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Scandinavia motorhome rental

In the northern reaches of the cultural patchwork that is Europe lies Scandinavia, a wonderful land of many faces. The region includes Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden for a huge range of amazing places to explore - and a Scandinavia campervan rental is the best way to see it all.


Scandinavia motorhome rental deals

Motorhome Republic can help you to make your Scandinavian holiday dreams a reality. We have on our books plenty of rental outlets for campervan hire from Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, offering many options for all prospective road trippers. Enter your details into the simple search engine, browse the list of vehicles and find the one which is perfect for you, your travel companions and your plans.


Our established relationship with local suppliers combined with global buying power means we can offer some of the best rates on the market. What’s more, keep an eye out for specials and deals advertised on the main page or earmarked in the search results - you might just pick up a bargain for your motorhome adventure in Scandinavia.


Spectacular cities

One of the best facets of Scandinavia are the incredible cities dotted across the group of nations. These colourful and classy urban centres are filled to the brim with culture, art, shopping, dining and everything you could ever want from a city break.  A camper rental in one of these amazing spots will allow flexibility in where you stay and for how long - the ultimate convenience for any holiday. 

Copenhagen sits astride a canal on the shore of the Oresund, an edgy and worldly place with style in spades. Venture farther north and you’ll find the gorgeous Stockholm which bursts with history and beautiful architecture, along with Oslo which adds a touch of sophistication to the untouched beauty of Norway. 


Finland’s Helsinki is a harbourside haven, surrounded by water, blessed with many heritage buildings and fast catching up to its stylish Danish, Swedish and Norwegian cousins in the design stakes. Across the Norwegian Sea lies Iceland and its gorgeous capital Reykjavik, a creative and quirky place which is small but cosmopolitan.


Jaw-dropping nature

Man-made wonders aside, Scandinavia has another set of assets: gorgeous landscapes, stunning coastlines and a range of diverse natural features. A campervan hire will get you up close and personal with the highlights of the land, with the freedom to detour where you wish and stop and stare to your heart’s content.


The Northern Lights are a bucket-list experience which are served up on a platter in the northern reaches of Scandinavia. But if you don’t get the opportunity to gaze upon Aurora Borealis, don’t fret - there are plenty of wonders to view down on earth too. 


The Norwegian fjords are without a doubt one of the most amazing places on earth - steep-walled valleys where calm waters lie at the base of soaring mountain peaks, plunging cliffs and pretty waterfalls. Winter in Finnish Lapland is a charming wonderland of snowy forests, while summer offers midnight sun. 


Iceland’s glaciers, geysers, caves and mountains provided endless spectacle for sightseers, and the archipelagos on Sweden’s Baltic coastline are heaven for island-hoppers. Inland, Lake Siljan is quite the treat for the eyes and Norway has some fantastic alpine scenery with plenty of opportunity for hiking.


When to book

Although you can visit Scandinavia all year round, the best time for a campervan road trip is undoubtedly during the summer when you can make the most of the great outdoors - ideally between June and September. We recommend booking at least a few months in advance or as early as you can to ensure there will be availability, especially for peak periods like July and August.


For viewing the northern lights, the best time is widely acknowledged as late autumn, winter and early spring. So, bundle up and book a Scandinavia motorhome rental for the colder months - just make sure it’s equipped for wintery roads!