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Helsingborg Campervan Hire

Helsingborg is a Swedish waterfront city, separated from Denmark by a mere four kilometres by the Oresund, a body of water between the two countries. With beaches running for 25 kilometres around the city’s coastline, the sea is always accessible. A motorhome rental in Helsingborg is an opportunity to explore a unique part of the world and get taste first-hand the rich culture of Sweden.  


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Things to see and do in Helsingborg

The Fredriksdal Museum is one of Sweden’s premier open-air centres. An impressive 360,000 square metres, it’s the region of Skane in miniature. The buildings were removed tenderly from central Helsingborg and recreated, brick by brick, around an 18th-century manor house. Visitors can stroll or take guided tours through the historical parks, gardens and meadows, complete with farm animals and historic vehicles. You can buy genuine arts and crafts from the workshops here.

Make your way through regal archways and imposing steps to the Karnan, the square tower which is all that remains of the medieval castle which once stood over the city. The views from the top of the tower are worth the climb. 

Food and drink in Helsingborg

Swedish cuisine has been shaped by harsh geographical constraints: the growing season is short with extremes of weather, the population sparsely spread, so food transportation wasn’t encouraged. This has meant the food culture has developed around hyper-local and seasonal ingredients, and innovative ways have been found to preserve produce. Gravlax, as we know thin slices of cured salmon, comes from Swedish, gravid-lax. Filmjolk is the Swedish name for fermented milk, similar to yoghurt or kefir and served at breakfast. Then there’s a healthy range of liquors and spirits, most famously Absolut vodka. 

Signe Bergqvuist-Kafferepet is Helsingborg’s oldest konditorei, that is a bakery and sweetshop. The pastries are amazing, served alongside great coffee from a marble-topped espresso bar. Head a little out of the city centre to Pålsjö Krog, a seaside inn that has been revamped into fine dining. It has a fine verandah with sweeping views and serves bistro-style meals such as fish soup and pepper steak. 


Where to stay in Helsingborg

Råå Vallar Resort is right on Öresund, with wonderful views. It has a heated swimming pool, toddler pool, mini-market and restaurant. 

Helsingborg Road Trips and driving tips

Helsingborg is served by the Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport which is 34 kilometres from the city. A classic motorhome holiday in Sweden must include the road trip north to the capital of Stockholm, five and a half hours driving time away. 

From Helsingborg, you can easily reach Germany and the rest of Europe with cities like Hamburg, Amsterdam and Berlin being just a few hours away.

Like many far north countries who experience long daylight hours in summer, and few in winter, you must drive with your headlights on at all times. Alcohol limits when driving are stringent, so moderate, or no drinking at all is recommended. 


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Helsingborg Motorhome Facts

Average rental length
April12 days
July9 days
Average 2 berth rental price

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Mcrent Sweden

Great, 85%
500+ reviews500

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