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Motorhome hire in Reykjanesbaer: The start of an Icelandic Adventure

Reykjanesbaer is a seaside town on Iceland’s Southern Peninsular, close to Keflavik International Airport. Although not well known, it’s a gorgeous destination in Iceland – the land of not just ice, but fire too. Glaciers exist near active volcanoes, dramatic landscapes abound and there is astounding natural phenomenon such as  the famous Northern lights, Aurora Borealis. Befitting Iceland’s seafaring way of life, you will see more lighthouses villages in the region. 

An Iceland campervan hire is the perfect way to get around the Scandanavian isle. There are no trains, so the road network is excellent. Motorhome Republic has simple search engines that allow you to see all available campers from many different companies. Compare facilities and prices at a glance, safe in the knowledge that we offer.  

Safe Driving Tips:

  • Hazards are well sign-posted on Iceland’s roads, but the signs will not separately state a suggested driving speed. You need to use judgement when driving in sometimes extreme weather conditions.
  • While main roads are paved, many smaller ones are gravel, which can form corrugations and require careful driving. Rocks or stones could be disturbed by oncoming vehicles, posing a threat to your windscreen.

Natural wonders of Reykjanesbaer – things to see and do:

Viking World is a museum celebrating Viking culture, with its main exhibit the replica ship Islendingar. It was built in 1996, using traditional Viking methods and tools. In 2000 it sailed across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the millennial celebration of Leif Erikson’s journey to the New World. 
Duus Hus Cultural Centre: This collection of significant historic buildings was last used as a fish processing plant, but now house four different museums, including the Maritime Centre. The oldest building was built in 1877, the newest in 1954, so almost a century of Icelandic architecture is on display. 
Bridge Between Two Continents: A footbridge has been built over a major fissure in the earth, showing the drift between the Eurasian and North Atlantic tectonic plates. Stand on Leif the Lucky’s Bridge to observe this cross continental divide and be rewarded with a personalised certificate. 

Food and Drink, Icelandic cuisine

Icelanders are proud of their free-range mountain lamb and fresh, abundant seafood from the Atlantic Ocean. The best fruit and vegetables are grown in geothermally heated greenhouses and it is possible to visit then and see the technology in action. Rain Restaurant serves Scandinavian cuisine in a restaurant and bar themed as an interior of a wooden cruise ship. Their ‘turf and surf’ dish showcases the best produce the region has to offer. 

Where to stay in Reykjanesbaer

Austurvegur Campground is a modern facility with two playgrounds, guest barbeques and a waste dumping station. It is open from May until September. Sandgerdi is another nearby camping ground which is open all year, with facilities for rental campervans.

If you fancy a night away from the camper, guesthouses can be a great option to get a true taste of Icelandic hospitality, as they are usually family owned and run. Guesthouse 1X6 is a great example. The interior and furniture features salvaged and up-cycled timber, driftwood and stone. Outside is a private spa, described as an ocean stone hot-pot. Ideal for a boil-up after a busy day on the road.

Planning your trip: Best time to visit Iceland

Timing your motorhome trip is crucial, as the seasons offer distinctly different experiences. The high season is mid-summer, when there is sunlight almost 24 hours of the day. By contrast, in winter there is very little sunlight, but the climate is relatively mild. That is the time to see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. 

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Reykjanesbaer Motorhome Facts

Average rental length
January8 days
April8 days
July10 days
October8 days
Average 2 berth rental price

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McRent Iceland

Great, 87%
100+ reviews
Touring Cars

Great, 83%
20+ reviews

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