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Arches National Park RV Rental

See the wonders of Arches National Park in Moab, Utah (USA) in the comfort of your own RV, Motorhome or Campervan. Pick up your rental vehicle from any one of these great locations.

Salt Lake City

Located North-East of Arches National Park, Salt Lake City is a great starting destination for this road trip with 7 Rental fleets on offer. Pick up your RV rental and head South out of town. This route will take you around 3 and a half hours (230 Miles/ 370 Kilometres) through the heart of Utah before reaching your destination. 


If you're starting your adventure in Colorado, Denver is the best option for picking up your motorhome rental. Getting to Arches National Part from this starting point is as easy as following the I-70 all the way there. This trip will take you 350 Miles (563 Kilometres) through Arapaho National Forest, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction for a total of around 5 hours and 40 minutes road time.


Another starting destination for this holiday lies to the South-East of Arches National Park. As the largest city In New Mexico, Albuquerque is a prime location to pick up your RV rental and stock up on all your essentials before hitting the road for an Arches National Park RV holiday. The journey from this starting point will take you around 368 Miles (592 Kilometres) through New Mexico, Colorado and Utah before arriving at the national park for a combined journey time of around 6 hours.

Las Vegas

While not typically viewed as the starting point of many adventures, an RV Rental Las Vegas is a great choice with a whopping 17 RV rental fleets on hand. If this is your chosen starting destination you are guaranteed to find a great deal and an RV to meet all your travelling needs. Located to the West of Arches National Park, the journey will take you around 6 and a half hours and 453 Miles (729 Kilometres) through Nevada and Utah before reaching your destination.


The final location option for starting this journey lies directly South of Arches National Park. Hidden in the middle of the desert lies Phoenix, Arizona. surrounded on all sides by beautiful scenic landscapes and amazing animals and plant life, Phoenix offers a unique experience as a starting point for your road trip to Arches National Park. This route will take you around 472  Miles (760 Kilometres) through Arizona and Utah before reaching the National Park. Make sure to pack plenty of water, while breath-taking, this 7 hour drive can quickly become uncomfortable in the blistering summer sun.