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UEFA European Championship 2016

The UEFA European Championship for 2016 (Euro 2016) will be played in various stadiums around France from the 10th of June to the 10th of July. This hotly contested tournament has been held every four years since 1960,  and is a showcase of Europe’s spectacular football abilities - second only to the World Cup for most-watched competition in the code. This is a perfect opportunity to take in the tournament with a motorhome rental from Motorhome Republic.


A short history of the UEFA Euros

A pan-European football tournament was first proposed  in 1927 by Henri Delaunay, Secretary-General of the French Football Federation. Although he died before the tournament got underway, the trophy awarded to the victors is named for him. The 1960 tournament was also held in France and won by the Soviet Union. 


In the years since then, the title has been won by eight other teams: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark and Greece. Since the beginnings with 4 teams competing, the Euros have expanded to 16 teams and will include 24 in 2016.


The Euro format and stadiums for 2016

Ten different cities across France will host the various pool matches and finals of the tournament: Bordeaux (Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux), Lens (Stade Bollaert-Delelis), Lille (Stade Pierre-Mauroy), Lyon (Stade des Lumières), Marseille (Stade Vélodrome), Nice (Allianz Riviera), Paris (Parc des Princes), Saint-Denis (Stade de France), Saint-Etienne (Stade Geoffroy-Guichard) and Toulouse (Stadium Municipal). With an unprecedented 24 competing teams, five of which are in the tournament for the first time, it should be a great spectacle for football fans the world over. 


The official draw for the finals will be finalised on the 12th of December 2015, with the 24 qualified teams put into six groups of four. This means the addition of two extra groups and an extra round in the knockout stages since last time the competition was played, a total of 51 games spread across the ten stadium.


Get your travel plans sorted

With matches being played all over the country, a UEFA Euro 2016 Motorhome holiday is the best way to enjoy the tournament. there are any number of places you could pick up your motorhome hire. Here are our top picks for ease of access to the ten Euro 2016 cities:


  • Paris: This is a natural choice for those following the tournament. The final will be played here, at the Stade de France (Saint-Dénis) and there will be a number of other pool and knockout matches played both there and in the Parc des Princes in the 16th arrondissement. It is also not far from Lens and Lille, only a few hours’ drive, and a major travel hub for all of Europe.

  • Marseille: Enjoy some pool and knockout play in the southerly sun and you can hit the Riviera beaches in between matches. If you’re following right to the end, there are three days between the Marseille semi-final and the final match, plenty of time to get to Paris.

  • Bordeaux: Both Bordeaux and Toulouse matches will be within easy reach of a motorhome pick up in Bordeaux, and you could even make a loop south to Marseille and then north via Nice and Lyon to finish up in Paris for the final. The southwest region is also a great place for a summer road trip, one of the most laidback parts of France with a casual surfer culture.

  • Frankfurt: Just two hours from the border with France and a major travel hub, Frankfurt is a great place to start your Euro 2016 adventure, especially if you want to visit a few Northern Europe hotspots too. Catch the games you want to see and then make a real trip of it in Germany and other countries to the north.

  • Barcelona: Sun seekers can combine their Euro-watching road trip with a jaunt around warm and sunny Spain and avoid the rush on rentals in France by picking up a motorhome in Barcelona. The southerly host cities are not far away, and even a trip up to Paris for the finals is achievable in a long day’s drive.


Alternatively, check out any of the motorhome rental locations in France to start planning your Euro 2016 road trip! 

UEFA Euro 2016 Draw.


11/06/16 vs Slovakia Bordeaux
16/6/16 vs England Lens
20/6/16 vs Russia Toulouse
Wales supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Toulouse, Bordeaux

Wales UEFA roadtrip


11/06/16 vs Russia  Marseille
16/6/16 vs Wales Lens
20/6/16 vs Slovakia Saint Ettiene
England supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Lyon, Marseille

England UEFA road trip


13/6/16 vs Sweden Saint Denis
18/6/16 vs Belgium Bordeaux
22/6/16 vs Italy Lille
Ireland supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Lille, Paris

Ireland UEFA roadtrip

Northern Ireland

12/06/16 vs Poland Nice
16/6/16 Vs Ukraine Lyon
21/6/16 vs Germany Paris
Northern Ireland supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Paris

Northern Ireland UEFA Roadtrip


13/6/16 vs Ireland Saint Denis
17/6/16 va Italy Toulouse
22/6/16 vs Belgium Nice
Sweden supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Paris, Nice
Sweden UEFA Roadtrip map


14/6/16 vs Portugal Saint Ettiene
18/6/16 vs Hungary Marseille
22/6/16 vs Austria Saint Denis
Iceland supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Paris, Nice
Iceland UEFA roadtrip map


11/06/16 vs England Marseile
15/06/16 vs Slovakia Lille
20/06/16 vs Wales Toulouse
Russian supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Marseille, Toulouse
Russia UEFA roadtrip map


12/06/16 vs Germany Lille
15/06/16 vs Northern Ireland Lyon
21/6/16 vs Poland Saint Denis
Russian supporters suggested Motorhome Round Trip Pick up Location : Lille, Paris,
Ukraine UEFA roadtrip map