RV rental Burning Man Guide

RV rental Burning Man Guide

Ten questions you should ask when taking an RV to Burning Man 2015

This vehicle is the heartbeat of your Burning Man 2015 adventure. It’s your home, your transport, your shelter, your kitchen, your toilet, your shower… your everything. So it helps if you prepare well. Motorhome Republic has compiled the essential Q&A for all Burning Man travellers in an RV Rental, motorhome or campervan.  

Ten key questions you must ask yourself:

1 - How many people are travelling with me to the festival?

This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. Do you need 2-berth, 4-berth, 6-berth, etc? Some companies only offer smaller campervans for Burning Man, while the bigger names can deliver larger motorhomes. Is someone coming at the last minute? If so, make sure you have the space and go for a larger RV – you don’t want to be too squeezed during seven days in the desert!

2 - What are we doing for food?

Burning Man 2015 is a self-sufficient festival and you need to provide your own meals. So, what kitchen facilities and utensils are available in the RV and who is doing the cooking? It’s a long old trip and you do not want to be caught hungry! Also, how big is the fridge?

3 - How am I going to get this vehicle clean?

Seven days exposed to sun and sand would dry anything out and your RV needs to be pretty spotless to get your deposit back. Do you require specific cleaning equipment? When you pick up your vehicle, ask the supplier what you can do to keep things clean.

4 - What do I do with effluence?

If you want to make use of your own toilet, shower and sink you will need a self-contained RV. There are no dump sites, but there are servicing trucks which will empty black and grey water for a fee - $50 for RVs up to 24ft in length, and $60 for those 25-30ft. To make use of this service, bring cash and flag down the truck when needed.

5 - Traffic conditions on the way in, should I be worried?

Yes, you should! Plan for a long, arduous trip, wherever you’re coming from. The gateway to the park only opens at a certain time – there are no short-cuts. Get ready for a long wait, so make sure you have plenty of music, cards, game ideas and a relaxed outlook!

6 - Are there any sites that have expert advice, other than the brilliant Motorhome Republic?

Yes there are. Burningman.org is the official site, and this link will provide a few basic tips. And don’t be too influenced by negative posters regarding the festival. There’s nothing like this on earth, but if you go with an open mind, it really will change your life. Also, scalpers are very much frowned upon and there’s a very efficient Secure Ticket Exchange Program for tickets and vehicle passes here.

7 - Can I decorate my RV?

Many Burners indulge in this, but most of them actually own the RV. You have to ensure that you return your Burning Man motorhome rental in the same condition as when you picked it up. Remember, there will be another travel party using the vehicle after you drop it off, who are also about to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

8 - What is life like in the desert?

Life on the Playa can be harsh. It is hot at daytime and cool at night. You will need clothes for the heat and the cold. There can be dust storms, so you may want to bring suitable protection. But the desert is what makes the festival so special.

9 - Do I need to buy a special ticket to take an RV to the festival?

Yes, that’s imperative. You will require a vehicle pass in addition to your event ticket.

10 - Can I drive my RV around the Playa?

You may drive to your camping spot, but you can’t use your RV transportation on the Playa for the duration of your stay. This can cause safety issues and will be strictly enforced. You will also need a Burning Man DMV permit. People usually use push bicycles to get around and some rental companies offer these for hire.

So, what have we missed? If you’ve travelled to the Burning Man before, get in touch with your Q&A ideas. Or if you have some invaluable advice to share, please get in touch.

Are you looking for an outside of the box alternative? Pick-up your RV from Salt Lake City, for good availability and a memorable road trip. Read our guide "Salt Lake City to Burning Man in an RV" and be inspired. If availability is low in Salt Lake City (which it will be if you are booking close to the festival!) consider Las Vegas for your RV rental. San Francisco and Sacramento should also be considered.

Written By: Alex Bell

A journalist and editor for nearly two decades, I am originally from London but proudly call New Zealand home. Having travelled the South Island in a campervan, I know exactly how liberating motorhomes and campers can be. It’s a great opportunity to be part of Motorhome Republic, as we look to educate and encourage people to hit the road in what is, essentially, a portable hotel! I will be creating interesting industry articles, travel itineraries, road-trip ideas, movies and so much more. Come along for the ride!