Motorhome Rental Special Offers in South Africa

Grab a discount on South Africa camper hire
Everyone loves a bargain deal, and here on the Motorhome Republic South Africa Specials page you are guaranteed to find one. Whether you are embarking on a 4WD safari at one of the many nature reserves, taking in Table Mountain in Cape Town or just going where the roads take you, our discounts are worth taking advantage of. The Motorhome Republic network operates across the world, with 450+ depots in nearly 30 countries, so you are working with the industry leaders. We have the specials and promos all year round, to save you dollars on your camper South Africa vacation. 
Who do we work with?
There are so many companies competing in the South Africa RV industry, it’s difficult to know who to choose. That’s where we come in, pooling together all of the top brands in one easy-to-use search engine. Major camper rental companies and local ones are here for you to choose from. In terms of specials and offers, a Long Hire RV Discount is especially popular in South Africa. So if your holiday is likely to last more than 30-50 days, you are in luck. There are significant discounts off base rental rates when you book through Motorhome Republic. You can also find Early Bird Discounts, last-minute specials and free days of rental – just keep checking our rentals page and don’t miss out.   
Special deals, special service
Here at Motorhome Republic we have established ourselves as industry leaders thanks to exceptional customer service and product delivery. Our consultants are on hand 24 hours a day on weekdays, 12 hours a day on weekends, so you are guaranteed a professional support network. Multi-lingual and experienced, they have first-hand knowledge of all the latest specials on offer. Please give us a call if you want to know more – then we can get you to South Africa on the best deal possible.