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Our travel itineraries will provide eye-opening ideas for future vacations, taking in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, UK and everywhere in-between. Bucket List articles feed the wandering spirit, focusing on the likes of the glorious east coast of Ireland, Norway’s Atlantic Road, the stunning and ethereal landscape of NZ’s South Island, the Winelands of South Africa and many more destinations.
We’re hoping our events section will become an essential guide, as we highlight sporting tournaments, music festivals and all of the wonderful opportunities only accessible with a campervan rental. Industry news is also of paramount importance, along with fun videos and Motorhome Movies, capturing the real essence of what we’re all about.

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  • Combining the picturesque wineries of Victoria with motorhome adventure, the Maui Winery Havens is a unique Australian getaway. Hit the road in your own hotel on wheels, with five world-class wineries to choose from. 
  • Put simply, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of breathtaking scenery and fabulous natural attractions, stretching along the coast of southern Australia. 
  • You have to be careful with Ireland… it’s just too easy to get lost in the place. My east coast experience left me with soulful memories of the glories of nature, welcoming smiles and liquid black stuff called Guinness that should be on everybody’s liquid wish list.
  • When you think of Norway, skiing, whale meat and reindeer probably spring to mind. But there’s a special holiday perfect for motorhome travellers. 
  • It’s called Godzone for a reason – and we are so blessed here in New Zealand. Lord of the Rings has undoubtedly helped put Aotearoa on the international tourism map, but the South Island has always been a jaw-dropping destination. 
  • America is a vast expanse, with hundreds of motorhome road-trip options – but one region often overlooked is the stunning north-east coast of Portland, Oregon. 
  • No motorhome road-trip bucket list would be complete without getting up close and personal to the most beautiful and diverse wildlife on the planet – and South Africa’s Kruger National Park offers up a truly unforgettable adventure, with some of the best infrastructure, information and facilities for a self-drive safari.  
  • Spreading inland from Cape Town are the Cape Winelands. Without doubt, this is some of the most breathtaking scenery in South Africa. And alongside the rolling hills and majestic mountains, you can partake of the most luscious varieties of wine. 
  • The beauty of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is its location in Australia and New Zealand. Never have two countries been so suited for campervan hire and travelling the open road. 
  • Pick-up a campervan in Auckland and enjoy a stunning New Zealand road trip, while taking in two cracking England World Cup fixtures, in Wellington and Christchurch
  • Stunning Queenstown is at the heart of New Zealand tourism. More travellers are landing at Queenstown Airport every year and whether you pick up your motorhome here or elsewhere, it's the ultimate road trip with so many things to do.
  • Planning to attend a summer festival in the United States? An RV rental will protect you from the worst of the weather and provide you with a few welcome home comforts.

  • “The Alice” is almost a mythical place, the enigmatic centre of Australia in many ways. Geographically, it sits darn near the middle of the continent in all directions, and it is the urban hub for the vast and sparsely inhabited Outback region. With a strong Aboriginal connection, an affinity for visual arts of many genres and a diverse population, it also has a place at the cultural heart of Australia.
  • The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is taking place Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, from February 14 to March 29. It’s the ideal opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s major sporting events, while travelling around these beautiful countries in a campervan.
  • Cricket fans around the globe are already counting down to the 2015 World Cup – so why not take advantage of the event being staged in New Zealand and combine it with the motorhome adventure of a lifetime?