgiving conditions. Perhaps surprisingly, Joshua Tree is also full of opportunities for visitors, especially those who love to get out and about in the great outdoors. Most visitors to Joshua Tree National Park pick up a Los Angeles RV rental and head east along the I-10, but that’s not the only place with easy access to the park. San Diego is a another good option, as is Phoenix, Arizona. Even Las Vegas is less than three and a half hours away from Joshua Tree National Park, so if you want to start your trip in entertainment capital of the world, you can! To embark on your very own Joshua Tree RV rental journey, start by booking. 


Exploring with a Joshua Tree RV rental

An RV rental undoubtedly offers the easiest and most comfortable way to camp in Joshua Tree National Park, however to really get a taste for what the park has in store you’ll want to explore on foot. Where you go mostly depends on how much you want to exert yourself. 


For those who’d prefer to sample Joshua Tree’s alien beauty without investing too much time or energy there are a range of short nature trails, generally leaving from campgrounds or popular parking areas and looping back to return to the same place. The trails are generally between half a mile and one and a half miles, requiring minimum time investment and preparation. Even on these shorter trails however, remember to bring plenty of water and stay hydrated as temperatures can rise to merciless levels.


If you’d prefer a bit more of a challenge and are prepared to hike for a day or longer, many more trails become available to you. Conquering the 3 mile Mastodon Peak trail will reward you with fantastic views of the Salton Sea and Eagle Mountains, though it is a relatively strenuous ascent. Nearby Lost Palms Oasis is longer at 7.2 miles but less physically taxing. Keen hikers looking to set out on a multi-day trek should consider the California Riding and Hiking Trail. The entire trail stretches for 35 miles and requires at least two or three days to complete but it’s also possible to tackle smaller stretches at 4, 6.7 or 11 miles. 


Joshua Tree National Park is also a world-class rock climbing destination. It started out as just an alternative location while winter rendered places like Yosemite unsafe, but today Joshua Tree has grown into a massively popular spot for those wishing to pit their skill and muscle against gravity and bare rock. With more than 8,000 climbing routes, daring climbers will have no difficulty finding spots that suit them perfectly. If you’ve never climbed in Joshua Tree National Park before, check out the National Park Service guide to rock climbing and bouldering in this remarkable park.


Joshua Tree RV rental camping spots

Before you can begin your exploration of this American park however, you’ll need to find a place to park up your Joshua Tree RV rental for the night. Campgrounds are available on a first come, first served basis with a couple exceptions: campers can reserve a spot at Black Rock or Indian Cove campgrounds up to six months ahead of time during the busy season (October through May). You won’t find RV hookups at any of the park’s campgrounds, although at Black Rock, Cottonwood and Joshua Tree campgrounds there is RV-accessible potable water and dump stations. If you’re considering Hidden Valley or White Tank campgrounds, keep in mind that they do not allow RVs that exceed 25 feet in length.