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McRent UK

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Motorhome show to feature free hands-on course

Brush up on your motorhome handling skills with this unique opportunity.

Attending a motorhome show is generally a fantastic way to see the latest in campervan models and innovations, but the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show in Harrogate is taking things even further this year with an interactive feature which could improve future motorhome ventures for both campervan newbies, motorhome owners and those who regularly opt for campervan hire holidays in the UK.


The show organisers are collaborating with Lowdhams Leisureworld and the Caravan Club to present a motorhome manoeuvring course, free to all attendees. No matter how experienced you are at driving normal sized vehicles, mastering the fine art of motorhome manoeuvring can be a tricky proposition, requiring care and a fair bit of practice. Of course, driving a motorhome down a straight street won’t pose much of a problem for anyone but when it comes to techniques like reversing and parallel parking, the length and bulk of a campervan can make life a little more difficult.


Those who turn up for the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show can book a 15 minute course on arrival, which is run by a qualified Club instructor. Those who are keen to brush up on their motorhome manoeuvring skills should make sure to arrive early and bring their driver’s licence: bookings for the course are available on a first come, first served basis.


Attending the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show isn’t an option for every motorhome aficionado, obviously, but becoming more confident in handling these sizable vehicles is well within reach for anyone who would care to learn. There are a few valuable tips and tricks that can make even the trickiest of motorhome maneuvers achievable with a bit of practice - and if you’d rather see these techniques first hand as opposed to just reading about them, simply watch the video below to learn the basics of reversing and parallel parking a campervan.

Of course, learning in person is always helpful when possible so for those who are relatively close to northern England, the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show will be at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate on March 24-26 this year - in addition to the manoeuvring course, those who attend the show can browse hundreds of motorhome models and thousands of helpful accessories, as well as having the chance to catch a series of seminars aimed at those who love the motorhome lifestyle.


If you’re planning to use the Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show as an excuse for a bit of a road trip, take a quick look over this British itinerary designed specifically for motorhome travellers. With a bit of tweaking, this route could see you arriving in Harrogate after enjoying some of the best sights and experiences that England has to offer. All you have to do (assuming you don’t already own a motorhome) is book your motorhome hire in the UK and you’re away.

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