Southwest RV Supershow Wraps Up

Southwest RV Supershow Wraps Up

One of the biggest RV showcase events in the U.S. has just come to a close.

The biggest RV show in the Southwest has just wrapped up for the year, with thousands of people having had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of the RV industry. There were more than 400 models on display at the Southwest RV Supershow in Dallas, spanning virtually every kind of motorhome imaginable including travel trailers, motorcoaches, tent trailers and campervans. This wasn’t just an event for those looking to purchase an RV, although those looking to buy certainly had an immense selection to choose from, there were also a variety of free seminars for attendees to choose from. Whether you were looking to learn more about cooking in a motorhome, sorting out wastewater, or the finer details of RV parking, the Southwest RV Supershow had a little something for every RV enthusiast. 

One of the things highlighted by the Supershow is the fact that the average age of RV owners is dropping. RV road tripping has been largely the domain of older folks in the past - in the 90’s, the average age of an RV owner was 60 - but this is increasingly becoming a middle aged hobby, with 35-54 year olds catching on to the joys of RVing at a faster rate than any other age group. It’s no accident that this event in particular has become so popular: Texas leads the nation when it comes to RV buyers, accounting for almost 10% of RV sales in the U.S. last year. This isn’t too surprising, given the rich selection of RV friendly road trip destinations in the state of Texas. From Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the “Grand Canyon of Texas”, to Big Bend National Park, one of the best places in America for stargazing, the Lone Star State offers RV travelers all kinds adventures. There’s little doubt that the freedom that comes with an RV vacation is ideally suited to the diverse attractions and expansive landscapes of Texas, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside its borders. 

No matter where in America you’re starting from, an RV opens up amazing vistas and hidden gems - and the good thing is, you don’t even have to shell out to buy one. An RV rental gives you all benefits of an RV holiday without the hefty price tag - in fact, this can end up being a pretty thrifty way to travel, given the savings made on accommodation, and the opportunities are mind boggling. An RV rental in Las Vegas could have you watching the sun come up over the Grand Canyon or road tripping through the surprisingly vibrant Mojave National Preserve, while picking up an RV rental in San Francisco puts you in the perfect place to take in the coastal views wether you are heading South to Big Sur and continue down the coast to San Diego, or heading North to Seattle and Canada - these are just a couple of examples of the incredible destinations that an RV can facilitate. 

If you’re curious about RV lifestyle and need a few ideas on where to go, check out these U.S. road trip itineraries, specifically designed with RV holidaymakers in mind.

Written By: Kristof Haines

It’s funny how motorhome memories stick with you. I can still recall a motorhome vacation my family took when I was five years old and how awesome I thought I was, tucked away in a loft bed above the cab. From revealing unique destinations to providing tips and tricks, it’s my mission to help others build great motorhome memories too.