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Hire a campervan in Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao sits on the Bay of Biscay and is one of Spain’s most important ports. This gritty, industrial city undertook a massive redevelopment in the late 20th century and is now a showcase of culture and architecture, with the Guggenheim Museum the jewel in its crown. A motorhome rental will let you explore Bilbao tourism and embrace the culture of the surrounding Basque Country.


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Road Trips from Bilbao

It is worth flying in to Bilbao Airport just to experience the cutting edge design of its main terminal. The airport is 9km from the city. Bilbao to Barcelona is a trip that will take you right across Spain, through the famous bull-running town of Pamplona and can be comfortably completed in two days.

Camping and motorhome accommodation in Bilbao

Camping Sopelana is the closest campground to Bilbao with easy access to the city via metro. It is close to a beach, and has its own swimming pool. Playa Joyel is further away, 36 miles from the city, but has direct access to a sandy beach.

Basque Country Cuisine, Eating and Drinking in Bilbao

Basque cooking is influenced by their near neighbours, France, on one side, and their proximity to the bounty of the Cantabric Sea on the other. The region of Vizcaya is the salted cod, or Bacalao, capital of Spain. A common bar food is Pintxos, the Basque version of tapas. Basque Country also includes the Rioja wine appellation - typically hearty red wine from the Tempranillo grape is produced here.

For some authentic Basque dining, try Guria at Metro-stop Moyua. (This is the same stop as the Guggenheim.) They boast the best Bacalao in the city and you can choose from the excellent traditional a la carte dining area, or a cafeteria style for the more budget conscious. In the historic quarter, Mandoya is a local favourite for its lobster salad.

What to see and do in Bilbao

It goes without saying that you are probably going to start at the Guggenheim. Frank Gehry’s limestone, glass and titanium structure has been hailed as the greatest building of our time. It opened in 1997 and, since then, the collection of artworks from the mid-20th century to the present day has continued to grow. Jeff Koon’s Puppy is an iconic landmark sculpture in the museum plaza. It is a topiaryin the shape of a massive dog, and covered in flowers, which are changed seasonally so that it’s always in bloom.

If you are not culture fatigued, the lesser known Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (Belle Artes de Bilbao) is also worth a visit and includes work by Spanish artists.

Many time their holiday in Bilbao for the BBK live festival, a three-day rock and pop music extravaganza on top of a lush mountain. This event is held in July each year and has its own campsite for parking the motorhome rental.

Tips for Touring in the Basque Country:

It’s a good idea to work on a little rudimentary Spanish before your trip, as English is not widely spoken by the locals. It’s no problem with driving however, as Spanish highways are praised for their high standards of road surface and signage. Bilbao weather is mostly temperate, so no climate hazards here, just get on the road and enjoy!