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Drive Denver with an RV Rental

With the Rockies calling from the west, Denver is the ideal spot for an RV road trip adventure. The outdoorsy spirit is in the air and the options are plentiful, so get to Denver and hit the road. The international airport makes it easy to arrive by air, and it is at a crossroads of major interstate highways so you can head out in any direction.

Denver Does it Best

The “Mile High City”, Denver got its nickname not from fumblings in plane bathrooms, but from its position a mile above sea level at the foot of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. It is a bustling and happy city which has an eye to the future, while remaining true to its frontier heritage.

The great outdoors is a big part of life - and this can be observed through its many fit and tanned residents who work hard and play hard. Ideal for motorhome holidaying, access to the Rockies is one of Denver’s biggest draw-cards, but it’s also increasingly cosmopolitan with great dining, drinking and entertainment scenes.

Where to Stay

Denver has pretty standard accommodation options, with a wide range of chain and independent hotels in all price brackets. For budget digs, try hostels scattered around the city - the Denver International Hostel and Melbourne International Hotel and Hostel are both very central. There are lovely bed and breakfast options - the Castle Marne B&B is located in a refitted castle from 1889. To get back to nature a little, visit one of the RV parks around the city’s outskirts.

Arts, Sport and More

Denver has a strong arts scene and there is always something to do, from live music to comedy performances, theatre shows and exhibitions. Major annual events on the sporting calendar include NFL games, the Ride the Rockies bicycle tour and Champ Car race the Grand Prix of Denver. There are many festivals, including International Wine to Arvada Harvest, and several film festivals. The city also hosts unique events close its heart: the Mile High Amazing Race challenge, Colorado Gay Rodeo and Craft Brewers Conference. Just pop in your motorhome and get searching.

Culinary Delights of Colorado

Denver’s dining scene is increasingly seeing innovative chefs and restaurants specialising in farm-to-table eating, using the best local products - Angus beef, buffalo, trout and Midwest crops. Rocky Mountain Oysters are a local delicacy – they’re not found in the sea, but hanging between the legs of Colorado’s bulls. Casual Mexican eateries are a good option in the lower price range, and at the top end are amazing restaurants, including Rioja, 1515 Restaurant and The Fort.

Drinking is a favourite pastime for Denver residents - and they like local beer. The region is a hot-spot for microbreweries, and the state produces the most beer by volume than any other in the country. It is suggested that you aim for quality over quantity - the high elevation can magnify the effects. Those with a motorhome, ensure you have a designated driver!

History, Places and People

Denver’s youthful and open-minded atmosphere is a far cry from the cowboy culture of the distant past. It still pays homage to Western roots through food and enthusiasm for the outdoors, but the neighbourhoods are now modern and trendy. There is plenty of variation in Denver’s districts, from the nightlife and bars of Lower Downtown, to the gallery-filled Art District on Santa Fe Drive.

The city is situated right at the edge of the Rocky Mountain foothills, between them and the High Plains to the east. The land is relatively flat and the streets form a grid pattern radiating from the State Capitol downtown. The mountains have an influence on the city through the outdoorsy hobbies and personalities of its population. Many people come to the city specifically for the opportunity of adventure sports and outdoor pursuits, and a lot of them rent an RV to explore.

Get Out and About

Sport is a big deal in Denver, especially involving teams. Hockey, basketball and lacrosse national leagues are based at the Pepsi Centre. The Denver Broncos play and practice at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High and there are also several rugby clubs. Try and catch a game and mingle with the sports-mad locals.

Get amongst the fabulous scenery of the Rocky Mountains – it’s a top ten thing to do in America. In the summer there is hiking, swimming, fishing and climbing on the menu; in the winter the ski resorts open for business. Less than an hour’s drive will get you into the national parks and forests which cover the mountains.

Perusing the museums and architecture of Denver is a great way to spend a day. There is heritage everywhere, starting with the beautiful State Capitol building. The Black American West Museum and Heritage Centre is a fascinating place to examine pioneering endeavours of the Midwest. There is a Children’s Museum, a Museum of Nature, and the Denver Mint is open to visitors.

Move Yourself

The grid pattern of Denver’s streets is generally easy to navigate for those renting RVs and motorhomes. Be warned that the downtown grid lies at a diagonal angle! Buses and light rail operate throughout the city and are relatively cheap and easy to use. Car and RV rentals are useful for travelling at your own schedule.

Get in and out of Denver via Denver International Airport or one of the many intercity coach companies. Amtrak run trains to Chicago and the Bay Area through Denver, stopping at Union Station.

Sun and Snow

Denver has four distinct seasons. However, the general weather forecast is sunny. The summers can be anywhere from mild to hot, with average high temperatures in the mid- to late-20s. In late fall, winter and early spring brings periods of snow - which doesn’t stay on the ground for long, thanks to clear and sunny days. Humidity is low.

RV Review Review Rating: 4.5/5 based on 120 reviews

Which motorhome do I choose?

