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Barcelona Motorhome Rental

Barcelona sits on the east coast of Spain, making for a gorgeous holiday destination and the perfect place to start a motorhome tour of the country.


Hiring a motorhome in Barcelona

There are more than 1.6 million people living in Barcelona, a city where the architecture alone is enough of a reason to visit, yet the history, food, and atmosphere is what will make you want to stay. Motorhome Republic has 8 fleets of campervans and RVs to choose from when you’re looking to hire a motorhome in Barcelona. You can pick one up for a long weekend away or a long holiday, and the options for sizes, styles and budgets are comprehensive. 


Things to do with your Barcelona motorhome

There are countless incredible beaches around Spain, but La Concha in San Sebastian is arguably one of the best in both Spain and Europe. It’s almost 6 hours away from Barcelona on the opposite coastline, but the stretch of golden sand, sun, blue waters and gorgeous seaside is worth the trip.


Just down the coast from San Sebastian is Bilbao, an industrial town that has grown into an art hub thanks to the other-worldly Guggenheim Museum. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and is just as stunning as the artworks it holds. 


The Aqueduct of Segovia is slightly northwest of Madrid, almost 7 hours from Barcelona. This ancient structure is one of the best-preserved in the region and it is thought to have been built sometime in the 1st century AD. 


For those on longer motorhome holidays in Spain, take a drive down to Alhambra, around 8.5 hours (900 kilometres) from Barcelona. This structure is a palace and a fortress at once, having been built in the 14th century on a plateau overlooking Granada. You can take a tour of Alhambra to learn about its rich history. 


Much closer to Barcelona is the Ordesa and Perdido Monte National Park, only 3.5 hours from the city. This stunning national attraction is a World Heritage Site dotted with imposing mountains, scenic lakes and lush forestland. 


The houses of Cuenca need to be seen to be believed. It’s 5.5 hours from Barcelona and is a medieval town built on the sides and tops of extreme cliff faces, many of which were built in the 15th century.


Best times of year to visit Barcelona

Sitting on the Costa Brava (the Wild Coast), Barcelona’s weather can be difficult to predict, but is generally highly agreeable throughout the year with a Mediterranean climate. 


Spring is from March to May and can bring showers, but offers mild temperatures of 16 – 20 degrees Celsius. June, July, and August (summer) are the city’s busiest time, with temperatures reaching 20 – 25 degrees daily with occasional spikes in the 30s as well. 


It begins to cool down in autumn and can rain often, and you’ll occasionally see fog rolling in due to its seaside location. Winter days see temperatures of roughly 5 – 10 degrees Celsius, and while snowfall is rare, it can fall heavily in the Pyrenees. 


The beauty of Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. It is cliched European with outdoor markets, heaving restaurants, churches, art and history. The city breathes with life and is in itself a piece of art. Walking in the city is the best way to explore, so leave your motorhome at the campsite and take to the streets to mingle with the locals.

Gaudi’s masterpieces and so much more

Across the city you’ll see the handiwork of Antonio Gaudi. His distinctive architectural style is breathtaking and has shaped Barca. The most popular of his works is La Segrada de Familia – a basilica that inspires delight. For 40 years of his life, Gaudi worked on this piece and is now buried under it. Still in construction, it was set to be complete in 2026, but this is now unlikely. Gaudi’s original vision for the church was astonishing, considering that in his lifetime the materials he required were not even invented. More of his work can be seen in Park Güell. You can have an inspiring view across the city from here, too.

Take a stroll up Montjuïc Mountain for a sight of the city away from the throngs of tourists. It’s a bit of a hike, but the views are spectacular and at the top you can visit Olympic Park.

Barcelona has 4km of beach. In some parts you can even find an umbrella with a refreshing drink. If you can, lock your valuables in your car away from prying eyes while you head in for a dip. The neighbourhood of Gràcia is a great place to people watch and find plenty of ways to open your wallet. Poble-sec and SantAntoni are the places to be for a good time and great food.

