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Washington RV Rental

Set high in America’s verdant Pacific Northwest, the Evergreen State’s stark contrasts offer Washington motorhome rental vacationers an alluring array of choices. Cities like Seattle rise shining and vibrant from the land, monuments to the ingenuity and achievements of humanity, while just a few hours away you can find isolated wilderness that seems utterly untouched by the modern march of progress. For those who pick up a Washington RV rental, this dichotomy allows the freedom not only to choose between art, culture, entertainment, and the lure of the great outdoors, but to go from one to the other with ease, encompassing the best of both worlds. 


The lure of the urban jungle

It may be true that many Washington RV rental holidaymakers come here for its wilderness, but the state’s cities hold a very different kind of attraction, though no less strong. Seattle is the largest city not only in Washington, but in the entire Pacific Northwest - though it’s not size that makes this place special. The city has reinvented itself a number of times over the years, from shipbuilding center to music haven to tech mecca - and it seems that no matter what Seattle turns its collective hand to, it excels. Whether you’re in town for one of Seattle’s many famous festivals, heading down to soak up the atmosphere and pick up some delicious food at the Pike Place Market, or taking a tour of the Seattle Underground to get a glimpse of the city’s 19th century face, it’s easy to fall in love with this place.

Spokane gives Washington campervan rental travelers an entirely different experience. Although it’s Washington’s second largest city, it has a slightly more rustic feel than the bleeding edge culture of Seattle. Located just west of the Rocky Mountain foothills, this is a fantastic place to base yourself if you have a hankering to balance city and nature. 


Wild country in a Washington RV rental

To take full advantage of your Washington RV rental, you’ll want to leave urban centres behind and head out into nature. One of the best ways to make the most of Washington’s gorgeous natural settings is to head into one of the state’s national parks. You’d be hard pressed to find a park here that isn’t worth visiting, but Olympic National Park is a true standout among them. With spectacular mountain ranges, magnificent megafauna and ancient rainforests, you’ll definitely want to get out and explore on foot once you’ve parked your vehicle at one of several RV-friendly campgrounds. There are easy access day walks for those looking for a simple way to enjoy the park’s natural beauty and challenging trails for adventurers who want to push their limits - all within a 3 hour drive from Seattle. 


For an utterly unique experience that will give you a true appreciation for the immense power of nature, consider taking a trip out to Mount Saint Helens National Monument. In 1980, Mount St Helens erupted violently, claiming 57 lives and leaving dramatic scars on the mountain that are still visible to this day. There’s more here than just destruction and desolation however; the biodiversity of the surrounding area is rapidly making a comeback, providing a rare and inspiring glimpse of nature’s regenerative force.


Exploring the west

When you pick up a Washington RV rental from Seattle, it’s not just Washington that lies within your reach. You’re less than a day away from the forests and rivers of Oregon, not to mention the city of Portland, renowned for its artisan culture and eco-friendly innovations. If your RV rental supplier allows you to cross the border into Canada, the beautiful city of Vancouver is just a short jaunt to the north. The Pacific Northwest is the perfect playground for an RV adventurer, so make sure you get the most out of your vacation and explore to your heart’s content!


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