5 Tips for Tasty Motorhome Cooking

5 Tips for Tasty Motorhome Cooking

You may have limited space at your disposal when cooking in a motorhome but that’s no reason to stop you making delicious, simple meals that will have everyone talking.

One of the greatest joys of holidaying is indulging in delicious food. Restaurants and markets both offer delectable options to the travelling gourmand but going out for every meal can get a little pricey, not to mention that you miss out on the excitement of crafting mouthwatering dishes yourself. Of course, journeying in a motorhome puts its own unique set of restrictions on what can be done in the “kitchen” but to those who know the tricks of the trade, a motorhome is the perfect place to produce gastronomical delights. Of all our RV tips, these are certainly the tastiest...

1. Plan your meals

When you’re at home, it’s easy enough to make up meals on the spot - throw in a bit of this and a bit of that and just see how you go! But when you’re travelling in a motorhome you don’t have a full pantry at your disposal. Space is at a premium, no matter how big your RV is, meaning that you can only bring a select handful of ingredients. This isn’t a problem though if you know in advance what you’re planning to cook. Ziploc bags are a lifesaver here, allowing you to take exactly what you need and nothing more. Making a menu ahead of time might seem like a bit of effort, but you’ll find that the time you spend is amply rewarded.

2. Marinate early

Nothing gives a meal that full, rich quality like a good marinade. Prepare meat and/or veges before you go away and store them (marinade and all) in those handy little ziploc bags. No mess, no fuss and instant flavour. This isn’t something that’s strictly necessary but it certainly will go a long way toward making sure that you eat like royalty on your motorhome adventure. 

3. Pick the right motorhome

All motorhomes are not created equal, when it comes to making meals anyway. Before choosing your motorhome rental, have a think about what cooking facilities you think you’ll need and how that squares up with your options. Remember to keep an open mind - just because a motorhome doesn’t have all the mod-cons that are available to you at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little creativity and make delectable dishes anyway.

4. Make the most of leftovers

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have a little left over when you finish your tasty creation. Depending on the dish, these can often be incorporated into the next day’s lunch, and extra ingredients can become the basis for a whole new meal. All it takes is a little forethought and you can make your life a whole lot easier and save money at the same time! 

5. Bring condiments

If there’s one thing that can raise a meal from merely mediocre to marvellously mouthwatering, it’s spices. Salt and pepper are obvious (and essential) things to bring along, but don’t neglect the slightly more uncommon herbs and spices. Chili powder will add a bit of a zing to any meal, while thyme works with a wide variety of meat dishes. Condiments don’t take up much space and difference they make is phenomenal, so bring along some old favourites or try out something new.



We’re taking a motorhome trip through the South Island of New Zealand this week - if you have any tried and true motorhome recipes we’d love to hear from you! We might even try out the best ones and give you a shout out... Share your expertise with us in the comments below and follow our travels using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the hashtag #LetsGoMotorhome. You will be able to follow our journey through Queenstown, Christchurch, Nelson, Greymouth and the many other beautiful places on display in New Zealand's South Island.


Written By: Meghan Advent

Struck with an incurable case of wanderlust many years ago, I have traveled all over the globe determined to see and experience it all. Highlights are an African safari and a Great Barrier Reef diving adventure. From beach to mountains, I love it all! Next to cross off my list, Antarctica - the last and coldest continent for me to experience. Until then, I’m more than happy exploring the beauty and splendour that is Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Inspiring others to travel is what makes me tick, and I hope to help you find your next adventure sooner rather than later!