Las Ramblas is the tree-lined, people filled, pedestrian mall in the city. Kiosks, performers, cafes, historical buildings and artwork are dotted along the way. Don’t choose to eat here, just be content with people watching,then take yourself away from the tourist trap of paying too much for lower quality meals.

Away from the city, enjoy the impressive Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres. The building is like a giant work of art and the collection is extraordinary. After a 30-minute drive, settled high in the mountains is the monastery of Montserrat where you can see the Black Madonna. Around 150km north of Barcelona, the Pyrenees divide Spain from France. Drive out for spectacular views or attempt mountaineering or skiing.

Where to park for the night

Around 12km from the city is Camping TresEstrellas. Situated right on the beach and with buses to and from the city (including night buses), this is the perfect base for a summer holiday in Barcelona. Camping Masnou is located in a small town, 15 minutes away. They are open all year round and close to a train station to get into the city.

Camping Barcelona is a little further away, but offers excellent access to the city centre with a free daily bus to PlaçaCatalunya. Travel time is between 30mins and an hour depending on traffic. If you are travelling with children, this is the place to be. They have a small animal farm, circus workshops, swimming lessons and painting.

Camping Bon Repos is a beautiful resort in Santa Susanna, on the very sand of the beach. Enjoy the sea breeze with a beautiful view. It’s an hour by train to the city, or avoid it all together and hit the waterparks only 5km away. You can also take a glass-bottomed boat out on Costa Brava to enjoy the spectacular beaches in the area.

Must-see restaurants in Barcelona

Catalan cuisine is not all about tapas, like the rest of Spain – traditionally, Catalonians will eat a three-course meal. Paella is a classic Catalan dish made with seafood and sometimes black squid ink. Pa ambtomàquet is bread with squashed tomatoes, olive oil and cured meat; and gazpacho is a refreshingly cold tomato soup.

CincSentits offers a combination of classic dishes created with elegance and twisted new concepts that delight all of the senses. As far as top-end restaurants go, this is still relatively affordable and impeccably delicious. Dos Cielos, Moments and Tickets are all creative and delectable.

Eating on the cheap is tasty and easy. La Taquería does Mexican street food with tacos and quesadillas. Cat Bar is vegan, punk and brewing with craft beer. Pop in for a knock-your-socks-off veggie burger. For a quick bite, you can’t go past Lata-Berna – a creative tapas bar where flavour goes to procreate. Bacoa is an institution in Barcelona. It’s a burger joint but with mouth-watering gourmet ingredients.

For something in the middle – a quiet dinner, good bottle of red and something chocolately to finish – try Bohèmic. This is a small, family restaurant with big flavours and beautiful presentation. Belvedere is also a nice place with traditional food and a delightful terrace. At Platja Ca la Nuri the seafood is fresh, the wine chilled and you can keep your toes in the sand.

Penedès, Priorat, Costers del Segre, Alella and Terra Alta all come under ‘what to drink.’ Catalonia is known for its good wine. Try a few and also look to visit some of the wine caves in the area.

Barcelona weather forecast

During August, tourists descend on Barcelona. During the month, the busiest time of year, a tenth of the shops in Barcelona shut down, so their owners can take vacations too. Winter is a lovely time to visit the city, however between April and June, and September and November, are the most pleasant temperatures. Summer can get incredibly hot.

Where to rent a motorhome

Wicked campers are a great budget option if you’re happy with limited living space. These vans are simple to drive and park, and are easily recognisable.
McRent supply most booking services and are one of the most popular caravan rental companies in Europe, meaning wherever you are, there’s always help if you need it.
Chilicampers are a Catalonian-based family company with modern and classic Volkswagen campervans and buses for rent. The fully equipped campers give you the freedom to be a little more spontaneous with your travels and are easy to drive and park.

