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Our travel itineraries will provide eye-opening ideas for future vacations, taking in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Canada, UK and everywhere in-between. Bucket List articles feed the wandering spirit, focusing on the likes of the glorious east coast of Ireland, Norway’s Atlantic Road, the stunning and ethereal landscape of NZ’s South Island, the Winelands of South Africa and many more destinations.
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  • New Zealand is all about natural attractions. From the “100% Pure” tourism campaigns to the Lord of the Rings vistas, the country has a reputation for untouched landscapes, welcoming wilderness and spectacular scenery. And the best way to experience all of that picture-postcard perfection is undoubtedly by camping: it’s cheap, fun and puts as little civilisation between you and beautiful New Zealand as possible.
  • While conventional camping stereotypes imply roughing it, a motorhome road trip can be the exact opposite, incorporating glamour and luxury with a sense of adventure. If you get the right vehicle, there’s no need to sacrifice your creature comforts. A plush rental can come equipped with everything you require for the smoothest ride of your life! 
  • Camping in Australia is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with a beautiful corner of the globe, that’s slightly on the larger side! The country’s natural attractions are its best features, and you can see them all when you rent a motorhome. Just hit the roads by day and park up at night.
  • The price of petrol is a small detail which has a big effect on the cost of living, cost of travel... the cost of pretty much everything. Gas prices are lower than they have been in a while, so it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the road in a motorhome rental. If you’ve been delaying that once-in-a-lifetime road trip you’ve always dreamed of, get packing. With cheap petrol worldwide, you can have your pick of routes and destinations. Motorhome Republic can help you find the perfect set of wheels and accommodation rolled into one.
  • Easter can sometimes fly under the radar as a holiday, as it may not have the same festive atmosphere as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, but it does have something they don’t: a guaranteed four-day weekend. With Good Friday and Easter Monday off work, you can take the opportunity for a break and head out on the road for a quick motorhome camping trip.
  • Be ready for an adventure when you touch down in Hobart and pick up a motorhome! Tasmania is an island of wilderness and scenery with pockets of civilisation, and it is the perfect spot for a week of freedom with your own wheels and accommodation.
  • Itinerary: Adelaide / Victor Harbour / Robe / Mount Gambier / Portland / Great Ocean Road, Torquay / Melbourne
  • The road trip south from Brisbane to Sydney is one of Australia’s most exciting motorhome adventures. It encompasses all the very best that campervan travel has to offer. A stunning coastal drive, vast selection of crisp, sandy beaches and numerous outdoor adventures, as you take in rainforests, national parks and the kind of wildlife you only find in the southern hemisphere. 
  • Itinerary:  Sydney / Woollongong / Kiama / Nowra / Batemans Bay / Eden / Bairnsdale / Melbourne / Phillip Island / Great Ocean Road
  • Just because it’s winter in the US doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy glorious sunshine… just take an RV rental holiday in Florida. The humid subtropical climate means the average high in Miami in January is around a very pleasant 75 degrees farenheit, getting even warmer in February. And with so much to do, major attractions to enjoy and beaches to laze on, a Florida motorhome adventure is the perfect way to kick-start any year. 
  • Booking a motorhome hire is the beginning of an adventure, so make sure you start on the right foot! Here are some tips from Phil Wright, Operations Manager at Motorhome Republic, to help you keep costs down and plan strategically for the best and most affordable holiday in your very own home on wheels.
  • When it comes to family holidays, a motorhome rental is a great choice. Kids will love the freedom of being on the road and the novelty of their own home on wheels - plus there is also a great sense of community in campsites and holiday parks all over the world. Here are a few more reasons to consider taking to the road for your next getaway with the whole clan:
  • New Zealand rental booking company Motorhome Republic is about to celebrate its 100,000th customer, as the Kiwi firm continues to punch above its weight in the extremely competitive international travel sector. 
  • One of the biggest global sporting events is coming to New Zealand. From May 30 to June 20, 2015, the FIFA U-20 World Cup is being held in Aotearoa – and Motorhome Republic can’t wait. Across seven cities in the North and South Islands, 24 teams will compete for the coveted trophy. It’s the perfect opportunity for a camping adventure, combining the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand with your favourite teams and one of the most prestigious carnivals on the footballing calendar. Follow Motorhome Republic for itinerary ideas, match and ticket information and so much more…
  • Although camping is about getting back to nature, a smartphone can make things easier and allow you to relax and enjoy your campervan road trip with little stress. Motorhome Republic has searched high and low to find the best Australia motorhome apps to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.