6 of Spain’s Lesser Known Treasures

6 of Spain’s Lesser Known Treasures

Use these amazing highlights as a starting point for your next Spain motorhome road trip.

Spain is well trodden ground for tourists in Western Europe and beyond, but just because there are a bunch of famous holiday spots in Spain, that doesn’t mean you can’t find incredible spots that most of the crowds never get to see. In fact, Spain is stacked with hidden highlights just waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to stray a little off the well beaten path. To whet your appetite and give you a little inspiration for your next expedition to the Iberian Peninsula, take a look at these lesser known (but still stunning) Spanish destinations.


Segovia is a beautiful ancient city that’s only a short drive from Madrid, Spain.

Those who pick up a Madrid motorhome rental will have a journey of just a little over an hour to reach the ancient city of Segovia but in spite of its proximity to Spain’s capital, this is well worth a visit by adventurous motorhome explorers. For a start there’s Segovia’s Alcázar, a Moorish castle so perfect in its fairytale form that Walt Disney used it as an inspiration for the now iconic Sleeping Beauty castle. The city’s immense Roman aqueduct is no less impressive in its own way, soaring to almost 30 metres in height and stretching for more than 15 kilometres on its way to Segovia. That’s to say nothing of the soft sandstone and terracotta colours of the city’s architecture, which lend the place an understated but very real beauty.

Els Ports National Park

Quaint villages and majestic wildlife can both be found at Els Ports.

Booking a Barcelona motorhome rental will put you less than half a day’s journey from Els Ports National Park (also known as Els Ports Natural Park or Parc Natural dels Ports). This dramatic limestone landscape is home to all kinds of wildlife including Ibex, Griffon vultures, badgers and wild boar. Anyone who’s keen to escape the bustle of the cities and discover what Spain’s natural assets have to offer should put aside at least one day to spend here. Setting out on foot in the midst of this visually striking park is a must, but you can also stop by the mountain villages at the foothills of the park where you can discover an older, more traditional way of life.


Juzcar was originally painted blue to promote a Smurfs movie, but the town has since embraced its colour change and decided to stick with it.

It’s not unusual to find whitewashed adobe villages in Spain, but finding one where all the houses have been painted bright blue is a little more unique. Just under two hours away for those who’ve booked a Malaga motorhome rental, Juzcar is a colourful treat for those touring southern Spain. The blue is a relatively recent addition, with the entire town donning a new hue as part of a promotion for the Smurfs movie debut. After the promo was over, the village voted to keep the blue and it’s stuck around to this day. Juzcar is also famous for its mushrooms (the reason it was chosen for Smurf status in the first place) and if you visit in autumn you’ll have ample opportunities to sink your teeth into some of the delicious local fungi.


Start out from Valencia to discover the medieval streets of Albarracin.

Once the capital of a Moorish kingdom, Albarracín will cast you right back into the Middle Ages. The town’s proud fortifications are the feature that will immediately capture your attention, but there are all sorts of fascinating things to uncover in Albarracín. Just a little over 2 hours drive away in a Valencia motorhome rental, this town is a strong contender for one of the prettiest in Spain, and its steep winding streets will have you almost forgetting modern life altogether. A tour of El Castillo de la Cuidad is a must while you’re in town, as is a lazy hour or two watching the world go by at La Plaza Mayor, Albarracín’s diminutive central hub.


Dawn rises above the medieval architecture of Caceres in Spain.

Settlements have existed here since prehistoric times, but it’s the medieval era which is most evident in the city’s architecture. Cáceres lies about 3 and a half hours southwest of Spain’s capital, putting it within easy reach for those with a Madrid motorhome rental. The suburbs are relatively unremarkable, but head into the city centre and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Delineated by Moorish walls, more than ten towers dominate the Cáceres historic centre’s skyscape. Turrets, palaces, mansions and gargoyles all lie in wait for wanderers who stroll the storied streets of this gorgeous city.


Cuenca is visually spectacular both from a distance and up close.

For a truly extraordinary experience, don’t leave Spain before driving out to Cuenca. Less than two hours from Madrid in a motorhome rental, Cuenca is perched dramatically on a rocky promontory, giving the entire place a precarious feel to it. Don’t be too worried though: Cuenca has stood firm for centuries and isn’t likely to topple over any time soon. There’s more here than just breathtaking clifftop views though. The city is home to Spain’s first gothic style cathedral as well as a surprising amount of abstract art, with a couple of Cuenca’s hanging houses converted into modern art galleries. Make sure you get look at the city from a distance before you enter it, for the best view of its cliffside buildings - San Pablo Convent is a particularly good spot for this kind of sightseeing.

This list is really just to give you a launchpad for your own Spain motorhome road trip plans - with a motorhome rental at your disposal, you’re free to roam the country. Stop where you like, go where you will… the perfect way to explore this gorgeous, sun blessed country.

Written By: Kristof Haines

It’s funny how motorhome memories stick with you. I can still recall a motorhome vacation my family took when I was five years old and how awesome I thought I was, tucked away in a loft bed above the cab. From revealing unique destinations to providing tips and tricks, it’s my mission to help others build great motorhome memories too.