Tips and Tricks for Attending a Summer Festival in an RV Rental

Tips and Tricks for Attending a Summer Festival in an RV Rental

Take an incredible motorhome road trip to one of America's amazing summer festivals

An experience unlike any other

The United States is home to some of the world's most incredible summer festivals, from world-leading music events like Coachella to the flamboyantly iconic counter-culture festival that takes place every year in the Nevada desert. Summer festival attendees are more and more turning to an RV as their accommodation of choice whilst attending the unique event; most fests provide no accommodation beyond space to pitch a tent or park a vehicle, so a campervan or RV rental is a great way to stay comfortable and combine transport with a place to sleep. As the event dates for major summer festivals approach however, it's more and more difficult to find available RVs for hire. So if you're hoping to take shelter from the elements and the crowds in a motorhome, get online and book your campervan/RV with Motorhome Republic right now!

Where to travel from

Many of the most iconic summer festivals in the U.S. take place in the western part of the country, which means that some RV rental locations will get particularly busy during the warmer months. So where should you book your summer festival RV rental? Los Angeles is often a decent option, particularly if you're flying in from further afield. Booking a Las Vegas RV rental is another popular choice, especially for those heading out into the desert. San Francisco and Salt Lake City are two more excellent pick up spots. All these options make it a bit easier to secure an RV rental for your festival experience, but booking early is still highly recommended.

Getting in early

The early bird gets the worm, and the early RV booker gets the vehicle they really wanted. Motorhome supply will get more and more scarce as the festival looms, so book your tickets then book your RV in short order to have the best chance of securing the kind of vehicle you really want. There's also the chance you could find a cheap deal, as some suppliers offer substantial Early Bird discounts. As a general rule of thumb, try to book your RV rental by December - this will help you jump in front of a bunch of less organised festival goers.

The right RV for you

You don't always need a full size RV when attending a festival. Sometimes a compact little sleepervan suits your needs perfectly. These sleep two and are made from converted vans, with minimal facilities: basic cooking equipment and sometimes a portaloo. However, if you feel you'd like to indulge in a few more creature comforts, you might want to opt for something a little more luxurious. Larger RV-style motorhomes hold more people and can come with fridges, living areas, toilet/shower and full kitchens.


Handy tips for RV renters:

  • Pay attention to where you should be disposing of waste. Some sites have dump stations and some don't - either way, take care of your refuse appropriately.

  • Be careful your battery doesn’t run out - use your generator on a daily basis for one hour, at least. 

  • Double-check your grey and black water holding tanks are big enough – you do not want to fall short on your water supply. 

  • Demand for motorhomes is incredibly high around major festivals – the further in advance you can book, the better chance you have of landing one. 

  • In more arid areas where certain famous festivals are held, the desert wind can whip up very quickly – keep your stuff secure.


If you have your sights set on one of the world's top summer festivals in the United States, don't forget to get your RV rental locked down as soon as you can - make your U.S. summer festival experience that much more awesome with a motorhome.

Written By: Phil Wright

Involved in the travel industry for over 15 years, I draw on that experience regularly in my position here at Motorhome Republic. As a motorhome holiday enthusiast I have done plenty of travelling in New Zealand, Europe, Southeast Asia as well as North and South America. I'd like to add Africa to my list- but I think I will wait until my kids are a bit older first! Until then I will be creating interesting travel related articles to help give you the information you need to plan your next big motorhome adventure!