Family holidays in a motorhome rental made easy

Family holidays in a motorhome rental made easy

Pick up a camper rental with Motorhome Republic and hit the road for a fantastic family holiday!

When it comes to family holidays, a motorhome rental is a great choice. Kids will love the freedom of being on the road and the novelty of their own home on wheels - plus there is also a great sense of community in campsites and holiday parks all over the world. Here are a few more reasons to consider taking to the road for your next getaway with the whole clan.


Family travel made easy

A motorhome means only having to unpack once, a godsend with small children. It allows the flexibility to set your own schedule around naps, bedtimes and particular interests, and to get off the beaten track for informative and interesting travelling. 

Having your bed, food and transportation in one spot allows so much flexibility in terms of where you go and takes much of the hassle out of getting from point A to B. Once you’ve set up for the night in a campsite or holiday park, there is plenty of space for children to roam and explore, rather than be cooped up in a hotel room. The best of both worlds!


Cheap family holidays

Hiring a motorhome or campervan is also a cost-effective way of seeing a new country in-depth. Don’t pay for a series of hotel rooms which keep you tucked away from the action - get amongst it and enjoy inexpensive holidays with accommodation and transport rolled into one!


Cut costs even further with these options:

  • Hire out of peak season and pay less for your rental and the campgrounds, too. Many places are just as pleasant in spring or autumn - especially in hotter climates, such as Australia! It also means less sunburn worries and easier sleeping in the cooler temperatures - this is a priority with young children!

  • Search out the more minimalist campgrounds if you are OK with roughing it a little! Most countries have government-owned sites in National Parks available at a small free, with running water and basic toilet and shower facilities. Familiarise yourself with the free-camping laws of your host country, as self-contained vehicles can often legally stay in parking lots or rest areas. Additionally, check with your rental company or the friendly Motorhome Republic customer service team whether they offer discounts at affiliated sites or holiday parks.

  • Sign up to the Motorhome Republic mailing list and keep an eye out for specials! A little bit of flexibility with travel times can make a huge difference in price, as it means you can book where the discounts are - very handy for parents with very little ones not yet in school.


Learning Opportunities

The freedom and adventure of a motorhome rental is the perfect setting for an educational journey that the kids will remember forever. Stock up on road-trip game ideas. These can include ticking off a list of things to spot, playing eye spy, making phrases out of the letters on number plates, 20 questions, “name that tune” with an iPod, or anything else you and your family can think of. 

A motorhome road trip is a natural, fun geography lesson. Talk about the places you are passing through, their history and significance. You can pull over at a particularly fascinating spot, go out of your way to visit something that interests the kids, and adjust your itinerary if need be. You have complete flexibility.


Tips from an Expert

We asked Motorhome Republic sales manager Dot McBride for her top tips on family holidays in a motorhome:

  • A 4-berth campervan is a squeeze with two kids, but it is possible if you like each other. For families any larger, Dot recommends a 6-berth Class C. “This is a motorhome with a bed over the cab. Seating directly behind the driver is very handy to keep an eye on the children, and also have a conversation with them while enjoying the scenery.”

  • Having a self-contained motorhome with shower and toilet  is a good idea, especially with young children. Dot says: “In case of emergency and during the night, when you would rather not walk them to the bathroom facilities.”

  • “Don’t forget to add an outdoor table and chairs to your rental because it can get cramped eating inside! Make the most of the weather and scenery where possible.”

  • Of course, Dot’s most important tip relates to safety. “Always ensure the kids are strapped into the proper seats for their age and size. Seat them near the front, close to the driver.”


Now you know the best way to spend your family holiday - happy travels! Let Motorhome Republic get you on the road of any country you'd like to visit including Iceland, France, Canada and New Zealand

Written By: Sarah Glover

I love travelling, and a motorhome is such a great way to get around and get up close and personal with a new country or city. My top motorhome memory is driving a small sleepervan through the highlands of Scotland- a stunning nation and one of my favourite spots on earth! I hope to help you plan your next road trip with handy tips and information. Happy motoring!