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Poll Reveals Friendliest Countries for Travellers

Getting to know the locals is one of the greatest joys of travelling, and it’s a little easier in some countries than others - discover the friendliest countries on Earth!

Jumping straight into a foreign culture can be an exhilarating experience - but the unfamiliarity can also be a little intimidating at times, especially if you’re not a seasoned traveller. A friendly smile and a helpful hand can make all the difference between a slightly awkward trip and the journey of a lifetime. A new Travelzoo poll, The Friendly Factor, has revealed which places are the best at greeting visitors with open arms. 

Italy tops the list of European destinations, with Venice coming in at No. 4 for friendliest European cities. The Netherlands shows almost the reverse trend, with Amsterdam rated as the most friendly city in Europe and the country itself making it to No. 5. In the Asia Pacific region, it seems that travelers feel most welcome in the lands Down Under - Australia rose to a comfortable first place with over a quarter of respondents ranking The Lucky Country as the friendliest in the region, with New Zealand coming in at No. 2. 

For those planning a trip in the United States, the poll also measures up the cities and states of America. Although it’s no surprise that Florida and California topped the state list, some might raise an eyebrow at the fact that New York (famed for its cultural and financial achievements, not its smiling inhabitants) came in at No. 2 for friendliest cities, right behind the more predictable Honolulu. 


Friendliest countries in Europe:

1. Italy

2. Ireland

3. United Kingdom

4. Spain

5. Netherlands


Friendliest countries in Latin America:

1. Mexico

2. Costa Rica

3. Cuba

4. Dominican Republic

5. Brazil


Friendliest countries in Asia Pacific:

1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. Thailand

4. Fiji

5. Japan



Friendliest U.S. cities:

1. Honolulu

2. New York

3. New Orleans

4. Las Vegas

5. Boston

6. San Diego

7. San Francisco

8. Charleston

9. Chicago

10. Seattle


Nearly a third of those polled reported that locals had helped them out when they were lost, while almost a quarter received pointers for dining and entertainment. 

For those who want to witness the world’s friendliest countries for themselves: see our pro tips for motorhome camping in Australia and discover one of Italy’s most stunning cities. Now that you know where to look, you can explore the wonders of world with friendly locals to help you along the way to an unforgettable holiday.

Why not experience some of the locations listed above? Motorhome Republic has rentals available in Australia, Campervan Hire in New Zealand, RV Rental in the US amongst other locations.

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