Spaceships Campervans

You’ll find Spaceships campervans in Barcelona at C-31, Km 186.2, Autovia de Castelldefels, Gava. It’s about 10 minutes and 20 Euros by taxi from the airport, or you can catch the L94 or L94 bus from central Barcelona, which takes about 35 minutes. All Spaceships hires come with unlimited kilometres, 24 roadside assistance, no extra drivers’ fees, and basic insurance (third party). You’ve got the choice of four affordable campervans in Barcelona with Spaceships. The largest - The Voyager - is designed for groups of four to five, is a Ford Transit Custom model, and has two double beds. All other options are two-berth. The Alpha is the original standard camper, painted in Spaceships’ custom bright orange, and is the cheapest in the range. The Beta is the newer version of the Alpha, which has a few redesigns and extras such as ABS brakes, air bags, and a dual slide door. The most popular camper hire is the VW Camper Car, which is the newest model and is a VW Caddy. As none of these rental options have on-board showers or toilets, you’ll need to stay in campgrounds or caravan parks during your holiday. The Spaceships depot is open 9am to 5pm every day of the week. 


Pure Motorhomes and McRent Motorhomes

Pure Motorhomes and McRent Motorhomes share a depot at Ctra. Manresa-Berga (C-16) Km. 59, Sallent. It’s 74 kilometres from there to Barcelona Airport, and you can cover that with a transfer for 90 Euros, or taxi a taxi for about 150 Euros. The motorhomes for hire from Pure and McRent cater to any group size or budget. At the smaller end of the range are two-berth campervans that provide a few basic cooking essentials, a double bed, and a set of wheels. For groups of two looking to travel in comfort with all the amenities on board, there are also two-person compact motorhomes with small kitchens and bathrooms, or even vans with these facilities without the size of a motorhome. There are multiple options for mid-sized groups looking for motorhomes of four to six berths, such as the Group Family Plus or the Family Luxury Sunlight. The depot is open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Drop offs run from 10am to noon, and pick ups start at 4pm and go until 7pm. Be sure to return your motorhome on time as lateness will incur at 29 Euro hourly fee. 


Big Sky Motorhomes

Big Sky motorhomes offers a large range of RV rentals in Barcelona. At the largest end of the selection are the G and H models, which are suited to groups of up to seven people, are late model vehicles, have all the features you need in a motorhome and are very affordable. Big Sky’s mid-size range has plenty of new cabover models for between four and six people, and groups of two can choose between standard campervans or comfortable compact motorhomes. The Big Sky depot is found at C-31 road, km. 191,5, El Prat de Llobregat. It’s only a couple of minute from Barcelona Airport’s terminal 2, and about 8 minutes from terminal 1. There are free transfers to get you to and from the airport when you are renting a motorhome for seven days or more. The depot has different opening times depending on the season. From April to October, it’s open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and between 4pm and 8pm, and on Saturdays from 11am to 1.30pm. From November to March, Big Sky is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm, and between 4pm and 7pm, but is closed on Saturdays. If you need to pick up or return your motorhome one a public holiday, you may be able to arrange this in advance. 


Enviro Campers and Autocaravan Express

Enviro Campers and Autocaravan Express don’t have depots in Barcelona, so a company representative will meet you at the airport or at your Barcelona hotel to go through the paperwork and instructions. Most drop offs and inspections will also occur at the airport so you don’t need to worry about getting to and from depots around the city. The normal timetable for pick ups and returns is from 10am to 1pm, and between 4pm and 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays from 10.30am to 1pm. The motorhome fleet available for hire in Barcelona from Enviro Campers is massive, ranging from standard two-berth sleepervans to luxury, near-new six-berth motorhomes with all the modern comforts such as TVs, kitchens and bathrooms. Autocaravan Express also has a wide range on offer, such as the luxury Hymer-EXSIS bus-style RV with space for six, or the compact two-berth Weinsberg-541 van with bathroom and kitchen. To rent with Autocaravan Express, the driver must be aged 26 or over, and have had a B class driver’s license for at least two years. 


Camping tips

  • If you want to head out and enjoy the Barcelona night life, check if your campsite has a curfew and when transport stops for the night.

  • Barcelona is Europe's pickpocketing capital.

  • Be aware that sometimes menus and staff only come in Spanish.

  • Meal times are generally: breakfast at 9am, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9pm. Many shops stay open until very late.