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Campervan Hire Verona:

‘In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…’ Four of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Verona, most famously the romance of Romeo and Juliet. Lay the scene for your own romantic interlude in the city that has so many perfectly preserved buildings and monuments to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Seeing it with a motorhome hire enables you to choose your own pace and itinerary.


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We have had over 100,000 road-trippers book their campervan holidays with us, and are proud of our record and service. You can be part of the story by simply visiting our website, or downloading our mobile app. Give us some details to work with, such as your travel itinerary, and we will show you every available camper for your Verona adventure. Compare the specifications easily, then when you have made a choice, book securely online. Any other questions can be answered over the phone by our motorhome experts, available around the clock.

Road Trips from Verona

Verona Villafranca Airport is just 5km from the city and serves a local population of over four million people, having the nearest facilities not just for Verona, but three other surrounding districts. From Verona you are close to Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy. It is just over an hour’s driving time to Venice or Milan depending if you are heading East or West. Bologna and Genoa are other cities to consider for an excursion out of the city.

Where to stay in Verona

Park up your motorhome rental at Camping Castel San Pietro, a campground right within the city walls. It has terraces overlooking the city, an area to pick herbs for cooking on the motorhome stove and a mini-market with fresh juices, smoothies and local wines.

Food and Drink in Verona

Verona is blessed with a great climate and fertile soils, so has plenty of local produce to be proud of. Particularly noteworthy are the Vialone Nano, a variety of rice perfect for risottos, a red radish with its own DOP status, and Soppressa Salami.

But the region is best known for its wine, which includes the Valpolicella DOC. Towards Lake Garda are very historic wineries – younger, more modern innovators are spreading east in the Verona Hills. There are many wineries to visit, but La Bignele in the village of Marano is great value. They make everything from fragrant, young Valpolicella Classico, to complex Amarone, a hearty red wine which can get up to 17% alcohol per volume. They finish tastings with luscious Recioto, a desert wine. Be sure to allocate a sober motorhome driver!

Agriturismi, are vineyards or farms with accommodation. San Mattia is a vineyard and working farm, where you stay in the 14-room bed and breakfast, eat a five course dinner and drink the wine made on site. Cin cin!

Tourism in Verona: What to see and do

The centre of the city is the Piazza Bra, where the Arena Roman Amphitheatre is located. This Roman structure was built in the first century AD, some time around the end of Augustus’ reign and the beginning of Claudius, and is the third largest of its kind in Italy. It is still very much a living venue - through the summer months a full operatic schedule is performed there, with thousands of spectators. Also in the Piazza Bra is Barbieri Palace, the city’s municipal building, and the Gran Guardia Palace.

It is possible to visit Juliet’s house in Verona. A 13th-century villa bears the coat of arms of ‘Dal Cappello’ and is open to visitors. It has a balcony where you can relive the young heroine’s plight, and is fitted out with the velvet costumes worn by the actors of Metro Goldwyn Meyer’s classic movie.

Driving Tips in Verona

The Autostrades are toll motorways and will apply when coming in or out of the city. The fees depend on your route, but seven Euros per 100km is a handy calculation. The speed limit on motorways is 130km per hour, unless it is raining, then it reduces to 110km/hour.