Paying for Your Motorhome Rental

Paying for Your Motorhome Rental

It’s not the fun part of your trip, but it can be quick and painless.

There’s a lot more that goes into a motorhome holiday than just hitting the road and driving into the sunset. There’s the planning, the packing, the anticipation… all of these parts can be fun or exciting in their own way and build up to the actual journey. Paying for your motorhome rental however, while also an integral part of prepping for your trip, is hard to get excited about. But it can be fast, painless and straightforward. To make sure you have the tools you need to get this dull bit of holiday prep out of the way as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve laid out all the info you might require when getting ready to pay for your campervan hire. Take a look below before you book and pay for your motorhome rental and you’ll be done and dusted with all that boring stuff in no time - leaving you free to enjoy all the amazing parts of planning and taking a motorhome holiday.

Understand what you’re paying for

If you’re confused at all about your motorhome rental price breakdown, call the team at Motorhome Republic and we’ll explain it all.

This bit isn’t quite as simple as you might imagine. There are a few different things you might be paying for when you book a campervan. The motorhome hire itself will be paid to Motorhome Republic, the bond will be paid to your motorhome supplier, and additional items will be payable on arrival at the depot. If you have any questions about the breakdown of your price summary, get in touch with the team at Motorhome Republic and we’ll help you out.

Your credit card

Having a credit card in the name of the designated driver is essential for anyone hoping to hire a motorhome.

Visa and Mastercard are the only two payment options accepted by Motorhome Republic. Most motorhome rental suppliers will also require a credit card, so make sure that whoever is responsible for booking your vehicle has a current credit card. While you can use any Visa or Mastercard to make the booking itself, the designated driver of the motorhome will need to present a credit card in their own name at the pickup depot, so if that’s you, don’t forget to bring it along!

Another thing to consider is whether or not you have enough available funds on your credit card. You bond will either be frozen or deducted from your card, and if you don’t have enough funds free on your card then your motorhome holiday is a non-starter.

Just so you’re not confused when checking your credit card bill later on, it pays to be aware that Motorhome Republic charges a nominal 2% credit card fee for every transaction.


Protection Plus Excess Refund Insurance ensures that even if you do have an accident, you won’t be out of pocket for long.

Picking up insurance for your campervan rental, beyond the base amount that’s included in the hire, can give you peace of mind and really help out if anything goes wrong while you’re on the road. To learn more about your options when it comes to motorhome rental insurance, take a look at this piece which outlines all you need to know to make sure you’re covered.

Other charges

Motorhome rental suppliers in some countries will charge for mileage - remember to take this into account when planning your trip.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be miscellaneous charges that you accumulate over the course of your motorhome rental road trip. In many countries, there will be a mileage fee, payable on completion of your trip. To cut down on the amount you’ll pay for miles, Motorhome Republic offers mileage packages in a number of nations - if you know how many miles you’ll be travelling, this can be a fantastic money saving option. Other countries which generally avoid charging for mileage may still have other fees which tie into how far you travel, like diesel taxes. Any traffic infringement fines must be paid online directly to the appropriate authorities, and toll road charges (for roads that don’t feature toll booths) should be paid online within a few days of when you use the road.

It might seem like a lot to take in at first, but when you actually get down to it the payment part of your motorhome journey will be done before you know it. That leaves exciting stuff like making your itinerary, getting ready to go and striking out for the unknown in your campervan hire.

Written By: Kristof Haines

It’s funny how motorhome memories stick with you. I can still recall a motorhome vacation my family took when I was five years old and how awesome I thought I was, tucked away in a loft bed above the cab. From revealing unique destinations to providing tips and tricks, it’s my mission to help others build great motorhome memories too.