C30 - Large Motorhome de Cruise America (International)

Véhicule avec 7 sièges, 7 couchettes
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The C30 is the largest motor home in the supplier's fleet and can sleep a family of up to 7 people. There is a large separate bedroom at the rear with a 5ft wide bed. There is a double bed over the cab, a convertible sofa bed and a convertible dinette bed. It also features a separate shower (from toilet/basin). This economical family unit has all the self-contained features you expect. Please see price details for a full list of inclusions. Miles are charged at $0.35 per mile or you can pre-purchase discounted mileage packs on this website at time of booking.

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Age du véhicule 2015 ou plus récent
Marque / Modèle Ford
Moteur Ford V-10 Chassis Engine
Transmission Automatique
Type de carburant Petrol
Consommation moyenne -
Transfert Gratuit
Linge / Literie
Cuisine équipée
Assistance Routière 24/24
Frais One Way
Informations Touristiques / Cartes
Eau chaude Gaz
Air Con - Driver’s Cab
Climatisation - Cabine principale
Heating - Driver’s Cab
Chauffage - Cabine principale
Table de cuisson Gaz x 3 brûleurs
Réfrigérateur/Congélateur Réfrigérateur/Congélateur (capacity unknown)
Capacité couchage 6 adultes, 1 enfant
Ceintures 2 dans la cabine conducteur5 à l'arrière
Sièges pour enfant Check with your local pick up for specifics, but most of our vehicles have 2 anchor points at the dinette table.
Âge minimum du conducteur 21
Permis poids lourds exigé Non
Dessus Cabine - 1.4m x 2.4m (4′7″ x 7′10″)
Coin-repas - 1m x 1.7m (3′3″ x 5′7″)
Lit Double permanent - 1.5m x 1.8m (4′11″ x 5′11″)
Canapé - 1.1m x 1.7m (3′7″ x 5′7″)
Régulateur de vitesse électronique
Freinage ABS
Accès intérieur
Moustiquaires Information requise
Source de courant 110V & 9V-Battery, 30 AMP
Générateur Des frais s'appliquent
Adapté aux handicaps
Animaux autorisés Information requise
Eau Douce 140L (37gal)
Eaux Grises 75L (20gal)
Eaux Noires 90L (24gal)
Carburant 205L (54gal)
Bouteille de gaz 36L (9.5 Gallon)
Port iPod / USB
Lecteur MP3/MP4
Longueur 9m (29′6″)
Largeur 3m (9′10″)
Hauteur 3.7m (12′2″)
Hauteur intérieure -

Toutes les dimensions indiquées sont approximatives et ne sont pas garanties. Les spécifications mentionnées peuvent être sujets à modifications sans préavis.

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    10625 Central Ave NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87123

    Your first overnight in North America, after an international flight, should be in a motel/hotel. For safety reasons the supplier does not allow renters to drive a motorhome on flight arrival day.

    'Regular' renters
    Vehicle departure time for regular renters is between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. Please note that the pickup time you select is not guaranteed, please call the rental centre in the morning of departure day to arrange a vehicle departure time. Please do not arrive at the rental centre unannounced.

    Please make your own way to the rental centre, at your own expense, unless you have booked an 'Early Bird Departure Special'.

    'Early Birders'
    You can pre-purchase an 'Early Bird Departure Special (EBDS)' for a vehicle departure time between 9:00am and 12:00pm. The fee also includes return transfers from a designated area (see below). Please note, if you are outside of the designated transfer area, the transfer costs will remain your expense.

    Please call the rental centre one day before you are scheduled to travel to arrange your transfer and early arrival. 

    Before you depart
    You will be provided with a familiarization tour on the operation of the vehicle, before departure. The tour takes approximately 25 minutes.
    Please also take time to ensure that the vehicle is clean to your personal standard and satisfactorily equipped before you sign the vehicle acceptance form.  Be sure to have any items corrected prior to departure if you are not happy.


    'Regular' renters

    Vehicles must be returned between 9:00am and 11:00am. Please note that you will need to arrange your own return transfer, at your own expense.

    'Early Birders'
    Vehicles may be returned between 9:00am and 3:00pm. The fee also includes return transfers from a designated area (see below). Please note, if you are outside of the designated transfer area, the transfer costs will remain your expense.

    Please note: The supplier advises customers not to schedule morning or early afternoon flights as it will take time to return your vehicle and get to the airport.

    Late return fees / charges
    A fee of $25 per hour will be charged for each hour that the vehicle is overdue without permission.  You agree to return vehicle in the same condition as it was received, excluding normal wear and tear.  Depending on local conditions, a cleaning and/or waste tank evacuation fee may be assessed at vehicle return up to $150.  You will also pay for damages or loss of equipment.  There are no refunds for early returns.

    General Information

    Days closed

    All rental centres are closed on Sundays and holidays. There are no departures on Sundays except for Early Bird Departure Specials which can be scheduled on Sundays that are NOT holidays, by request only.  No returns can be scheduled on Sundays or holidays, under any circumstances.

    Designated transfer area for EBDS customers: Click here

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