There’s a wide array of options for your Denver motorhome rental, with companies of all sizes - including Britz Campervan Rentals, Apollo RV, El Monte RV, Road Bear RV and plenty others.

RV Rental Rundown - Tips For Renting in the U.S.A

Keep these pointers in mind when planning your road trip from Denver:

  • Book early! You can often get cheaper prices if you get in promptly, and vehicles tend to sell out for peak seasons, so book your RV before your plane tickets in case you need to change your dates.

  • Make sure you get a big enough vehicle. You don’t want to get sick of your travelling companions or too cramped.

  • Get are familiar with the vehicle before setting out! As anxious as you are to get on the road, you might kick yourself for not watching the intro DVD.

Denver RV Rental Brands

Star Drive Motorhomes, Britz Rentals and Road Bear RV Rentals

Star Drive Motorhomes, Britz and Road Bear RV all operate from the same depot at 7685 Dahlia Street in Commerce City, approximately 20 miles from Denver Airport and less than 10 miles from the central city. There are no transfers available from the airport, but these companies do offer transfers from hotels in the airport area between 11am and 1pm. The range of motorhomes from Star Drive will suit any traveller, as there are compact two-berth RVs, both standard and luxury C Class motorhomes in the mid-range, and massive 30-foot RVs that are no older than twelve months and have everything you could need for six people to hit the road. Britz rentals from Denver are four-berth models from the last year or two, fitted with all the essentials and offering optional extras such as WiFi hotspots. Road Bear RV adds its selection of three sizes of C Class motorhomes, from a compact 19 footer to a gorgeous 30 foot RV. Plus, Road Bear has an A Class model, which is more luxurious and spacious than many hotel rooms! The Denver depot is open on weekdays from 8am to 5pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

Compass Campers, Sunshine RV and El Monte RV

El Monte RV gives travellers the choice of five styles of RV for rent in Denver. There are towable trailers and temporary housing, as well as several sizes of C Class cabover style motorhomes from well-respected brands such as Ford and Chevy. El Monte also has C Class slide-out cabovers up to 31 feet in length, and A Class bus-style motorhomes in family and luxury options. Compass Campers offers a huge range of standard and luxury, A Class and C Class, cabover and bus style motorhomes. Not to be left behind, Sunshine RV adds its own fully equipped standard RVs from two- to six-berths.You’ll find the depot at 5989 Main Street in Louviers, around 50 miles from Denver International Airport. You will need to arrange your own transport to the depot whether you are staying in a hotel or coming straight from the airport. A taxi from downtown will cost anywhere from $80-$120, and a taxi from the airport will cost $110-$160. Drop offs must be made between 8am and 11am Monday to Friday, and pick ups can be made between 1pm and 2.30pm on weekdays.

Apollo Motorhome Rental and Star RV

Two of the biggest motorhome brand names - Apollo and Star RV - operate from a Denver depot at 3280 Chambers Road in Aurora, just 14 miles from the city centre and 14 miles from Denver Airport. The branch is open 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings from 9am to noon. You’ll need to take a taxi to get to the depot, which will cost you approximately $35 from the airport or $25 from the city. Apollo Campervan Hire offers the standard Pioneer fully equipped five-berth RV, the spacious Sunrise Escape and Eclipse Camper, as well as the massive six-berth US Wanderer and luxurious five-berth Elite Traveller. Star RV has four fantastic options, such as the Perseus 31-foot behemoth, the compact 22-foot Taurus, and the Tucana and Cygnus in between. Drop offs must be made before 11am, and pick ups for your Denver rental can be made between noon and 4pm.

Cruise America RV Rentals

Cruise America’s Denver branch is located 30 miles from the airport at 8950 North Federal Boulevard, Federal Heights. You’ll need to make your own way to the depot unless you’ve purchased the ‘early bird departure special’, which lets you pick up your rental between 9am and noon (rather than wait for the usual 1pm-4pm slot) and also gets you a free airport transfer. Please note that like many suppliers, Cruise America does not allow same-day pick ups when you’ve flown in from an international destination for safety reasons, so you’ll need to book accommodation for the first night. As for the range of motorhomes, Cruise America offers standard, compact, and large options. The standard 25-footer has room for five people, the compact fits three people in a 19-foot RV, and the large is suited to parties of seven as a 30-footer. Even the smallest RV has a kitchen and fresh water toilet plus shower, so you’ll have all the essentials regardless of the size.

Denver Motorhome Facts

Average rental length
January26 days
April10 days
July9 days
October17 days
Average 2 berth rental price

Top Denver Rentals Brands

Star Drive RV US (Domestic)

Superb, 92%
100+ reviews
Star Drive RV USA

Superb, 90%
50+ reviews
Road Bear RV

Superb, 90%
100+ reviews
Wild Campers USA

Superb, 87%
50+ reviews
Apollo RV USA

Great, 87%
250+ reviews

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